Conservation and Colours in This Week’s Resource Roundup

March 13th 2022| Josh Cookson

Hi everyone, time for another Resource Roundup? You bet it is, and we’ve got a lovely variety of resources for you this week! With lots of relevant topics this month there is no shortage of things you can get your hands on for your classroom! This week on Resource Roundup we have:

  • Woebo The Worry Monster
  • Waves of Wellbeing Episode 10 – Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
  • The Latest Issue of Primary News Today is Now Available to Download!
  • The Latest Addition to C.R.E.A.T.E. Science – Year 3 Plants is Now Ready!
  • The Last Northern White Rhinoceros – Supporting Learning on The Northern White Rhinoceros and Conservation
  • It’s Vincent Van Gogh’s Birthday This Month, We’ve Got Some Fantastic Resources to Use in Your Classroom
  • We’ve Got Some Lovely Mother’s Day Resources to Use Leading Up to The Day
  • Ramadan is Coming Up Soon, We’ve Got Lots of Exciting Resources Available to Help Teach About This Religious Holiday
  • Conker Your Challenges With The Seedlings
  • Learn How to Calm Your Thoughts With The Colour Monster
  • Have You Seen Our Times Tables Activity Pack?

I think you’ll agree, that’s a lot of resources to go at! So let’s dive right in…

Woebo The Worry Monster

In the current climate, we understand that current world affairs will be having an impact on the mental health of Primary School Children here in the U.K, but also children across the globe. We wanted to help with this as a team, so we have made the decision to make our Wellbeing Wednesday resources on ‘Woebo The Worry Monster’ completely free to download for both teachers and parents.

These resources are differentiated from EYFS all the up to KS2 and include worksheets, craft kits, challenges and colouring. When discussing worries with children during this current situation, these will help you to assist them in trying to understand the emotions they are feeling right now.

Waves of Wellbeing Episode 10 – Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This week we take a look at Episode 10 of Waves of Wellbeing. Episode 10 focuses on Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone. Like with the other fantastic episodes, Episode 10 has:

  • A wonderful Bookimation and Animated Story + PowerPoint (EY/KS1 & KS2 for this week)
  • Colouring Tile
  • Journal
  • Minibook
  • Teacher Pack
  • Weekly Display Focus

You will require an ULTIMATE membership to be able to access the bookimations and the downloadable resources. But at only £34.95 for an entire year, not only will you have access to the entire Waves of Wellbeing scheme, but you will also get access to other Wellbeing schemes from before and upcoming, fantastic collaborations, exciting topic packs and so much more! And with over 5000 resources available to choose from, you’re certainly not short of choice!

The Latest Issue of Primary News Today is Out Now!

Time for another #PrimaryNewsToday! The positive children’s newspaper which is FREE to read on classroom tablets.

“I really enjoyed creating this week’s issue all about the discovery of the amazing Endurance, the ship which was used on the famous expedition by Ernest Shackleton to Antarctica, over 100 years ago.

Our team of teachers have even made some NEW supporting resources to help you bring this topic to life in the classroom after reading.”

Hope you enjoy! – Megan (Editor @ Primary News Today)

C.R.E.A.T.E Science – Year 3 Plants

Year 3 Plants resources for C.R.E.A.T.E. Science are available now! We’ve got a fantastic selection of resources for you to use with C.R.E.A.T.E. Science, including –

The latest C.R.E.A.T.E. Science unit to be released, we’ve got:
🌱 5 lessons worth of resources
🌱 A PowerPoint for each lesson! 🤩
🌱 5 lesson overviews
🌱 + a scheme overview!

And you can download all of these on our website now!

The Last Northern White Rhinoceros

The Last Northern White Rhinoceros Resources are OUT NOW! We’ve got a wide range of resources to support you teaching about the Northern White Rhinos and conservation, including…

🦏 A wonderful digital eBook!
🦏 Printable games
🦏 Writing activities
🦏 Display packs/items

…just to name a few!

Come and check the resources out today!

Vincent Van Gogh

As we head closer to his birthday, now is the PERFECT time to learn all about Vincent Van Gogh! We’ve got a wonderful comprehensive text with supporting questions for you to use in the classroom. Other activities, including art challenges, are available too.

Mother’s Day

Sunday 27th March marks Mothers Day in the UK. We’ve got some lovely activities to use in your class leading up to Mother’s Day, such as our Frame Craft Activity. Or why not combine World Poetry Day with Mother’s Day by using our Mother’s Day poems?

With only two weeks left to run till Mother’s Day, make sure you get on them before it’s too late!

Ramadan is coming soon!

On April 2nd begins Ramadan, ending May 1st. Ramadan is an especially important religious festival in Islam, and we have some fantastic resources to help teach about what Ramadan is, what is involved and why it is celebrated. Our resources have been designed in mind to make the teaching as easy as possible.

Download your resources today to get ready for April 2nd!

Conker Your Challenges With The Seedlings

The Growth Mindset Seedlings Display! Children can write a challenge they want to complete this term on the outside of the conker, and on the inside, they need to write how they plan to achieve it. We’ve also got some more Seedling resources available too, as well as some exciting upcoming Seedlings resources that we cannot wait to show you.

Learn How to Calm Your Thoughts with The Colour Monster

Learn how to calm your thoughts with the wonderful Colour Monster!

We’ve got lots of different activities, posters and power points which support this amazing book. We even have colour monster yoga cards!

And how many of you have this wonderfully fluffy friend in your classroom? Well, we have a large collection of resources to use alongside your worry monster! Including this ‘Things I Can and Can’t Control Poster’ along with a create your own worksheet!

Times Tables Activity Pack

Have you seen our times tables activity packs? These are great to hand out to those that may need more support with specific time tables. Come and download them today!

Ending on a Funny Note

Now I must admit, when I first saw Meg put this meme into our social calendar, I had to question why Arnie would be shouting shutup at “… We don’t talk about Bruno”. So apparently it’s a Disney song, and I’m no fan of Disney, but I’m reliably informed this song is in fact driving teacher’s mad. So we figured the community would resonate with poor Arnie!

(If you fancy seeing a couple of fantastic memes in addition to regular social media updates from the Teacher’s Pet team, then follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).

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