Meet Sienna The Serene Swan and get creative with Tanya Tortoise in today’s Resource Roundup!

September 4th 2021| Josh Cookson

Welcome back everyone to another Resource Roundup! It’s been a week since the beginning of the latest term of Wellbeing Wednesday, and it’s been a roaring success so far! We’ve seen some wonderful comments and pictures from your classrooms of Roger in action for Week One! We’ve also got some other fantastic resources for you all to get your hands on! This week’s Resource Roundup includes –

  • Week Two of Wellbeing Wednesday is live with Sienna The Serene Swan
  • We’ve got a wonderful new phonics book for SPEAK Phonics – starring our Phonics Detectives
  • Your tenth and final Classroom Essential is here!
  • We also have an Alternative Phonic Spellings resource too!
  • The Great Fire of London Topic Pack
  • Take a look at our new Writing Area with Tanya Tortoise
  • Got your suggestions for books for Phil to review? Let us know!
  • Fancy becoming a TPet Brand Ambassador? Read on to find out more!

Reading Emotions and Showing Empathy With Sienna The Serene Swan

Wow, what a week! The birds are back in town and you’ve all been loving Roger in your classrooms, teaching children all about how important having a routine is! (psst, Roger’s resources are FREE to download). Now we begin Week Two of Wellbeing Wednesday with Sienna The Serene Swan! Sienna is here to teach children about the importance of reading emotions and how what we display on the outside, isn’t always how we feel on the inside.

The resources you can expect are –

  • A wonderfully designed FREE animation
  • BRAND NEW e-Book’s specifically designed for each bird
  • Task Cards
  • Journals
  • Teaching Guides
  • Mindful Colouring
  • Weekly Display Guides

Week’s 2-4 are available EXCLUSIVELY for ULTIMATE members right now! Do not miss out, come and see what Wellbeing Wednesday is all about! Why not sign up for a FREE Starter Membership today and give week 1 a go with Roger?

Initial Sound Stories – SPEAK Phonics

We’ve started to add our brand new ‘initial sound stories‘ to the Speak Phonics hub! The first 9 books are out now, go take a look! These books support the children in their learning of the block 1 sounds, as they follow the Phonics Agents on their journey discovering each sound.

A whole school membership gives access to EVERYTHING else on Teacher’s Pet! This includes our famous and hugely popular Wellbeing Wednesday mental health programmes and thousands of other resources!

School memberships offer incredible value for money, starting from as little as £349 for a full year! Get a quote today using the contact form found on our SPEAK Phonics hub page!

Your tenth and final Classroom Essential is here!

For our final freebie, we’ve chosen the ‘Parent Notice Board Pack’ which can be put up either in your room, on a window or in the corridors and includes lots of editable content to suit your needs.

We know there is an awful lot to communicate to parents at the moment, so hopefully this is a helpful addition to your classroom!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded our summer freebies! It’s been lovely to see your photos and hear feedback on the resource each week.

Alternate Phonic Spellings

We’ve added this wonderful set of 23 phonic woodland animals and matching woodland foods! This is a great resource for phonics, letters and sounds displays. Use discussion cards during carpet time to show children the numerous other spellings for certain phonemes or why not cut them out, laminate them and use them in a matching game!

The Great Fire of London

The 2nd September marked 355 years since the Great Fire of London! Use our HUGE topic pack to learn all about the event and the differences if fire fighting from 1666 to the modern day. A detailed knowledge organiser is also included with facts and figures, PERFECT for displaying in your classroom!

Writing Area Display Pack with Tanya Tortoise

Creative writing area display pack with Tanya Tortoise is now online! Use as little or as much of the pack as you like – it contains lots of resources to help enhance letter learning and handwriting progress in your classroom, including a variety of editable content!

What do you want to see reviewed for Fill Your Bookshelf?

Sadly, we don’t have a review this week as Phil is busy enjoying the sunny coast of wales with his family.
Can you help us to prepare a list of books for Phil to read in the #tpetbookclub when he returns to the office?
Drop your suggestions in the comments and we will add them to our list!

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Do you fancy a FREE membership, discount for your friends and followers and FREE tpet merchandise and goodies sent out to you?

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Good luck!

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