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Hens, Nouns and Countdowns in this week’s Resource Roundup

July 31st 2021| Josh Cookson

Where has the time gone, FIVE Resource Roundup’s already?! It doesn’t feel like two minutes since the first one was written. It must be all the exciting content we’re putting in makes the time fly! It’s no different today either, as we have another amazing Resource Roundup for you to sink your teeth into, full of exciting new content. This week includes –

  • Get your locked in price for a TPet Membership before the price increase on August 5th
  • New SPEAK Phonics Tricky Word Group Activities
  • Your fifth FREE Classroom Essential is available to download
  • The Little Red Hen is the newest addition to our selection of Traditional Tales resources
  • Introducing some BRAND NEW KS2 Grammar Resources
  • The Colour Monster Updates With Two Brand New Resources
  • Promoting individuality with our Elmer resources
  • Come check out our fabulous Countdown Display Pack
  • Phil brings you his latest addition to ‘Fill Your Bookshelf’

Beat The Price Increase

On August 5th, our prices will be going up. But if you sign up before then, you can lock in the CURRENT pricing and your fee will NEVER increase if you subscribe to automated renewals! That means you’ll have access to ALL our fantastic projects such as Wellbeing Wednesday, SPEAK Phonics, C.R.E.A.T.E Science and so much more with no increase in your price! And as an added bonus for new users, if you use the code LOCKITIN at the checkout, you can get 15% off of the cost of the first year of your ULTIMATE membership!

Already a member? Then no further action is required on your part! If you keep your auto renewal running, you’ll keep paying the price that you already do. It’s that simple!

SPEAK Phonics

We’re continuing to add on to our SPEAK Phonics scheme as we have now finished and uploaded our final set of resources for the July schedule. Introducing Tricky Word Group Activities for Groups 1-5! Use the double sided word cards to teach the Tricky Words from each group and use alongside the Teaching Guide. This is a very important milestone as we officially complete the first month and move into what we have lined up for you in August.

We also have our fourth Taster Pack for SPEAK Phonics now available to download. The Block 4 Taster Pack contains a taste of everything you need to teach the sounds ‘a-e’.

Your Fifth Classroom Essential Resource Is Now Here

The FIFTH of our FREE Classroom Essentials resources is now available to download! Need to start prepping your classroom for the Autumn? Then why not give it a SUPER makeover with these Editable Superhero Labels? They could be used as a name tag, instruction tags or other useful information you might want to have displayed.

Remember, Classoom Essentials are FREE for one week only, so act quickly before it’s gone!

The Little Red Hen

Introducing the latest tale in our Traditional Tales collection, The Little Red Hen! The Little Red Hen is the story of a hard working hen who moves into a farmhouse with lazy animals. Whenever the hen asks for help doing chores, the other animals refuse, leaving the hen to do it all herself.

As with other Traditional Tales, you’ve got access to the same FANTASTIC resources, including –

  • Story Frames
  • Sequencing Cards
  • Display Resources
  • Key Word Labels
  • Word Mat
  • Story Telling Pack
  • Story Questions
  • And Story Cut Outs

KS2 Expanded Noun Phrases – New Grammar Resources

We are starting to produce a range of KS2 grammar resources, starting with… Expanded Noun Phrases! This new collection of resources is all themed around habitats and includes lots of fun, engaging and informative resources, making it the perfect addition to any KS2 classroom! The Expanded Noun Phrases resources are now available to take a look at and download, so what’re you waiting for?!

The Colour Monster

We’ve made two new updates to our Colour Monster resources with Colour Posters and Colour Shades and Names. Perfect to display in a creative or art area. While you check these out, it’s a GREAT opportunity to come and take a look at our other Colour Monster resources, we’ve got lots of exciting resources to take a look at, including Tuff Tray Activities, Reading Activities Colouring Booklets and more!

Elmer is Here

We’ve got a wonderful selection of Elmer resources available to download on our site! Elmer is a story that promotes everyone’s uniqueness and individuality. Elmer teaches that children shouldn’t be upset that they are not like other people, because everyone has something unique that they can bring to the table and that you should always be yourself. Take a look at our resources today!

Countdown Display Pack

This Countdown Display Pack is such an engaging and versatile display to get set up in your classroom ready for next year! The pack includes everything you need for a successful starter activity to kick off your class’s day, or use to have the class compete in various challenges throughout the day. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to unleash your inner Carol Vorderman.

It’s Time To Fill Your Bookshelf With Phil Again

Phil has been busy finding another book to add onto the bookshelf, and this week he’s settled on Window by Jeannie Baker. The book is all about the effects that we have had on the environment. Phil says – ‘Window is a stunningly beautiful picture book which shows the view from the window of a house built on the edge of the Australian rainforest. As you turn the pages, time passes, the occupants grow up and the landscape changes. There is no accompanying text, but through inference a tale of growing up and a stark warning about urban expansion is skilfully told. This book is visually exquisite and comes highly recommended.’

Certainly highly recommended! Got any books you’d like Phil to review? Leave a comment below!

Merch Mondays

Every Monday of this years summer holidays we are giving away an ULTIMATE Teacher’s Pet Merchandise Bundle to get you prepped for the next academic year! Each week we will ask one question on our socials and the best answer will win! Simple! Next up is… It’s the Teacher Olympics. What sport would you get a gold medal in? We’ll start…

Make sure you enter on our Facebook page for your chance to win!

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