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  • Teacher's Pet has helped me in many ways over the years, with display inspiration, support in my role as NQT mentor, classroom ideas, whole school support with reading but especially with teaching phonics. I love all the inspiring phonic resources and there are new things all the time to update what I already use.

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    Gail BGail BPreston, United Kingdom
  • I've been using tpet across a number of years and I wouldn't be without it now. It is so useful for the occasional print for a particular resource. The phonic books which are being produced are going to be so useful and very appropriate for all children. The most important resource to me is the interactive wolf game. I've missed it so much and the children adore Wilfred. I have put links to the app all over my class page.

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    Terry LukeTerry LukeTaunton, Somerset
  • Over my time being a member has helped with transitioning abroad with resources, planning, so many fantastic leadership materials too, to share with my team.

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    Nina BNina BAlmaty, Kazakhstan
  • I am a trainee teacher and it has really helped me with my subject knowledge. It has also helped me create fun interventions during my time as a teaching assistant. The activities are always fun and interesting and the ideas always work out and keep the children motivated.

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    Emily JEmily JEastbourne, United Kingdom
  • I have only recently started using Teacher's pet and it has been an amazing resource to support home learning both for my own children but also for the children in my class, not only does it have highly engaging curriculum activities it also provided short burst fun, interactive activities easily accessible to all.

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    Natalie GNatalie GUpper Beeding, United Kingdom
  • I work with a wide range of children across all year groups from Foundation to Year 7 so it's been a God-send to be able to have appropriate work and activities to use.

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    Catherine WCatherine WWarrington, United Kingdom
  • For years it has provided me with lovely resources that have enhanced my learning environment across a variety of age groups. It has becoming particularly useful throughout these difficult times by uploading accessible activities that are fun looking and engaging to pupils for home use.

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    Cheryl MCheryl MTonypandy, United Kingdom
  • I use quite a lot of your activities and worksheets in my classroom. The children love the characters. We like the Wednesday Wellbeing. When we did Chinese New Year, your story of Nao was brilliant and the children really took a lot from it.

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    Miranda MMiranda MStoke On Trent, United Kingdom
  • I love the phonics resources that you have made and the children in my class have too! The resources and ideas have really helped me plan some really practical lessons for my class which they have thoroughly enjoyed so far - can't wait to see what's to come!!

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    Annabella FAnnabella FBushey, United Kingdom
  • I started following as an NQT when your Facebook page was counting down to launch. Your resources were a breath of fresh air: clear, colourful, practical and engaging. Your site is always a port of call for me when I set up a new classroom, start a new topic. A fantastic site that has gone from strength to strength over the years. I can even still remember meeting you at the education show at the NEC 🙂

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    Catherine JCatherine JLeicester, United Kingdom
  • I am in my first year of teaching and I have loved using Teacher's Pet. The Powerpoint resources are more dynamic than other resource sites - I loved the crocodile one for greater than, less than. The graphics in general are varied and stimulating for my pupils. I especially like the Kung Fu punctuation resources and the Magic Number chart which I use every day.

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    Wendy WWendy WGlasgow, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has helped me so much by providing bright, colourful and engaging resources that my Foundation children love to learn with and giving me the time and energy to be the best teacher I can.

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    Maria GMaria GHull, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's pet has definitely helped me in more then one way, I’ve been in the pre k industry for around 5 years now, when I began or even now whenever I have challenging days ahead or I need to plan and provide amazing lessons for many reasons I can always count on Teacher's Pet to provide awesome recourses and learning tips.

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    Leah PLeah PLiverpool, Australia
  • Life saver with exciting and eye-catching display & work & more importantly ideas on how to make my lessons more exciting with the work sheets being an inspiration to me.

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    Jasmin PJasmin PLondon, United Kingdom
  • The resources here are fantastic - I love the variety and the illustrations are great. I've always found the reading resources particularly useful and my classes over the years have loved them. In more recent times I've found your home learning packs to be invaluable - thank you for providing them and helping us teachers out greatly!

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    Caroline MCaroline MGlasgow, United Kingdom
  • Life saver!
    From when I first started teaching being on supply, you helped me find resources and activities closely linked to what the children had been doing when no planning had been left.
    To now helping me with resources for tutoring.

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    Rachel MRachel MHartlepool, United Kingdom
  • The resources have been amazing, ideas on how to support my class, but also giving me ideas for the future. As an NQT any help I get has been invaluable and I will continue to use the support I get from more experienced teachers.

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    Stephanie PStephanie PBurnham-On-Sea, United Kingdom
  • Teachers Pet has amazing resources that cannot be found elsewhere. I have used some of your headers, alphabet banners for pe-cursive handwriting, it is great for lots of our topics and is one of the first places I look when I need some knew resources.

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    Tsofia BTsofia BLondon, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's pet has helped me create some fantastic displays around my school and classroom- myself and another colleague have a friendly competition to create the best display. You have also been fantastic through this tough time we are all facing at the moment by giving both ourselves and our parents access to your fantastic resources to help teach our children from home. Thank you for your help and support through these challenging times and i look forward to see whats coming next.

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    Katrina FKatrina FBirmingham, United Kingdom
  • I am 4 weeks away from finishing my PGCE year. It's been exhausting but Teachers Pet it helping me hugely. I now have a job for September and I can't wait to make the most of my subscription in my new classroom. The handwriting styles are an added bonus!

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    FrancesFrancesYeovil, Somerset
  • Has been amazing with providing me with ideas on how to use within my classroom. Provided activities to support learning. Provided resources to enhance small world and role play areas.

    Recently it has greatly helped me during home schooling and coming up with ways in which to keep my pupils engaged.

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    Margaret BMargaret BHayes, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has been a life saver. I have beautiful, interactive wall displays without having to spend hours creating them. I have used many resources which also saved me valuable time I could put to better use. I have recommended Teacher's Pet to colleagues who commented on my classroom displays. Couldn't get through a term without your help.

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    Carolyn RCarolyn RGlasgow, United Kingdom
  • Teacher's Pet has helped in so many ways from providing excellent learning resources including interesting hooks to learning and varied independent tasks. With these resources I have been able to engage children and challenge them to achieve to the best of their ability and help them to understand some tricky concepts especially in maths and grammar.

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    Mandy MMandy MSunbury on Thames, United Kingdom
  • It has provided a wealth of resources over the past few years at various class levels. Since February I was teaching the Wellbeing Wednesday program and I had also used BuddyBots as part of our SPHE programme (re. bullying) and Webwise programme for internet safety. The children absolutely loved it and responded to it more than I've seen other classes respond to other internet safety resources that I have used in the past.
    The posters are both colourful and informative and pack a real punch in the classroom!

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    Kate LKate LNaas, Ireland
  • Given me inspiration for activities for different areas of learning as well as time-saving display resources!

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    Gemma SGemma SPeterborough, United Kingdom
  • I discovered your website and signed up straight away. I can freely choose the resources and activities to meet my children's differing needs as well as all the other support and advice. It is important that children are excited and motivated by what you are offering otherwise the children become bored and disengaged and that result in negative behaviour and learning is impacted.

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    Michelle JMichelle JWallsend, United Kingdom
  • It has helped me to plan my literacy lessons with bright and engaging activities for the students to complete. I love searching through and finding new activities and ideas to incorporate a range of modes into my lessons.

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    Hannah FHannah FRochester, Australia

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