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What our members say...

  • I have been able to find fun, interactive and exciting activities to use in class, supporting those children with additional needs and those who struggle to stay focused. It has saved me having to create new resources, allowing me to have some sort of home-work life balance, and still send time with my own children. I am a single mother of 3 boys, 14 year old twins with Autism and a 10 year old. Teacher's Pet has allowed me to cross curricular link activities to our book of the week and topics, allow me to explore children's interest fully. It has been a life saver.

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    Nicola HNicola HBorehamwood, United Kingdom
  • You have anticipated everything I might need to help me provide stimulating and engaging lessons and to create an inviting classroom atmosphere.

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    Anne TAnne TBearsden, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has been there at an amazing value since I started teaching 7 years ago! And even before then on my NQT I have used their displays and activities to enhance my learning environment. I would also like to say how much it has helped me put a number of systems in place for children who need more support and their fun and engaging visuals have always been an amazing way to do this.

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    Jennifer LJennifer LLowestoft, United Kimgdom
  • Teacher's Pet started in my first year of teaching for me and I used it all the time in my NQT year! Fast forward 10 years and I'm still using it! I am in a year 1 class this year and they have really enjoyed your Buddy Bots stories. They are informative but also fun! The online safety one really gets the point across but in a suitable way for the children. While on lock down the children have been animating and creating their own Buddy Bots ready to add them to their own stories. Keep up the amazing work Teacher's Pet!

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    Amy AAmy ASheffield, United KIngdom
  • Great display resources that have made my classroom not only bright but inclusive to all.

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    Nicola RNicola ROldbury, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet is keeping me sane and it has been a great source of ideas and resources and I cant wait to get back into the classroom to make better use of them!

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    Siobhán MSiobhán MNewery, County Down, Northern Ireland
  • I love the phonics resources that you have made and the children in my class have too! The resources and ideas have really helped me plan some really practical lessons for my class which they have thoroughly enjoyed so far - can't wait to see what's to come!!

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    Annabella FAnnabella FBushey, United Kingdom
  • I first 'stumbled' across Teacher's Pet nine years ago - you were very young!!! - when I went to teach in a British International school, in Europe. As you can imagine, as an Aussie teacher in a foreign country, in an International School, with over 40 different nationalities, the need to have authentic and relevant resources was important.

    You were the site I turned to.

    All I can say, is thank you!

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    Suzie MSuzie MBatemans Bay, Australia
  • Teacher's Pet provide some lovely, colourful and informative resources for display which I often use. I have also used some of your maths resources for small intervention groups. Your art and design resources are great for the after school art group I lead and for wet playtimes. The children love a bit of mindful colouring and the how to draw activities. Thank you for producing such high quality resources 🙂

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    Rachel TRachel THalesowen, United Kingdom
  • I have been teaching for 11 years now and Teacher's Pet has been a cheerful companion for nearly all of my career. I love your style and your illustrations. I have always been a massive fan of your bunting - I have taught in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and now Year 6. Even in KS2 I find a reason to hang up your reading corner bunting somewhere!
    More recently as a Maths lead I have enjoyed exploring your Maths blog resources and I am hoping to implement them a little more next year within my new school. I also find the Maths blog games useful for when I occasionally tutor. Thank you for all of your hard work.

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    Lauren LLauren LSolihull, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has helped me to create displays for each of the classrooms that I have taught in. It has also provided me with many resources that the children can utilise both at home and at school to support their learning.

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    Jasmine WJasmine WEssex, United Kingdom
  • Initially I signed up as I liked the display materials and thought they were well made, colourful and would appeal to my class. I have recently discovered all your resources for Home schooling and particularly like how you include lots of wellbeing activities within the curriculum work.

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    Elaine DElaine DThornbury, United Kingdom
  • I teach at a SEN school, therefore the children in my class have a vast scale of needs, during this time is has been difficult to find work for each individual child's needs. Teacher's Pet has helped cover lot of what I have needed.

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    Vikki DVikki DEpsom, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has provided great inspiration in the classroom and helped ideas come to life on display. I have enjoyed searching through the resources to find the best fit for my class.

    Teacher's Pet has been indispensable for providing resources that are engaging and fun for the kids to learn from. The children are always excited to see what the next back contains.

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    Hannah MHannah MSelkirk, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has all of the resources in one place, they are easy to find and the children really enjoy using them. The classroom management resources are my favourite, especially the daily routine timetables. Resources like this really support my ASD learners.

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    Elizabeth FElizabeth FBrough, United Kingdom
  • Fantastic display and teaching resources which has saved hours!

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    Amy HAmy HNottingham, United Kingdom
  • It has support me with classroom resources, ideas for termly plans and now home learning activities. It is such a fun website with lovely, high quality resources that the children enjoy and love.

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    Saffron CSaffron CBolton, United Kingdom
  • Excellent resources and ideas to help support my planning. Children are engaged, excited and respond enthusiastically to the resources! Teacher's Pet has helped me try and get a work life balance!! 😊

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    Paula TPaula TLincolnshire, United Kingdom
  • I use quite a lot of your activities and worksheets in my classroom. The children love the characters. We like the Wednesday Wellbeing. When we did Chinese New Year, your story of Nao was brilliant and the children really took a lot from it.

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    Miranda MMiranda MStoke On Trent, United Kingdom
  • I have found loads of very useful resources to enhance my learning and teaching. I don't have a specific class of my own but I instead teach across the school and the resources always go down a treat no matter what class I am in.

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    Lindsay GLindsay GDrongan, United Kingdom
  • I home educate my two children, so Teacher's Pet has been vital to help with our learning. I've also found your Wellbeing Wednesday Pack very helpful with my son and his anxiety. We base our work around topics and find you very useful for fun ides.

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    Lisa BLisa BHigh Wycombe, United Kingdom
  • As a teacher who has taught a variety of age groups I have always found something suitable for all my classes! Displays, activity sheets, games (What’s the time Mr Wolf was a real hit!) and teaching resources there is something for everyone!

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    Jillian JJillian JMagherafelt, Northern Ireland
  • Over the years, I have used the display resources to decorate my classroom, and the many classroom resources to support my students learning. I have especially loved the 'Buzzed for learning' behaviour management display!

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    Attia GAttia GCardiff, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has been a life saver. I have beautiful, interactive wall displays without having to spend hours creating them. I have used many resources which also saved me valuable time I could put to better use. I have recommended Teacher's Pet to colleagues who commented on my classroom displays. Couldn't get through a term without your help.

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    Carolyn RCarolyn RGlasgow, United Kingdom
  • I have always loved Teacher's Pet because I started teaching 10 years ago so we share an anniversary!

    I love how the resources are unfussy but vibrant at the same time. I recently used the alphabet yoga with my class (Northern Ireland P1, age 4-5), they had such fun spelling their names and tricky words. It really helped me feel connected to them at a time when I am missing them so much.

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    Sarah WSarah WBangor, United Kingdom
  • It hasn't just helped me it has helped me help many many others. I have taught across many year groups and at different settings. So Teacher's Pet has enabled me to support, scaffold and shape the learning of many many children. I have been able to share your ideas and the quality resources make my work life balance so much easier. So to sum up, as you have moved with the ever changing world of education you have helped me, many children, colleagues and my own family keep up and ahead of the game!

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    Annete CAnnete CBlackpool, United KIngdom
  • Teacher's Pet has helped me produce some amazing and wonderful displays in my previous school.

    The worksheets and other resources have helped to engage with both the children in my class as well as my own child at home.

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    Ravi SRavi SDerby, United Kingdom

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