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Easter Excitement, Dragon Slaying Legends And The Daily Life Of Ancient Greeks – All In This Week’s Resource Roundup

April 10th 2022| Josh Cookson

Hi guys, time for another Resource Roundup! We’re well on our way through April and Easter is almost here! So we’ve got some wonderful Easter Tuff Tray Packs for you to get your hands on! This week on the roundup, we have –

  • Our wonderful Easter Tuff Tray packs
  • We’ve updated our St George’s Day resources, come check them out!
  • Brand New Create Science – Year 4 Living Things resources are now available to download!
  • Greeks Daily Life activities have hit the site
  • Our updated Titanic resources have set sail to the TPet Website
  • We’ve got all the resources you need to help teach about the Islamic holiday of Ramadan
  • Get some added practice in with our Times Tables Activity Packs
  • Have you started using Graphic Novels in your classroom yet? We’ve got some wonderful comic book templates available
  • Check out this wonderful Make Your Own Bird Feeder – Earth Day Activity
  • And we’ve got 7 fantastic ways that you can recharge over the Easter holidays

Easter Tuff Tray Packs

It’s not long till we begin Easter on the 17th of April! So we decided to have a bit of an Easter “Tuffy Tuesday” takeover! We’ve got some wonderful packs to download and use in your classroom in the run-up to Easter. Take a look at them below!

This Easter Eggs Tuff Tray Activity Pack contains everything you need to set up a fun and engaging Easter tuff tray. There are maths and fine motor opportunities in this tray.

Our 2-page planning document covers the purpose, key vocabulary, resource checklist, curriculum links to the early learning goals, observations to make, and questions to ask as well as a photo reference for ideas of things to include in your tuff tray.

The pack also includes a double-sided challenge card to stand in the tuff tray, a set of 18 maths vocabulary cards, Easter themed number tracks and Easter themed Maths Recording Sheet.

This activity has great links to communication and language, maths, people and communities, and PSED through collaborative working and sharing resources.

Our Easter Egg Colour Matching Tuff tray contains everything you need to set up a fun and engaging Easter Egg Colours creative tuff tray.

The pack includes a double-sided challenge card to stand in the tuff tray and 10 Easter Eggs for the children to match together.

One half of the egg displays a colour word, the other half displays a pattern in that colour – can the children match the two halves together? Use chalk pens to draw on your tuff tray.

This activity has great links to mathematics, communication and language, expressive arts and design, and understanding of the world.

Updated resources for St George’s Day are now available!

It’s not long now till the 23rd of April, where St George’s Day is celebrated in England, and also celebrated in other parts of the world such as parts of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balkans and the Middle East. The legend is that St George slew an evil dragon that was terrorising and saved a princess.

We’ve got a variety of resources that are perfect for teaching about the legend of St George, such as our wonderful Digital Flipbook, the Story Telling Puppets and Small World Scene, Information Text and Comprehension + so much more! Check out the site today to see all of the resources!

Create Science – Year 4 – Living Things

New to our Create Science project, we’ve now added Year 4 – Living Things to the site! With Lesson Plans, Teaching Aids, Activities and much more, and they’re only available at Teacher’s Pet!

We’ve got plenty more of our Year 4 – Living Things resources available to download from our site, with multiple lesson plans to download a variety of resources available to choose from for each lesson. Your class is sure to love using them!

Greeks – Daily Life

We’ve got new addition to our Ancient Greek topic pack, with resources on Daily Life now available to download!

Daily life makes up just one part of our resources on Ancient Greece! We have plenty more Daily Life resources to take a look, as well as our other resources based on the various aspects of Ancient Greece. You definitely don’t want to miss these!

The Titanic

That’s right, new and updated resources have set sail and are on course to the TPet website.

Our updated resources for The Titanic include Display Resources, Sorting Cards, Information Cards, Role-Play Resources and so much more!


With Ramadan having started on the 2nd of April and lasting till the 1st of May, there is plenty of time to check out some of the wonderful resources we have available on the site to help teach about this hugely important Islamic holiday, like our wonderful Ramadan Tuff Tray Pack!

Times Tables Activity Packs

Get some added practice in and download our times tables activity packs! Each pack contains 5 activity sheets, perfect to staple together and hand out for homework or for morning starter activities.

Have you started using Graphic Novels in your classroom yet?

Their popularity is soaring and they are a fantastic way to get children interested in reading. We’ve added two packs (KS1 and KS2) containing blank templates, which would be wonderful to use to aid story retell.

More graphic novel based resources will be coming soon, so if you are also a fan – get in touch! We welcome any requests on what you need making.

Make Your Own Bird Feeder for Earth Day

A brilliant way to great creative, recycle and have some fun this #EarthDay (the 22nd of April incase you didn’t know)!! 🌏 🎨

Time to Recharge

We know how important it is to recharge correctly over the holidays. During the Easter break, it’s important that you take the time out to focus on yourself and your wellbeing so that you feel relaxed and ready after the holidays. So why not try to…

  • Read Something
  • Get Outdoors
  • Have Plenty of Rest
  • Spend Time With Your Friends & Family
  • Take Time Offline
  • Do Something You Love
  • Enjoy Several Good Cuppas

So Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate. Your wellbeing and mental health are important.

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