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Our Planet with Frankie Morland


Teacher's Pet have teamed up with Frankie Morland. We will be supporting Frankie's amazing songs and videos with classroom resources, activities and crafts. You can find Frankie's regular video uploads about our planet on this page. Be sure to check back often for more videos and resources to show children how making small changes can help ensure our planet and the wildlife on it is safe and protected.

Frankie's Latest Video

The Ocean by Frankie Morland #WorldOceansDay

Written & performed by Frankie (Age 8) & Charlie Morland for World Ocean Day. #worldoceansday - Original artwork by Frankie Morland - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/frankiesclub - WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Seagrass Project. Available on all streaming platforms.

Learn how to paint a beautiful sunset over the ocean with Frankie. Artwork using Faber-Castell Mini Soft Pastels and WHSmith Pure Graphite Sticks. Art Paper - Hobbycraft Daler Rowney A4 250g/m2


More Videos

Your First Ukulele lesson - Beginner lesson - Easy one finger chords

In this beginner lesson Frankie talks you through playing some very simple one-finger chords on the Ukulele. Play a lovely simple strum along with the song at the end. Includes chords C major, F major and A minor. Grab the official resources at the bottom of the page!

Learn how to play "World in Danger"

After the success of 'World in Danger' and the incredible feedback from teachers and children alike, Frankie decided to help teach everyone how to play the amazing song on the ukelele! Why not split your class into groups and have each group learn how to play a section of the song before bringing it all together for a whole class performance?

UK Single: "World in Danger"

The amazing music video to Frankie Morland's hit single is a fantastic way to help children understand what climate change is and the dangers it poses to wildlife and our lives too. Use the video to prompt a whole class discussion on topics such as plastic pollution, deforestation and endangered animals.

8 year old Frankie Morland has been raising money for his favourite environmental charity WWF since he was 4 years old! In late 2019 he released the fantastic song 'World in Danger' into the UK charts to raise even more money and to help raise awareness on environmental issues.

More about "World in Danger"...

The 'World in Danger' song & video ©℗ 2019 Frankie Morland under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited. Download and usage of the classroom resources by Teacher's Pet is subject to our terms, conditions and copyright policy. 'World in Danger' Illustrations © 2019 Zoe Barnish and used by Teacher's Pet under license.


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