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The Great Fire of London Topic Pack

The Great Fire of London Topic Pack

Our biggest topic pack to date! Containing everything you need to teach your class about the Great Fire of London. Over 80 resources, including animated PowerPoints, comprehension, fire safety, life in 1666 compared to London today, role-play, display resources, timelines, posters, writing frames, knowledge organisers and more.

Our pack covers important events that show children why the Great Fire of London started on Pudding Lane, London and why it was able to spread so quickly.

Our resources allow children to compare life, houses, and firefighting in London in 1666, to today. They also follow key important people such as King Charles II, Thomas Farriner, the Earl, Samuel Pepys and Thomas Bloodworth.

Children will discover how we know about the events, through the historical sources of Samuel Pepys’. diaries and learn the importance of eyewitness accounts.
Our curriculum map also helps you to extend your cross-curricular teaching even further, with a 10-page document, packed full of curriculum-based teaching ideas.

So huge, that we have had to divide the resources into 2 packs. Please download folder 1 and folder 2, to receive all 90 resources.
Each folder is roughly 50MB in size so please be patient when downloading and ensure you are connected to wifi.

The Great Fire of London Topic Pack is part of our History packs and contains the following resources:

Folder 1

  • The Great Fire of London Curriculum Map and detailed cross-curricular ideas – Produced by the very talented KS1 Class Teacher Catherine Newstead.
  • The Great Fire of London Knowledge organiser (double-sided)
  • Comprehension (3 pages including 1 historical source and 1 page of questions)
  • The Great Fire of London display banner
  • The Great Fire of London display borders x5
  • Character cut outs x4 with scroll titles
  • Display houses
  • The Great Fire of London bunting
  • The Great Fire of London display lettering x2
  • The Great Fire of London keyword vocabulary labels
  • The Great Fire of London glossary cards
  • The Great Fire of London word mat
  • The Great Fire of London timeline of events posters x2
  • The Great Fire of London labeled map
  • Life in 1066 poster
  • King Charles II poster
  • The Great Fire of London by Paul Perro Poetry
  • Diary entry activity x2
  • Escape the fire coding activity
  • Escaping London activity
  • What is an eyewitness account? activities x4
  • Fire safety in 1666 poster activity
  • The fire is spreading activity
  • Story retell activity
  • Hot seating drama activity x4
  • House in 1666 Estate agent advert
  • House in 1666 labeling activity
  • Exit card – name a hot fact
  • Letter to the Mayor of London in 1666 activity
  • Samuel Pepys timeline cutouts
  • Samuel Pepys timeline poster
  • Rebuilding London activity
  • Samuel Pepys historical sources discussion activity
  • Samuel Pepys Poster
  • Thomas Bloodworth Poster
  • Timeline sequencing missing words activity
  • London today capital city activity
  • Locating London map activity
  • Key locations and features
  • London postcard writing
  • London fact activity
  • 12 London facts poster x2
  • London today facts flip cards
  • Famous faces labels x2
  • Famous locations poster
  • Iconic places postcards
  • Locating London Poster
  • London display lettering
  • London photo pack
  • London word labels
  • Queen Elizabeth Poster
  • Welcome to London poster x2

Folder 2

  • The great fire of London Story Animated Powerpoint with discussion questions
  • The great fire of London interactive animated timeline Powerpoint
  • Comparing firefighters today and in 1666 activity
  • Emergency Call role-play activity
  • Fire artwork activity
  • Colouring pages x2
  • Firefighter qualities activity
  • Firefighter comparison posters x2
  • 1666 fire marks activity
  • Fire safety cards
  • Fire describing words activity
  • Fire safety where I live activity
  • Kitchen fire safety activity
  • Material sorting
  • Appliance safety sorting activity
  • Safe or not safe activity
  • London Tour Bus prices
  • Role-play tickets
  • Cut out cameras
  • Bus timetable
  • License plates
  • Map of London
  • Spotter sheet
  • Street signs
  • Banner
  • Tour advert
  • Tour reviews x2

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  • Laura Firth
    ULTIMATE July 16th 2020

    I’m so excited to use this topic pack! It looks fantastic! Thank you.
    Will you be making more topic packs? Perhaps on Florence Nightingale?

    • Teacher’s Pet
      ADMIN July 17th 2020

      Hi Laura, thanks for your kind words! We will be making many, many more Topic Packs over the coming weeks and months. We already have a few Florence Nightingale resources but a topic pack is a great idea. We shall have a discussion about it in the Tpet office! Thanks again.

  • Ruth Johnson
    ULTIMATE July 20th 2020

    Hi – I have downloaded this topic pack already and it looks amazing – lots of wonderful ideas for the children!
    Having intended to use the border around my display board, it only appears to be vertical. Is there any chance it
    could also be produced horizontally as well please to go around the whole board?
    Thank you!

    • Teacher’s Pet
      ADMIN July 21st 2020

      Hi Ruth,

      Good spot! We did create a horizontal version too but it seems it got left out of the pack, we will update this today and pop you another reply on this comment when you can download the updated file!
      Glad you are happy with the pack, we have lots more packs in the pipeline!



  • Kate Gregson
    ULTIMATE August 12th 2020

    Hi, I’m preparing for Autumn term (whatever it looks like!) and love the resources I am finding here. My school does not use precursive script. Is there a basic font with out the handwriting lines version of the ppt as I think it might be problematic for the children trying to read it.
    Kate G

    • Kevin Rhodes
      STAFF August 13th 2020

      Hi Kate,

      There shouldn’t be any hand writing lines on the PPT. Feel free to send us a support ticket with a screenshot of what you mean, we would be happy to try and make a change if you request it 🙂

  • Karen Lodge
    ULTIMATE July 9th 2021

    I have downloaded the Great Fire of London folders today but cannot access the GFOL timeline power point. It opens up and you go to the start page but no boxes come up to click on for more information and then it flicks to end of power point!
    Am i doing something wrong?
    Thanks Karen

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