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The Vikings Topic Pack

The Vikings Topic Pack

Our biggest topic pack to date! Containing everything you need to teach your class about the age of the Vikings. Over 60 resources, including: animated PowerPoints, activity booklets, timelines, posters, writing frames, knowledge organisers and more.
Our pack covers important events that show children how the Vikings changed the history of Britain, and when they invaded Britain, including Viking life, raids such as the Lindisfarne Monastery attack, invasions, laws and punishment, Alfred the Great, Athelstan, William the Conqueror, Edward the Confessor and more.

So huge, that we have had to divide the resources into 2 packs. Please download folder 1 and folder 2, to receive all 61 resources.
Each folder is roughly 50MB in size so please be patient when downloading and ensure you are connected to wifi.

The Vikings Topic Pack is part of our History packs and contains the following resources:

Folder 1

  • Curriculum map
  • Viking life activity booklet
  • Lindisfarne raid activity booklet
  • Invading and Danelaw booklet
  • Viking clothing posters
  • Daily life posters
  • Viking food posters
  • Viking homes posters
  • Invasions and Danelaw PowerPoint
  • Vikings Knowledge organiser
  • Viking maths word problems
  • Viking ships posters
  • Viking interactive animated timeline PowerPoint
  • Viking diary entry (printer friendly and full colour)
  • Viking diet activity (printer friendly and full colour)
  • Viking longhouse activity (printer friendly and full colour)
  • Viking longship activity (printer friendly and full colour)
  • Viking invasions newspaper activity
  • Viking place names – runes activity
  • Viking Runes alphabet mat (printer friendly and full colour)
  • Introduction to the Vikings writing task
  • Viking Runes Maths puzzles
  • Vikings Word search
  • Vikings word mat
  • Vikings writing frames2

Folder 2

  • Diary writing activities
  • Display banner x2
  • Display borders
  • Bunting
  • Cut outs
  • Display lettering
  • Famous kings writing activity
  • Famous kings posters
  • Viking glossary cards
  • Invading VS raiding activity
  • Danelaw laws and punishments ‘Thing’ activity
  • Danelaw maps activity
  • Letter to the King activity
  • Lindisfarne Raid Animated PowerPoint with music
  • Lindisfarne raids activity
  • Lindisafarne word mat
  • Lindisfarne writing frames
  • Raiding VS Invading poster
  • Timeline activities x2
  • Timelines display labels
  • Timeline map poster
  • Timeline Mat (colour and printer friendly)
  • Viking introduction posters
  • Viking Myth Buster poster
  • Which King did that thing…? Card quiz
  • Display labels

Planned Additional Resources include:

  • Viking deaths
  • Viking gods
  • Viking Sagas
  • Viking art

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  • Jane
    February 1st 2020

    When I try to download topic folder 2, topic folder 1 downloads again.

    Can you help me resolve this please?

    • Teacher’s Pet
      ADMIN February 2nd 2020

      All fine on this end, you need to select folder 2 in the options and wait for the download button to reappear before clicking it. Please try again and let me know how you get on. 🙂

  • Emma
    CLASSIC December 2nd 2020

    I can’t open the Lindisfarne Raid PowerPoint, any ideas?

  • ShonaMarie Ross
    ULTIMATE September 14th 2021

    This topic pack is fantastic. Covers all the main areas and is friendly for different ages/stages. Look forward to the additional resources that you have planned.

  • jacquifeather
    ULTIMATE January 26th 2022

    I can download folder 2 – keeps downloading Folder 1

    • Michael Mountford
      STAFF January 27th 2022

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      I’ve just checked this resource and it seems fine.

      Please allow a few seconds after changing to a different download option, to allow the resource to be pulled in, before hitting the download button.

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