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Speak Phonics update, Wellbeing Wednesday Week 11 & this week’s latest resources!

June 26th 2021| Josh Cookson

The Rock is raising eyebrows as he takes on what’s left of The Negatron for Week 11 of Wellbeing Wednesday + other fab resources in our first round up blog!

Welcome to our first ever round up blog! This week you will have noticed a condensed newsletter as we move the bulk of the content over into a blog to make the content easier to read. Each week the team will give you a roundup of all the amazing content that has hit the website and share any important updates with you too!

  • Can The Rock power through what remains of The Negatron? Week 11 resources now available to download!
  • We’ve got some more information on the upcoming Speak Phonics scheme
  • Prepare for the end of the school year with our Transition Bumper Pack activities
  • Checked out our full range of Henry VIII resources? If you haven’t, you definitely should, and if you have, check them out again!
  • The swinging sixties are here with some brand new resources!
  • Phil brings you his latest book review for Fill Your Bookshelf
  • Hannah brings you a fantastic new blog with tips on how to get through the last few weeks of term
  • Two brand new Tuffy Tuesday’s entries

Wellbeing Wednesday – Meet The Rock

It’s time to meet the eleventh and final hero of our Mental Health Heroes, The Rock! Not to be confused with the eyebrow raising wrestler, The Rock is here to try and deliver the final blow to The Negatron. Could this cloud of negative energy finally be about to be destroyed for good?

Just like in previous weeks, Week 11 contains ALL of your favourite Wellbeing Wednesday Resources

  • ALL NEW Animation
  • ALL NEW Comic book action to continue the story, could we have conclusive ending?
  • ALL NEW, Fully differentiated resources to download!


Take a look at the eleventh of our AMAZING animations created by Beck. Remember, ALL of our animations for this term will be available COMPLETELY FREE on YouTube and Vimeo. Don’t miss out on the action!

Digital Comic Flipbook

Each comic follows on from the end of the animation, so you can see what happens at the end of each battle and continue the story! This week, read the comic to find out if The Rock is able to deal the final blow to the NEGATRON! We guarantee that you and your class are going to LOVE the story as we begin to reach it’s conclusion.

Speak Phonics

Our ‘Speak Phonics’ scheme has been carefully planned in-house by our teacher team, bringing together many years of experience in delivering phonics! Every aspect of the scheme has been planned, designed and brought together by our amazing team!

Our scheme hopes to bring unique and engaging visuals to the children to support the teaching and learning of phonics in a systematic approach.

Don’t forget our first set of resources are launching July 9th – look out on our site next week for a FREE taster pack.

End of Year Transition Activities

Have you seen our HUGE bumper back of transition activities? We’ve got everything you need including:

  • End of Year Journals
  • Editable Class of 2021 Posters
  • Display Banners and Bunting
  • Word Hunt
  • Time Capsule

And many more, it’s a nearly endless list! Don’t want the bumper pack? No problem! All the resources contained in the pack are available individually, so you can take what you need.

Henry VIII Resources

What a glamourous self-portrait from Phil

We’ve got some AMAZING Henry VIII resources for you to check out on the site! Activities include word searches, comprehensions, timeline activities and of course the above draw yourself as a tudor activity. Lots of fun to be had here!

The Swinging Sixties

Travel back in time with us as go back to The Swinging Sixties! We’ve created some fabulous new resources for you to take a look at. We have:

  • Famous Person Biography Research
  • Fashion Information Text and Fashion Design Activity
  • Music Biography Research Activity
  • Beatles Comprehension
  • And a World Cup Commentary Activity

So get out that record player, get on those dancing shoes, stick The Beatles on and teach all about the 60s in an incredibly fun and engaging way.

Fill Your Bookshelf With Phil – Nen And The Lonely Fisherman

For this week’s ‘Fill Your Bookshelf’ I’ve been reading the wonderful ‘Nen and the Lonely Fisherman’ written by Ian Eagleton and illustrated by James Mayhew. Beautifully written with wonderfully descriptive language backed up by the exquisite illustrations this book really does transport you to the ocean and carry you along the emotional rollercoaster of Nen and Ernest, the fisherman’s, relationship.

A wonderful read that comes highly recommended by Phil. Got any recommendations yourself for Phil or anyone to read? Leave a comment below on the blog!

Summer Term Madness

Who said the Summer Term is easy?! SO MUCH TO DO! Hannah has written a new blog which is very relatable and has lots of top tips to help you with getting through the last few weeks of term.

Tuffy Tuesdays

We’ve got two more fabulous Tuffy Tuesday’s entries for you to feast your eyes on! The first tray is such a great tray to have set up in your provision as it is so interactive, and the children can really get stuck in!

We love the simplicity of the second tray, allowing children to explore cutting with different scissors and develop their scissor skills!

Do you have an exciting Tuff Tray that you’d like to submit? Then click the button below for a chance to have your Tuff Tray featured on our Instagram page (and be the envy of all your teacher friends).

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