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What is Ramadan? KS1 PowerPoint

This resource is part of our Ramadan collection.

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What is Ramadan? KS1 PowerPoint

This PowerPoint teaches children about the Islamic festival of Ramadan. It covers what Ramadan is and why and how it is celebrated. Filled full of topical vocabulary and key information, children will learn all about Ramadan.

There s is a fun true or false quiz at the end to consolidate and summarise learning.

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  • Jenny Hetherington
    May 17th 2021

    Please can I have this as word document or a document I can edit? I need to do it via zoom assembly and unless I can save it, I can’t share my screen on zoom. Thanks

    • Teacher’s Pet
      ADMIN May 17th 2021

      Hi Jenny, our PowerPoint resources are provided as PPTS files which is a PowerPoint show. Once you open the show it will start the contained show. Simply download the file using the normal method, once you start the show you can use ZOOM to target the PowerPoint application for screen sharing. I have just tested this in-house and it seems to work perfectly. 🙂

  • Nancy Salem
    March 30th 2022

    Can I download this with a starter membership?

    • Michael Mountford
      STAFF March 30th 2022

      Hi Nancy,

      Our starter membership allows up to 5 downloads per week from our ‘starter’ collection of resources, it allows you to download any resource highlighted with a ‘yellow star’ on the preview image.

      This resource is an ‘Ultimate resource’ as highlighted on the preview image above, it is only available to members with an ‘ultimate’ membership.

  • Suzi
    ULTIMATE April 13th 2022

    Hi, When I download this it won’t let me open it as it is a Microsoft Power point. Please can I have it in word format please.

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