Waves of Wellbeing – Tube Dwelling Anemone – Stepping out of your Comfort Zone UKS2 Teacher Pack

This resource is part of our Waves of Wellbeing scheme.

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Waves of Wellbeing – Tube Dwelling Anemone – Stepping out of your Comfort Zone UKS2 Teacher Pack

The next UKS2 Teacher Pack in our Waves of Wellbeing series introduces you to the Tube Dwelling Anemone, to help children know the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone by being brave and understanding that even though they may not like the new things they try, those new experiences will help them to grow in confidence and knowledge.

Our UKS2 teacher pack, suitable for children in years 3 and 4 (aged 7-9), is brand new to our wellbeing series and combines planning, including curriculum links, a teaching sequence, key vocabulary, and more, as well as detailed questions and discussion, a class task, supporting resources, and a copy of the script taken from the animated story.

Let our array of under the sea creatures teach the children about their amazing attributes that link to lots of different wellbeing themes, from coping with changes to understanding grief, to help improve wellbeing and give the children new skills. Download a range of resources to use at home or in the classroom.

As part of our #WellbeingWednesday campaign, we launched a BRAND NEW set of resources back in 2020, designed to give you everything you need to focus on health and wellbeing in school or at home for all 36 weeks of the school year, from Nursery through to year 6.
So far we have brought you the Monsters of Monster Lane, The Wellbeing Academy Superheroes, and our Wellbeing Flock.

Now Wellbeing Wednesday is back! With a brand new theme – the Waves of Wellbeing!

The perfect project to use at the start or the end of the day as a whole class, for small intervention groups, or why not use as a whole school campaign?

For even more amazing Waves of Wellbeing resources simply click the topic tags in the sidebar (or below the description if you’re browsing on a mobile).

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