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About Teacher's Pet

When we first launched back in 2010 we launched with just one website – our free displays website. That website has continued to be enjoyed by thousands of teachers all across the world.
Since 2010, we went on to create 6 other websites, including our games and activities site, where members could pay a yearly subscription to access premium games and other activity-style resources.

Our promise has always been that our display resources would be free to download and that has not changed! All we have done is combine our 6 websites into one, so there’s no more clicking between sites to find the content you need.
If you still just wish to enjoy our display resources, then you can do so for free using the STARTER membership. If you wish to support us further and enjoy our great range of games, activities, topic packs, THINK Maths, editable content and more, then you can upgrade to our Classic or Ultimate memberships. More info here:

Teacher’s Pet was created by a husband and wife team back in 2010.
Christina – a qualified Primary school teacher and illustrator – creates all the resource content.
Jason – an app developer, website builder and code monkey – creates all the online games, apps, develops the website and helps with all things technical.

We now have a wonderful team of in house teachers and designers, you can find out more information about Teacher’s Pet and the team by heading to our About Us page

Our copyright information can be found here
By using our website and downloading our content, you agree to follow the outlined terms of our copyright, which are excerpts from our full terms and conditions (which you are also bound to by creating an account with us).

Please respect our copyright so that we continue to provide you with lots of new and exciting resources. If you have any questions about our copyright conditions then please feel free to contact us.

This is a place to come for help and inspiration about all the different events that happen in a calendar year.
We help you to add these events into your planning and teaching so the children can celebrate lots of wonderful events and discover new things about a variety of topics.

Within each event you will find things such as:

Website Links

We’ve scoured the web to find the very best content that you can share with your class or use just to get lots of info from.


Lots of simple, creative and fun teaching ideas for you to use alongside your teaching of this topic or event.


Links to fun and useful video content that you can use in the classroom to support the event or topic you’re covering.


Links to resources you can download to use in the classroom to support your teaching of this event or topic.


Photos from the web that you can use in displays, making your own resources or to share with the class for discussions.

Simply select a month and see all the exciting things taking place. By clicking on an individual event, you will see all the content we have found for you to help you.

If the event is empty, it’s because it’s a few months away and we haven’t launched the ideas yet so keep checking back.

If you have ideas or photos you would like us to include in a Topic Event then get in touch.
Why not consider putting a Topic Event together for us and bag yourself lots of Teacher’s Pet goodies as a thank you.

THINK Maths is a brand new project for Teacher’s Pet, with the aim to eventually provide you with everything you need to teach your entire maths curriculum for a full year.

THINK Maths is currently in BETA – the official launch of THINK Maths will begin with KS2 in Summer/Autumn 2021!

THINK Maths will support Year 1 – 6 (with Reception packs currently in the planning stage too).

Each pack is broken down into the 3 terms – Autumn, Spring and Summer.
Eventually, each term will contain:
– 11 Weekly Teaching Packs for each term containing planning, overviews, teaching aids and games and activities.
Problem Solving and Reasoning powerpoints and questions to further extend their learning.
– Consolidation powerpoints to use during week 12 of each term.
Targets and assessments in the form of a range of child friendly and teacher trackers for progress.
Starter activities to consolidate previous learning and introduce new ideas.

THINK Maths is in BETA and only a small amount of content has been launched for preview. As such, THINK Maths is not factored into the pricing of our memberships, it is available for preview for our ULTIMATE members as an extra ‘perk’

Check out our THINK Maths page to see what’s online for preview.

Your data is not shared, sold or otherwise disclosed to any 3rd party.
Data such as email addresses are used solely by Teacher’s Pet.
We are fully GDPR compliant and registered with the ICO.

We do NOT store any personal credit/debit/payment information from our customers, this information is handled and stored directly by PayPal or Stripe.

For more information about your data is collected, used and stored, please see our Privacy Policy.

Our full website terms and conditions can be found here.

By signing up to Teacher’s Pet and downloading our content, you must adhere to our full website terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions form part of the Agreement between the Client and ourselves. Your accessing of Our websites and/or undertaking of a order or Agreement indicates your understanding, agreement to and acceptance, of the Disclaimer Notice and the full Terms and Conditions contained herein. Your statutory Consumer Rights are unaffected.

Teacher’s Pet veterans will remember the topic area of our old websites, where you could find specific resources to support your topic teaching, well our Topic Packs take this to a whole new level.

Unlike most topic packs out there, ours do not just cover topics like Ancient Greece, Chinese New Year or Africa, we cover all aspects of Maths and English too like 2D shapes, punctuation and story writing.

Our Topic Packs contain everything you need for your topics – Teaching aidsGames and Activities and resources to make fantastic Classroom Displays.
No need to download dozens of resources either, they’re all housed together in one folder, one download, that’s it!

Inside, you will find resources such as:

Teaching Aids

Word Mats, powerpoints, books, glossaries, posters and writing prompts.

Games & Activities

Fact cards, colouring, writing frames, word searches, quiz questions, challenge cards, role-play, crafts and worksheets.

Display Resources

Banners, borders, posters, labels, photo packs, bunting, lettering, cut outs and dangles.

Our Packs

The contents of each pack will vary and as with all of our content, if there’s something you would like us to add to a specific topic pack, all you need to do is send us an email or comment below the topic pack and we will get your request dealt with as swiftly as possible.

Many of the resources in the topic pack are editable so you can add your own information, font style, language etc.

This will be an ongoing project for Teacher’s Pet and we hope to build up a substantial collection of Topic Packs over the months to come.

Rather than spending our time making the content we think you want, we’d rather hear from you and make the resources you actually want. 
If you’re starting a new topic and would like one of our ‘Topic Packs’ to support you but can’t find it on our website then please pop a comment below or feel free to contact us via email.

We also plan to regularly update our packs and you will see list of potential updates attached to each pack’s description so it’s always worth popping back even after you’ve downloaded a pack, to see if there’s anything new.

Teacher’s Pet was actually born through Facebook back in April 2010. Since then we have gone on to use all the popular social platforms to stay in touch with our community.
We love staying active on social media, using it not just as a way of sharing our content but to inspire teachers with great ideas, inspiration and sometimes a bit of light hearted fun.

You can follow us on:







If you have cancelled your renewals, or if the renewal attempt fails for whatever reason your membership will end. Even though your membership has expired, your login (email & password) to your account will still work. This allows you to login and add a new membership to your basket and checkout. Once you have done this your account is ready to start downloading again.
Doing this gives you the freedom to choose the level of membership you want after your account expires.

School accounts are handled manually. This allows us to give you the best possible priced based on the number of teachers that would like an account, as well as enable us to invoice the school directly and set up individual accounts for each teacher so they can enjoy features such as our ‘favouriting’ buttons and seeing ‘recent downloads’.

Should your school wish to enquire about a membership, simply get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

If you have either a ‘CLASSIC’ or an ‘ULTIMATE’ subscription then renewals are handled automatically via PayPal or via our debit/credit cards processor Stripe. Once a year PayPal/Stripe will renew your subscription with us. No other action is required. Simple! We will also email you a few days prior just to give you a heads up 🙂

By keeping your automated renewal in place you will benefit from a LOCKED IN price! Meaning, if your membership RRP was £20 when you signed up, your renewal will never cost more than £20 – even when we increase our prices! If you cancel your automated renewals though you will lose this LOCKED IN price!

You can cancel your automated renewal at any time via your PayPal account or by popping us an email via the contact form. Your subscription will then expire on its renewal date instead of being renewed automatically. Should you wish to reactivate your account after expiry, simply visit the ‘memberships‘ page and purchase a new membership package at the new RRP.

For handling all our payments, we use the 2 safest and easiest online payment systems – PayPal & Stripe.

We accept all major debit and credit cards through STRIPE and you can also check out as a PayPal guest, without the need to set up a PayPal account.

When paying with PayPal you will be directed to the PayPal website when checking out, you will set up your subscription, pay for your first year and then you will be returned to the Teacher’s Pet website with your membership ready to use! No waiting around!

If you prefer to pay with a credit or debit card, simply enter the card details on our checkout page, upon checkout you may see a ‘3DSecure’ popup from your bank to authorise the transaction. Once processed successfully by STRIPE (our secure payments processor) the page will update to let you know and your membership will be ready to use. The card you use will be set up for future renewals to make it easy to keep your account up and running.

With PayPal and Stripe we do NOT store any payment details internally and your card number/PayPal credentials are never revealed to us.

If your school wishes to pay for your membership, simply send us an email and we can arrange an invoice for you so that you can claim the payment back from your school.

To find out key information about your account you simply need to head to your ‘My Account’ area.
You can find this by clicking the square button in the top right-hand corner, next to the LOGOUT button.
In the first box you will see information about your expiry date. This is the date that your account will be renewed if your renewals have not been cancelled.
For a more detailed list of information such as downloads remaining for the week etc. simply click the text ‘View Full Details’

During your 12 month membership, you can cancel at any time – this will ensure that your account does not auto-renew at the end of your 12 month membership period, however, you can still continue to use your account as normal for the 12 month period.
Cancelling your subscription does not entitle you to any partial refund as your membership will continue to work during that 12 month period.

Cancelling Your Membership
2 Days prior to your automated renewal you will receive an email outlining all your options including instructions on how to cancel. Alternatively, you can cancel via your PayPal account or by contacting the team using the website contact form. Please note that by cancelling you will lose your locked-in price discount. Should you wish to remain a member you will need to take out a new membership at the full RRP.

Free trials can be great things, they offer you the chance to see the quality of a resource websites content and test out the functionality of the website to make sure it’s up to the task before you hand over your money.

What’s great about our website is we take free trials to a whole new level – we don’t need to offer a free trial. We provide our members with the ability to access thousands of free resources on a daily basis.

Simply create an account and add a free STARTER membership to your basket and check out. It’s that simple.
You can then download 10 free resources every week to give you an idea of the creative and unique content we have to offer as well as enjoy the functionality of our website, including it’s mobile and tablet responsiveness and easy to navigate category system, topic tags and search engine.

If you enjoy using your free membership then at any point you can decide to take advantage of our additional resources such as games, activities, Wellbeing Wednesday, powerpoints, editable resources, topic packs, THINK maths and more, by adding a Classic or Ultimate membership to your account.

How’s that for a free trial?


There are many different ways you can find the resource you’re looking for.

1) The search bar – the best way to use a search bar is to think of key words that link to the resource you’d like to find.
If you’re looking for matching worksheet for farm animals and their babies then search for key words such as ‘farm’ ‘babies’ ‘matching’ otherwise you run the risk of dragging in lots of other content that may not be directly related to what you are trying to find.

2) Categories – we have put a lot of thought into our category system, which closely follows the outline of the current National Curriculum.
If you’re just wanting to browse through all our ‘Maths’ resources for Key Stage One, then simply click the ‘Maths’ header in the aged 5-7 category.
If you’re looking for something more specific such as key stage 2 geometry resources then you would click the lower tiered ‘Geometry’ in the 8-11 category.
If you’re just wanting to have a good browse through all our Early Years resources then simply click the top level ‘Early Years’ header to load in all our content for the EYFS.

3) Topic Tags – these things, simply put, are awesome! We have given tags to every single resource on our website so that you can find specific content for all kinds of things. Whether you want to see all our ‘Ancient Egyptian’ resources rather than scrolling through all our history content or see our ‘Punctuation’ resources rather than looking through our entire Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation category.
Topic tags can be found in the sidebar of each resource page (if you’re on desktop) or if you’re on mobile, you’ll find them underneath the resource description.
Our full topic tag cloud can also be found in the sidebar of any category listing.

4) No Joy! – if you still can’t find what you’re after then it’s time to get in touch. You can do this in a number of ways…
– the contact page under ‘About Us’
– Our pop up contact box attached to the footer with the words ‘how can we help?’
– Leave a comment under any resource in our comments section
It could just be that the resource you’re looking for hasn’t been created yet. We are always looking to hear from our members and aim to get resource requests created and added to our website as quickly as possible so don’t be afraid to ask.

If you’re downloading one of our resources from a desktop computer then simply download the resource and open it up.
This should open the resource in a browser window – you can then simply print from here, either by ‘right-clicking’ and selecting ‘print’ or using your keyboard short codes.
The other option is to first save the PDF, again by ‘right-clicking’ and selecting ‘save as’ or by using your keyboard short codes.
Once the PDF is saved, you can open it up in Adobe Reader or Acrobat (if it’s a PDF). Printing within Adobe gives you more control over your printer settings so it’s great for doing more advanced printing like resizing, various colour saver settings and more.

If you’re using a mobile device to download then once the resource opens up – simply use your phone’s in built settings to email the document to yourself or if you’re lucky enough to have a wireless printer, you can go ahead and print straight from there.

How the printer settings appear on your device will depend entirely on your operating system and phone/tablet settings.

As part of our commitment to providing you with resources bespoke to your children’s needs, we offer many of our resources in an editable format, allowing you to change and add your own content, fonts and colours.

This is only available on our resources that we label as ‘editable’. You can also spot them by looking out for the ‘Microsoft Word’ or ‘Powerpoint’ icons on the resource preview image.
PDFs are not editable.

If there’s a resource that you’d like to be able to edit, but it is currently only available as a PDF then simply pop us a quick message either by commenting below the resource you’d us to make an editable version of, send us a message on our contact pop up in the footer, head to our ‘contact us’ page or get in touch via any of our social media accounts.

Once you’ve created an account and purchased either a free, classic or ultimate account then you’re all ready to download.
Simply find a resource you wish to download and click the download button.
If there’s no download button there that means you do not have the required level of membership to download that resource. Should you still wish to download it, simply click the membership button that appears and you will be able to upgrade your membership to access that resource.

We have tried to make our resources as clear as possible.
If you’re just wanting to download free resources, simply look for resources with the ‘Yellow Star’.
If you are looking for Classic resources, simply look out for the ‘Teal Paw’.
If you want to download Ultimate resources, look for the ‘Red Rocket’ icon.

PDFs will download straight to your computer.
Folders (resource packs) will download as ZIP files and you will need to unzip them in your downloads folder.

Sign up and login

Back when we first launched in 2010, our very first website (our displays website) offered teachers the ability to come along to our website and download all our display resources without the need for a log in. So why are we now being asked to create an account and log in for free resources I hear you ask?

Well, the answer is simple – it allows us to give you so many more features than you had before!
By creating an account, you can take advantage of things like our new ‘Favourites’ system’ – where you can keep track of resources you like or save them for another day if you’ve reached your download limit.

If you opt-in, you can receive our weekly newsletter, telling you all about our fab new resources, what’s popular and share exciting news like new projects or competitions.

It also allows us to keep better track of what’s popular and how our members use our website so that we can continually improve our site and give you the best website experience possible.

Our promise has always been that our classroom displays resources will remain free and that has not changed. You can still enjoy our vast range of free content simply by creating an account and adding a free STARTER membership to your basket and checking out.
We pride ourselves on being the only resource website that offers the same number of free resources as we do premium.

The only change we have implemented is placing a download limit on our free memberships – this stops users that previously would download content for others or download content purely to place on other websites (both of which are a breach of our clearly signposted copyright terms and conditions).
If you wish to share our free resources with other members, encourage them to set up an account and add their own free membership to their account.
Whilst sharing is great, we encourage you to do this by sharing our website URL or use our social buttons and email share button to send resource links to your teacher friends and colleagues, not by distributing our content – this damages our business by reducing website traffic and prevents us from reaching new members of the teaching community.
We hope you will continue to support us as we grow our range of resources and enjoy using all our new website features.

Head to our website and click the ‘LOGIN’ button.
This will load the LOGIN pop up, where you will see the words ‘Lost Password?’
Simply click this text where you will be taken to our Password Reset page.

Reset Password Page
Enter your email – this must be the email address you registered your account with.
If you no longer have access to that email account, please email us so we can help you change your email address so you can request a password reset.

Once you have entered your email address and clicked ‘reset password’, you will be sent a ‘reset password’ email.
Please head to your emails and look for an email from us titled ‘Account Password Reset’.
Inside the email you will see a blue link below the words If you do indeed want to reset your password please click the following link…
Please click the blue text to be taken to the Password Reset page, where you can choose and confirm a new password.

If you had an active subscription to our ‘activities’ website on the day we launched this brand new website, then yes!

We have done away with ‘usernames’ and instead use your email address to login to your account.

Simply use the email address you used for your old account along with your old password to login to your account!

When you first create an account with Teacher’s Pet, you will be asked if you would like to receive email newsletters from us – this is an opt-in tick box (as required by recent GDPR legislation).

If this is something you missed out on during sign up or chose to stay opted-out but have since changed your mind, then all you need to do is scroll to the footer of our website (on any page) and you will see a simple newsletter form. Just fill in your name and email address and you will be added to our newsletter mailing list.

This is a great way for you to keep up to date with Teacher’s Pet. Unlike many other education providers, we do not bombard you with countless and pointless emails.

We use our newsletters to inform you of things like upcoming topics, recent resources added to our website, competitions, exciting new projects and other content we think you will find useful.

On average we send out 4-5 newsletters a month (1 a week), with the occasional additional email if we have something exciting like a competition or a project coming soon.

Simply click the ‘login’ button in the header of the page. Then click the ‘sign up’ area, fill out the form and click submit.

Once you have completed the sign up form you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address.

Click the link in the email and your account is ready to use! The next step is to choose your membership! 

If you wish to change your password then you first need to be logged in.

Next to the ‘log out’ button in the top right corner of the screen, you will notice a second, square shaped button with a person and pencil icon – this is your membership account area.

If you click this button you will be taken to your ‘My Account’ area, where you will find 2 boxes which you need to fill in. One to type your new password and one to confirm it.

If you want to change your password because you’ve forgotten it then please see our FAQ question about What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

It happens to all of us – a change of jobs, a new school or just having a refresh can sometimes mean you no longer have access to your old email account.
It’s important to keep the email address attached to your account up-to-date – this allows you to do things like reset your password if you forget it and receive all the latest news and competitions from us.

Updating your email address isn’t something you can do yourself through your account settings but we are more than happy to help do this manually for you.
Simply head to our ‘contact us’ page and send us a message. Please include your old email address in the message, along with the new email address you would like us to change it to.