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Interventions, Gingerbread Tales and Fab Displays in this week’s Resource Roundup

July 24th 2021| Josh Cookson

Back again for another Resource Roundup?! If you insist! This week saw the end of the school year for those who didn’t finish last week, so Teacher’s Pet would just like to wish you all a FANTASTIC Summer Holiday, and with this weather we’re having it’s set to be a hot one! It’s all systems go at the office as we continue to make you some more amazing resources for you to use when you return to schools! And that means we have another jam packed Resource Roundup for you!

In this week’s roundup –

  • The latest SPEAK Phonics update
  • Your fourth FREE Classroom Essential resource is now ready for you to download
  • The Gingerbread Man resources are now available as part of our Traditional Tales collection
  • *COMING SOON* The Little Red Hen
  • A fantastic Rainbow Wishes display for your KS1 Classroom
  • The Our Families Display Pack has been a popular download this week, teaching about Family, Culture and British Values
  • Our Flower Clock template is perfect for children to practice with
  • Phil brings you his latest book review in ‘Fill Your Bookshelf’

SPEAK Phonics

We’re continuing to add more FANTASTIC additions to SPEAK Phonics, and our latest update to the scheme is Phonics Interventions which will be available later this week! We also have our latest SPEAK Phonics taster pack for Block 3.

Remember, SPEAK Phonics is available NOW in Early Access for ALL ULTIMATE MEMBERS. Rather than making you wait until EVERYTHING was completed, we wanted to let you get stuck into the scheme, download the core documents and all the essentials to get a feel for the program. Visit the hub today to check out the release schedule and start your SPEAK Phonics journey.

Your Latest Classroom Essential

It’s time for your fourth FREE Classroom Essential resource, and this weeks is a brilliant one! Our super popular, DIY ‘Reading Record Booklet’ contains reading strategies, questions for parents, HFW, phase 2-5 words, pages to record books and comments and much more.

Remember, it’s FREE to download only this week, so make you grab your download before it disappears!

Catch your Gingerbread Man resources now!

It’s time for our latest inclusion to our Traditional Tales collection of resource as this week we uploaded resources all to do with The Gingerbread Man! The Gingerbread Man is the story of a gingerbread man who comes to life and escapes the oven he was being baked in! He meets a variety of animals along the way of his joruney, but unfortuntately he comes across a deceiving fox. Like before, the resources follow in the same great and easy to use format as our other Traditional Tales resources.

Resources include –

  • Story Frames
  • Sequencing Cards
  • Display Resources
  • Key Word Labels
  • Word Mat
  • Story Telling Pack
  • Story Questions
  • And story cut outs

The Little Red Hen is coming soon!

That’s right! Up next in our Traditional Tales collection is the marvellous The Little Red Hen! We should have these resources ready to go up next week, so make sure you’re keeping an eye out on our site and social media for when these go live!

Rainbow Wishes

This display pack – Rainbow Wishes, would make a wonderful little addition to your KS1 classroom next year! Rainbow Wishes is great for aspirations, weekly provision, or to use as part of the PSHE curriculum. Children can use the four-leaf clovers to write down their wish and pin them around the rainbow to remind them of their aims that term.

Our Families Display Pack

If you’ve been looking for some wonderful Display Packs to use in your classroom in preparation for Autumn, then why not check out some of our Display Packs on our site? This week, the Our Families Display Pack has been an incredibly popular download as we move on into the six weeks holidays. The ‘Our Families’ pack goes over Family, Culture and British Values.

Resources included are –

  • Activity Outline For Families Display
  • Large Display Lettering
  • Display Banner
  • Key Questions
  • Example Letter Explaining About The Display

Flower Clock Template

Another fantastic resource to use in Autumn, this Flower Clock is PERFECT for you to create your own Flower Clock for children to practice with or it could be stuck on to your existing clock. We also have other Flower Clock resources available too, as we also have a Advanced Time Telling Flower Clock containing 24 hour times and a Large Display Flower Clock too!

It’s time to Fill Your Bookshelf with Phil’s latest review!

Phil’s latest book review comes in the form of ‘When The Sky Falls’, written by Phil Earle.

Phil says ‘When The Sky falls is a fantastically moving portrayal of life during World War 2 for the children who weren’t evacuated away from danger. It tells the story of an angry young boy who is sent to live with a woman in the city. She owns a rundown zoo and struggles to feed the few remaining animals in a time where even the human food was strictly rationed. Her pride and joy is the zoo’s silverback gorilla, Adonis. To the backdrop of falling bombs, an incredible story unfolds that will enthral and astound in equal measure. A great book to read for your own pleasure, but would also be a fantastic class read for the right Year 6 class.’

Certainly a glowing review! Got any suggestions on what to read next? Leave a comment below!

Introducing Merch Mondays!

Want your chance to win some merch over the Summer? Then read on for more info! Every Monday of the summer holidays we are giving away an ULTIMATE Teacher’s Pet Merchandise Bundle to get you prepped for the next academic year! Each week we will ask one question on our social channels and the best answer will win! Simple! First up is… sum up your 2020/2021 school year in a gif! We’ll start…

Head over to our Facebook page to submit your entry. Remember, it’s one ULTIMATE Merch Bundle every Monday so be sure to come back every week for a chance to win!

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