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August 14th 2021| Josh Cookson

You’re back for another Resource Roundup again aren’t you? I knew it! It seems you guys can’t get enough of them, so I think it’s only fair to oblige and give you the latest resources and updates from the team this week. This week’s Resource Roundup features –

  • SPEAK Phonics for August
  • NEW Alpine Angles!
  • NEW Your next FREE Classroom Essential
  • COMING SOON Parents as Partners Early Learning Goals Explainer Handouts
  • COMING SOONThe Journey of Poo (yes, you have read that right) – Part of C.R.E.A.T.E Science
  • NEW Science Target Posters – Taken from the new National Curriculum
  • Monster Numbers Game – Download one of our most popular games
  • Check out our wonderful KS1 Story Book Sign Post Pack
  • A brilliant Proud Cloud Display for children to reflect on what they’re proud of themselves
  • We love this Work To BEE Proud of Display for boosting self-esteem
  • It’s time for another ‘Fill Your Bookshelf’ with Phil

Wellbeing Wednesday is back!

That’s right, Wellbeing Wednesday is back as our Wellbeing Flock have returned! We want to give you as much time to get prepared for teaching this scheme in September, so our Scheme Overview, Teacher Guide and Display Pack will be available to download… now!

Weeks 1-4 will then be available to download from 29th August, allowing you to get ahead with the planning and preparation! Just like last Autumn, the birds are located on different parts of the planet, and each week our mystery egg visits their homeland where they help to teach the egg a new wellbeing skill each week, as it soaks up a whole load of wellbeing wisdom over the course of 12 weeks!

  • Each week, you will be treated to a wonderful animation and eBook which have been lovingly crafted by our team of graphic designers. We’ve made some new tweaks to the animations and eBooks so that they are even better than before! And just like our Mental Health Heroes, each animation will be COMPLETELY FREE TO VIEW!
  • To support your teaching, you will be able to download a weekly teaching guide, display resources and task cards.
  • To follow on from your teaching, children can complete the weekly journal page and colouring activity.
  • And for the first time for our Wellbeing Flock, these resources will now be differentiated to truly provide you the exact resources you need for your class. These resources will be available in EYFS, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2! In addition to this, you can also access a huge display pack for the classroom.

    SPEAK Phonics

    We’ve got an excting lineup of resources planned for August, including our recently release Tricky Words PowerPoint Quiz! You’ll be able to grab the first of your August SPEAK Phonics content next week as the finishing touches are now applied ready for their release.

    Tried the taster packs and like what you’ve seen? Then why not deploy SPEAK Phonics across your school, providing access to the scheme to multiple teachers?

    Our whole school memberships give you and all of the teachers within your school access to the entire SPEAK PHONICS scheme, but that’s not all!

    A whole school membership also gives access to EVERYTHING else on Teacher’s Pet! This includes our famous and hugely popular Wellbeing Wednesday mental health programmes and thousands of other resources!

    School memberships offer incredible value for money, starting from as little as £349 for a full year! Get a quote today using the contact form found on our SPEAK Phonics hub page. These quotes are no obligation!

    Alpine Angles

    BRAND NEW ANGLES RESOURCES OUT NOW! We are sure your children are going to love our snow sport themed angles resources! Use our skaters, skiers, snowboarders and ice-hockey players to learn all about angles. These resources not only present a fun opportunity in the classroom, but also present a fantastic new learning opportunity that helps to present angles in a fun light for what is traditionally considered a ‘boring’ subject.

    Your next FREE Classroom Essential

    Can you believe that we are now on our SEVENTH FREE Classroom Essential? I certainly can’t, but then again I can’t really believe we’re nearly half way through August either so I’m not a good judge it seems! But back on theme, our freebie this week is a lovely DIY teacher journal!

    It has pages for classroom planning, ideas, brain storming, daily to-dos and even little wellbeing activities for yourself. Ideally suitable for the start of the year, you could really use it at any point to help organise your teacher mind.

    COMING SOON – Parents as Partners Early Learning Goals Explainer Handouts

    Available on the website early next week, these ‘Early Learning Goals Explainer Sheets’ for parents would be great to print and hand out in September.

    They give parents an idea of what to expect and how they can also help to encourage their child’s learning journey with you.

    COMING SOON – The Journey of Poo (Part of C.R.E.A.T.E Science)

    Your class will LOVE this digestive system comic strip to see the journey of poo! This hilariously fun, engaging and informative resource is part of our C.R.E.A.T.E Science scheme! Keep your eyes peeled as the scheme will be launching soon!

    NEW Science Target Posters – Taken from The National Curriculum

    We’ve added Science Target Posters and Mats for KS2 this week!

    Taken from the new National Curriculum, both options have been designed to help pupils track their own progress in science. A brilliant addition to your science area or to cut out and stick within books.

    Monster Numbers Game

    Our huge ‘Monster Numbers Game‘ is one of our most popular games downloaded by our classic and ultimate members! The download includes a set of 10 game boards and 60 cards for matching and could be played in groups or used as an independent activity. A perfect addition to your classroom in the new term!

    KS1 Story Book Sign Post Pack

    Enhance your reading corner or school library with our FREE book sign post packs! We have a KS1 and KS2 version available and the pack includes DIY sign post (attach to card or your wall) and 10 unique book signs to attach.

    Hop On to the Proud Cloud

    This display is a brilliant one to encourage your class to reflect on what they’re proud of themselves for, and what they’re proud of their peers for.

    Don’t have room for the whole display? We also have some FREE great cut out positive quotes to boost your classes mood and encourage them throughout the day!

    Work to BEE Proud of Display Pack

    We LOVE this ‘Work to BEE proud of‘ display, a great one to boost your classes self-esteem, make them feel proud AND feature some great work on your walls!

    ‘Fill Your Bookshelf’ With Phil’

    Last week, I made a little bit of a mistake. I short changed you all like a bus driver missing 30p off of your amount owed. I’d said that there was NO book review and instead the replacement was the National Book Lovers Day blog written by Phil with a collection of previous reviews. As it turns out, I was wrong. There was a book review and I’d missed it, so it’s time to do some catching up as Phil reviews Rose Blanche by Ian McEwan.

    Phil says – ‘A book I’ve been reading in the office this week (well, last week now, sorry Phil!) is ‘Rose Blanche‘ which tells the gripping story of a young German girl who discovers the horrifying secret behind the lorries transporting people through her town. Set during World War 2, this moving picture book really brings home the horrors of the holocaust. A fantastic book to use in UKS2 as part of a World War 2 topic. Full of plenty of opportunities for inference and deduction and lending itself to countless different follow-up activities.’

    Another highly recommended book by Phil! Got any suggestions? Leave a comment down below and Phil will pick it up!

    Merch Monday’s

    Every Monday of this year’s summer holidays we are giving away an ULTIMATE Teacher’s Pet Merchandise Bundle to get you prepped for the next academic year!

    Each week we will ask one question on our socials and the best answer will win! Simple! This week all you have to do is… sum up being a teacher in 3 emojis! We’ll start…   Enter on Facebook for your chance to win!

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