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The Importance of Forgiving Others in this weeks Resource Roundup

October 10th 2021| Josh Cookson

Welcome back to another jam packed Resource Roundup! The team have been EXTREMELY busy this week creating you some brand new resources on a range of topics for you to get to use in your classroom. This weeks Resource Roundup includes –

  • Saying Sorry and Forgiving Others With Fle The Forgiving Flamingo For Wellbeing Wednesday
  • NEW SPEAK Phonics Books are now available to read on the site!
  • Year 5 Science – Animals Including Humans is now available as well as Year 1 C.R.E.A.T.E Science
  • We have a wonderful new Classroom Sand Area Pack with Claude Crab
  • Identify Zones of Emotions and Feelings with our new Regulation Road
  • Wonderful Colour Monster Emotion Potion Posters
  • Check out what exciting events are coming throughout October

WE ARE HIRING – Graduate Games Developer to Join Our Staffordshire Based Team

Exciting news… we are hiring! We are looking for a Staffordshire/Cheshire based Graduate Games Developer to join our creative team! Know someone who would be perfect for this job? Send them our way!

Saying Sorry and Forgiving Others With Fle The Forgiving Flamingo

In week 6 of Wellbeing Wednesday we introduced Min and Mei The Magpie Mates, who taught us the Benefits of Friendships. This week, saying sorry and forgiving others during Week 7 of our #WellbeingWednesday autumn scheme with Fle the Forgiving Flamingo!

The resources you can expect are –

  • A wonderfully designed FREE animation
  • BRAND NEW e-Book’s specifically designed for each bird
  • Task Cards
  • Journals
  • Teaching Guides
  • Mindful Colouring
  • Weekly Display Guides

Week’s 5-8 are available EXCLUSIVELY FOR ULTIMATE MEMBERS right now! Now it’s time for you to get ready for Week’s 9-12 with our next four birds. Make sure you keep an eye out on the site and social media to see who is next!

NEW SPEAK Phonics Books are now ready to view!

25, YES! That’s right, 25 Brand New Digital eBooks! We’ve got a digital e-book for every sound in Block 1!

Our original sound stories support the teaching and learning of Block 1 sounds in the context of a fun story, where children will meet and follow the Phonics Agents as they discover each sound within an often amusing scenario!

Year 5 Animals Including Humans + Year 1 C.R.E.A.T.E Science

All of our Year 5 ‘Create Science’ resources are online for the area ‘Animals including Humans’ (5 Lessons + Planning!)

We think both you and your class will really enjoy using the power points that our KS2 teacher Phil planned – come take a look!

Claude Crabs Sand Area Classroom Pack

Sand Area – Classroom Pack OUT NOW!

This pack contains everything you need for an eye-catching and engaging sand area, and it’s perfect to make a Tuff Tray with!

Identify Zones of Emotions and Feelings with our new Regulation Road

This huge door poster allows children to identify which ‘zone’ their current feelings and emotions fall into which will help pupils develop resilient attitudes and prime them for learning and success. Easy to download and put together, this would make a great addition to your key stage 1 or 2 classroom!

The Colour Monster Emotion Potion Posters

The Colour Monster Emotion Potion Posters!

How to turn your jar from blue to yellow. These are found within our HUGE colour monster display pack. Meg’s added lovely tips and reminders to each poster to help children manage their emotions such as if they need to calm down or boost their mood. Perfect for a calming corner!

Exciting Events Coming Up in October

Can you believe it is October already?! We are going full steam into the winter months now, eek. Still… at least we have lots of exciting things to look forward to!

What do you love most about October?

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