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The Easter Story Comic Strip

This resource is part of our Easter Story collection.

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The Easter Story Comic Strip

Enjoy the Easter story in this fantastic and highly engaging comic book; available in a number of formats to allow you to meet the needs of your learners.

Allow children to read the story and colour in the illustrations with the full version.

  • Use the text only version if you would like your children to create their own illustration.
  • Use the picture only version for children to put the story in their own words.
  • Finally, use the blank template to allow children to complete the full process.
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    • Jo Chambers
      ULTIMATE March 16th 2021

      I have tried to download the full version to use and all I get are blank pages?

      • Christina Loftus
        ADMIN March 17th 2021

        Hi Jo
        Just tested it for you and seems to be downloading okay here. Once you have selected the full version button, please give the website a moment to load in the new resource before you hit download.
        If you’re still having difficulty then feel free to reach out to Josh on the live chat and he will be able to assist you.

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