It’s the final Resource Roundup of this academic year!

July 22nd 2022| Josh Cookson

Well everyone, it’s been a long academic year. This is the first school year we’ve had with no restrictions and how wonderful it’s been to see classrooms back to what we’d always been used to seeing! And of course, we have to thank you for your continued support of Teacher’s Pet as we brought new projects straight to your classroom! But just because its the end of the school year doesn’t mean that we stop, because we have some brilliant new resources for you ready for when you return to the classroom in September (and saving you some valuable time as well)!

In today’s Resource Roundup we have:

  • Pre-Order your physical copy of our latest original story ‘How to Catch a Kangaroo’ and have it delivered ready for when you get back into the classroom! (And don’t forget our FREE Curriculum Map and over 70 supporting resources)
  • Have you played Pirate Plunder yet? If you haven’t, then it’s PERFECT for playing in the new school year on your IWB!
  • Introducing Play Codes – The easy way to access educational games for your class
  • We’ve got some fantastic inspiration for a reading corner
  • And we’ve got the perfect pack for early preppers looking to make a number zone
  • The BIG TPET Survery is coming this summer!

Pre-Order your physical copy of our latest original story – How to Catch a Kangaroo today!

In Case You Missed Itwe recently released our brand new original TPET story – How to Catch a Kangaroo as a digital eBook, along with over 70 supporting resources and a FREE curriculum map. But did you know that you can also pre-order a physical copy of the book, ready for when you return to the classroom in September.

For only £6.99 + FREE P&P, you can get your own copy, scheduled for delivery August 8th! A4 Paperback, high quality, silk finished 130gsm pages with a high class 250gsm cover – all printed on recycled paper! This is definitely a premium book!

Head over to the TPET Shop to pre-order your copy today. But hurry, because initial pre-order stock is running out fast!

And don’t forget the FREE Curriculum Map

To support the teaching of the book, we also have a FREE Curriculum Map which provides some ideas of valuable learning opportunities for a variety of subject.

Through this engaging text, you and your class can have so much fun exploring instructional writing, but it also offers a wealth of other learning opportunities, from learning about seaside towns, to directional and positional language, comparing Australia to the UK, diary writing, map work, identifying nouns, writing direct speech, exploring what is special to them and so much more.

Have you tried Pirate Plunder with your class yet?

If you’re looking for something fun to dive into in September with your new class, then look no further than Pirate Plunder or our selection of arcade games found on the website. It’d make a wonderful morning warm up activity to play with your class in the new term.

Introducing Play Codes – The easy way to access educational games for your class

Last week, we launched Play Codes. The easy way to access educational games for your class from our TPet Arcade. Play Codes make access to our games for your children simple.

They allow you to create a simple 6 digit code that can be given to children allowing them to play any of our ARCADE games independently from any computer.

Play Codes can be used on classroom computers/laptops or in school computer rooms. Even better, children can use the PlayCodes to access the games you select from home! Perfect for homework activities!

Read our blog to learn more about how Play Codes work!

Reading Corner Inspiration

Looking for some #Reading corner inspo? Our Orla the Owl pack has posters, bunting, bookmarks and more. Including editable content!

Everything you need to make that summer prep quick and easy! Download the pack today and get ready for September!

Make a wonderful Number Zone

We absolutely love this number zone display pack – it’s got bunting, banners, borders, vocab labels, editable challenges, number formation cards and more! If you use it, send us your pictures and we’ll re share!

Coming This Summer… The BIG TPET Survey!

Coming this summer – it’s the BIG TPET Survey! The BIG TPET Survey is your chance to provide feedback on our website and all the stuff that we offer. It gives us a further insight into the sorts of content that you are looking for.

Have a fantastic summer!

And that just about wraps up your final Resource Roundup for the academic year. As I close this blog up we would just like to say thank you to all the teachers out there who have worked their socks off everyday this past year. And thank you to those of you who have used our resources in your classroom, whether it be Wellbeing Wednesday, SPEAK Phonics, Primary News Today, our Arcade Games and so much more! We appreciate your continued support and we’ll be bringing some more incredible resources and projects to you over this next year.

So, how many of you was this?! I suspect quite a few of you! And on that note, see you all in Autumn!

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