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Speak Phonics Scheme Overview – A Brand New Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Programme from Teacher’s Pet

July 14th 2021| Michael Mountford

Speak Phonics Scheme Overview – A Brand New Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Programme from Teacher’s Pet

What is Speak Phonics?

Speak Phonics is a systematic and synthetic phonics scheme (SSP) which provides everything that you need to support the progressive teaching and learning of phonics from Nursery to Year 2. Our Speak Phonics Hub is clearly organised so that users can find exactly what they need with ease and speed.

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What does ‘systematic and synthetic’ mean?

Children learn best when they know what to do and when they already have experience of doing something, so they can make links with their learning. A systematic approach to learning how to read and write allows children to understand and use the system in which phonics in taught and learnt. When this system is used every day, children know what to expect and their confidence and receptive learning increases.

Synthetic phonics is a way of teaching children to read words by breaking the words down into sounds and then blend them all together (decode).

DfE 2021

Letters and Sounds has been used by many schools to deliver phonics. However, it is not a full systematic or synthetic programme and has always needed to be supplemented with other phonics schemes/resources. The Letter and Sounds framework is a very useful document for experienced teachers. It just doesn’t have everything to ensure full coverage and the most effective and consistent teaching of phonics. Our scheme is fully systematic and synthetic and gives practitioners everything that they need to deliver high quality phonics sessions.

What will the children learn?

Our scheme focuses on the two aspects of reading: word reading and comprehension.

Children will learn to read sounds, read words including real, nonsense and multisyllabic words by decoding, read tricky words and increase their reading speed (fluency). Once children have learnt to read with more fluency, they will then learn to read fully decodable books matched to their phonic level. Children will then be able to understand what they have read (comprehension). Children will learn to form letters correctly, including lower and upper case letters and learn how to spell words and write dictated sentences.

DfE, The Reading Framework, July 2021

How will children learn?

Our scheme makes children (and teaching staff) feel safe and confident with their phonics learning due to its repetitive nature. Children will enjoy taking part in structured daily phonics and reading sessions that teach new sounds/words and also recall previously taught sounds/words. Recall is a very important part of teaching and learning, as it ensures knowledge and skills are embedded in the long term memory. The phonics and comprehension sessions can be taught in one longer session or broken up into two shorter sessions to meet the needs of the children in your class.

The scheme is progressive. It builds on previous knowledge and allows children to master reading. The Core Documents page on the Speak Phonics Hub gives excellent overviews of the scheme. Our Long Term Teaching and Learning Plan set out what children will learn in Blocks and provides an ideal plan for teaching and learning across the academic year for each of the year groups. Our Age Related Expectations documents guide practitioners on what phonics levels children should we working at across the academic year. Our scheme also provides clear yet in depth teaching and learning guides on how to deliver phonics and comprehension sessions for each of the blocks.

The scheme provides a wide range of phonics resources designed to engage children and make learning memorable. Our resources are organised into blocks so that they can be easily located. Each block page explains what they children will learn and sets out the resources needed to deliver that block os teaching. They include everything that you will need to teach phonics including sound cards, word cards, handwriting, sound stories, story books and much, much more.

Our phonics images have been carefully designed to link with sounds and use mnemonics (a way of remembering and recalling) to ensure that children are learning at the correct pace and retaining knowledge and skills, so that’s why our elephant’s trunk curls around and there are two mushrooms, not just one.  

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Why Speak Phonics?

Our scheme has been very carefully planned by our phonics expert who has brought together several years of classroom experience and knowledge of many established phonics schemes to create a unique and purposeful phonics programme that will enable children to learn how to read and write, embed phonics skills and make strong progress. It takes into account levels of engagement, pedagogy and the needs of the curriculum.

But that’s not just it…

The scheme includes Assessment, Data and Tracking resources to enable practitioners to assess children and track children precisely, identifying any barriers to learning in order to deliver high quality interventions, so children keep up rather than catch up with their peers. The intervention page has an informative guide and intervention templates to use, designed for specific and regular use.

The Phonics Screening Check, first introduced in 2012, assesses whether Year 1 children can decode real and nonsense words to an age-appropriate standard. A 40-word reading test is taken in the summer term and a pass score released. Our Phonics Screening resources enable teachers to assess children, deliver whole class phonics sessions and plan and deliver interventions to support children in order to achieve their full phonics potential.

Speak Phonics provides extensive training and support for practitioners so that they feel comfortable and confident with the delivery of the scheme. On the training and support page there are videos and guides for several areas. There is a complete handwriting scheme including a comprehensive guide and corresponding resources. There are guides and resources to teach tricky words and alternative pronunciations as well. In order to continue the teaching and learning of phonics at home, there are resources and information specifically for parents and carers.

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Validation of Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programmes

Phonics and early reading are fundamentally important for present and future success, as reading and writing are deeply rooted in everyday life. The Department for Education (DfE) recognises the highly positive impact that systematic and synthetic phonics programmes have on reading outcomes for children and welcome publishers to create and validate phonics schemes for school to choose from. There is a set of stringent criteria that schemes need to fulfil in order to be validated. Speak Phonics has its own set of criteria based upon the DfE’s criteria, showing how the scheme meets the standards. Speak Phonics will be put forward for validation and, following assessment, any recommended amendments will be made.

Who can access the Speak Phonics Scheme?

Our scheme is exclusive to our ultimate members and school membership accounts. A school membership is recommended for full scheme delivery, so that it can be used across different classes and year groups. There are free taster packs available to download and try out. They contain select resources so practitioners can appreciate the quality of our resources.

We hope you love Speak Phonics as much as we do!

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