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What our members say...

  • Great display resources that have made my classroom not only bright but inclusive to all.

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    Nicola RNicola ROldbury, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's pet has been with me since I first started teaching. As anNQT I went to the Education show in Birmingham and you guys had a stall there. I loved your cute carton designs and how bright everything was.
    I was given a plastic wallet in with some free stickers in.
    I've used lots of resources and love your topic collections. I currently use the Gruffalo child alphabet cards at home for my children to learn with.

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    Kim DKim DNottingham, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has helped me in many ways over the years, with display inspiration, support in my role as NQT mentor, classroom ideas, whole school support with reading but especially with teaching phonics. I love all the inspiring phonic resources and there are new things all the time to update what I already use.

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    Gail BGail BPreston, United Kingdom
  • Amazing resources for the children and classroom. Have used these incredible resources since you first showed⭐️

    I loved the icon and have been inspired by the talent and explicit focus of quality with the resources.

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    Sharon HSharon HWundowie, Australia
  • I have found loads of very useful resources to enhance my learning and teaching. I don't have a specific class of my own but I instead teach across the school and the resources always go down a treat no matter what class I am in.

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    Lindsay GLindsay GDrongan, United Kingdom
  • I have had a Teacher's Pet account for around 5 years now and I really couldn't do without it. I always find great displays that are not typically found in every other classroom, look good and are actually useful for my pupils.
    I have just about printed every literacy game on the site for my classes and they pupils always love using them, especially Bossy Bats!
    I really love the Boggle resources and have had years of use out of them. I literally play this every day with my pupils to enhance their spelling and dictionary skills.
    Thank you to everyone at Teacher's Pet for your hard work and fantastic resources. I know I will remain a loyal subscriber for many years to come.

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    Debbie HDebbie HEast Whitburn, United KIngdom
  • Nothing prepares you for the knowledge that you will be going back into work full time after maternity leave, under a new headteacher and going into a different year group.
    The pressure was huge but through it all it felt like Teacher's pet was there to hold my hand, provide me with ready made posters which I could put up quickly, time saving resources when I was dead tired and so much more.
    I have continued to use Teacher's pet over the years and recommend it to colleagues. It is amazing value and just keeps getting better.



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    Anna MAnna MBridgewater, United Kingdom
  • Simple well developed resources that are fun and engaging!!! Fantastic for helping students manage their emotions and self-regulate.

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    Alec HAlec HBuderim, Australia
  • Teacher's Pet has always provided resources that are unique and well thought-out; so much more than the worksheets other sites churn out. I've always had a stash of Maths challenge cards in the classroom which the kids love, and the graphics are just wonderful.

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    Sarah SSarah SStafford, United Kingdom
  • The resources provided for remote learning have been wonderful!

    I get ideas and inspiration from all of the amazing content provided. I love the Well Being Wednesday posters and have used several of them since our school closed in March. The creative writing prompts are excellent too! I'm about to use the socks printable to teach double numbers. I love the format of the website too. It is so easy to find material.

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    Merion JMerion JSloatsburg, United States
  • Teachers Pet has amazing resources that cannot be found elsewhere. I have used some of your headers, alphabet banners for pe-cursive handwriting, it is great for lots of our topics and is one of the first places I look when I need some knew resources.

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    Tsofia BTsofia BLondon, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has allowed me the opportunity to source and use great materials to enhance my teaching. It has also given nuggets of advice for all situations, making me feel connected to other teachers and educators.
    My class at the moment absolutely love the Wellbeing Wednesday activities.

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    Alice HindAlice HindDenbigh, United Kingdom
  • It hasn't just helped me it has helped me help many many others. I have taught across many year groups and at different settings. So Teacher's Pet has enabled me to support, scaffold and shape the learning of many many children. I have been able to share your ideas and the quality resources make my work life balance so much easier. So to sum up, as you have moved with the ever changing world of education you have helped me, many children, colleagues and my own family keep up and ahead of the game!

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    Annete CAnnete CBlackpool, United KIngdom
  • Teacher's Pet has helped me produce some amazing and wonderful displays in my previous school.

    The worksheets and other resources have helped to engage with both the children in my class as well as my own child at home.

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    Ravi SRavi SDerby, United Kingdom
  • I used your resources many years ago , especially for phonics , it was all new to me and I was learning as much as the children back then! Our results have improved year upon year thanks to your resources.

    I have been so lucky to work at the same school for over 10 years and still continue to use Teacher's Pet resources in my lessons to this day.
    I have just recommended your fantastic home learning packs to parents who are looking for something very child friendly and a little bit different to help them through these difficult times.

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    Clare FClare FWest Midlands, United Kingdom
  • Life saver with exciting and eye-catching display & work & more importantly ideas on how to make my lessons more exciting with the work sheets being an inspiration to me.

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    Jasmin PJasmin PLondon, United Kingdom
  • It provides so many useful resources which save hours of time, allowing me to spend time with my family after school and during the holidays. Time which used to be spent making classroom resources....and my homemade ones come nowhere near the high quality that these have consistently been.

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    Emma BEmma BCardiff, United Kingdom
  • I have used your resources throughout my teaching career and in the last 4 years in my new profession as a childminder. They have continued to inspire both myself and the children I look after and help with their education.

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    Louise CLouise CWalsall, United KIngdom
  • Over the years many of the topic resources have been invaluable. There have been many news ways and resources to help me teach the children topics which I have either covered before of are totally new to me. Teacher's Pet has taken on board some of my requests and created a variety of resources.

    They are constantly updating the resources and seeking member feedback. I really love the latest Wellbeing section and have used it a lot.
    I especially like the Christmas Countdown Calendar and what helpful resource is behind each door. I like how each year I go on their are new resources added behind the doors.

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    Laura BLaura BAberdeen, United Kingdom
  • I home educate my two children, so Teacher's Pet has been vital to help with our learning. I've also found your Wellbeing Wednesday Pack very helpful with my son and his anxiety. We base our work around topics and find you very useful for fun ides.

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    Lisa BLisa BHigh Wycombe, United Kingdom
  • I love knowing that you are always here with fab resources for everything I've ever needed!

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    Jess AJess ALeicester, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has helped me by providing amazing, unique and engaging resources which help inspire my learners and create a classroom environment that everyone enjoys- it's certainly saved me a number of Sundays! 🙂

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    Rebecca BRebecca BSheffield, United KIngdom
  • Teacher's Pet has helped me throughout my NQT year. I have used worksheets and lesson ideas from Teacher's Pets to help inspire me to create lessons which are enjoyable for the children. As an NQT in Year 5 Teacher's Pet was the first page I subscribed and as I started my job in Year 5 at Christmas, it also helped me throughout my first term as a supply teacher.

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    Abigail EAbigail ENottinghamshire, United Kingdom
  • I have always used a range of Teacher's Pet resources to deliver my lessons and they've always been outstanding! Using the good quality resources, I wrote differentiated factsheets for the food types and the activities were all from Teacher's Pet and were very engaging.

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    Denise NDenise NLuton, United Kingdom
  • I work with a wide range of children across all year groups from Foundation to Year 7 so it's been a God-send to be able to have appropriate work and activities to use.

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    Catherine WCatherine WWarrington, United Kingdom
  • I use quite a lot of your activities and worksheets in my classroom. The children love the characters. We like the Wednesday Wellbeing. When we did Chinese New Year, your story of Nao was brilliant and the children really took a lot from it.

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    Miranda MMiranda MStoke On Trent, United Kingdom
  • Life saver!
    From when I first started teaching being on supply, you helped me find resources and activities closely linked to what the children had been doing when no planning had been left.
    To now helping me with resources for tutoring.

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    Rachel MRachel MHartlepool, United Kingdom

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