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Turnips, Teeth & Greeks (soon!) all in this week’s Resource Roundup!

July 17th 2021| Josh Cookson

Turnips, Teeth and Greeks (soon!) all in this weeks Resource Roundup!

It’s Sunday, so that can only mean one thing… it’s time for another Resource Roundup! We were super happy to see the number of people who have checked out our SPEAK Phonics hub over the last week and the early feedback we have received so far has been fantastic! Thank you to everyone who has visited the hub so far, and if you haven’t done already, then come and take a look!

We have another packed Resource Roundup for you this week –

  • SPEAK Phonics – Latest updates incuding Tricky Words
  • Wellbeing Wednesday returns in the Autumn
  • *COMING SOON* Greeks Topic Pack!
  • The Enormous Turnip resources are now available as part of our Traditional Tales series
  • Check out our ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ themed resources all about teeth! (no dentistry needed)
  • Your latest FREE Classroom Essential Resource is now available to download
  • A brand new set of volume resources helping to teach about capacity, units of measure, the differences between imperial and metric + much more!
  • *COMING SOON* The Gingerbread Man – the latest in our Traditional Tales series of resources
  • Fill Your Bookshelf with the latest addition to Phil’s library of exciting books for the classroom
  • Don’t miss out on your chance to own some seriously cool TPet Merch (it’s while stocks last, so don’t miss out)!

SPEAK Phonics

It’s officially been a week since the launch of SPEAK Phonics, how quick does the time go?! The feedback we have received for the hub has been nothing but amazing, thank you to those of you that have visited and downloaded resources and the taster packs. Your feedback is extremely important to us so that we can continue to improve our service and the content that you get to download. If you have any feedback for us, please let us know in the comments below!

A big update to SPEAK Phonics has been released as our Tricky Word resources are now available as part of your July downloads in the hub. They’re available to download right now in the ‘Additional Resources‘ section, so head on over to the hub and get downloading!

Remember, SPEAK Phonics is available NOW in Early Access for ALL ULTIMATE MEMBERS. Rather than making you wait until EVERYTHING was completed, we wanted to let you get stuck into the scheme, download the core documents and all the essentials to get a feel for the program. Visit the hub today to check out the release schedule and start your SPEAK Phonics journey.

And don’t forget to take a look at this SPEAK Phonics Scheme Overview written by our EY/KS1 lead Hannah, which goes over what you can expect to find on the hub, handy information about what SSP is, what children will learn and why SPEAK Phonics is the perfect tool to use in your classroom. Check it out!

The Wellbeing Flock are heading your way soon!

That’s right folks, Wellbeing Wednesday returns this Autumn and we’re back with our amazing Wellbeing Flock! The team has been taking the time to work on some new additions for the birds to help to keep the content fresh and exciting (but don’t start asking what these updates are, we can’t tell you yet)! Of course, all your favourites will be returning (Enola the Enlightened Eagle being my personal favourite). And if it’s going to be your first time using our birds, then you are going to be in for a treat! With incredibly colourful and vibrant animations, your class are guaranteed to love them!

Stay tuned as we drop more info in the coming weeks. In the meantime, come check out all our other Wellbeing Wednesday content!

*COMING SOON* Greeks Topic Pack

That’s right! We’ve teased it before, but we’re edging ever closer to the official release of our Greeks Topic Pack! We don’t have a date that we are allowed to reveal just yet, but rest assured, it’s coming and this topic pack is AMAZING! Full of wonderfully illustrated resources, activities and PowerPoint’s that you and your class are going to enjoy viewing. This will also be the first topic pack offered up in a completely new, modular way! With lesson by lesson plans, overviews, guides and resources!

The Enormous Turnip resources now available

As part of our Traditional Tales set of resources (our first set being The Three Little Pigs), we now have these brand new resources for you to get your hands on. The story of The Enormous Turnip revolves around a grandfather who has managed to grow a turnip so big that he cannot pull it out himself. He gets grandmother to help him, but they still cannot lift it out! With the help of others, he finally pulls up the turnip! The moral of the story? When we collaborate, we can do anything. And don’t go growing turnips this big, save the hassle and your sanity.

Resources include –

  • Story Frames
  • Sequencing Cards
  • Display Resources
  • Key Word Labels
  • Word Mat
  • Story Telling Pack
  • Story Questions
  • And story cut outs

That’s a lot to get your hands on! And they’re all available NOW to download from the site!

Time To Talk Teeth

Well, teeth classroom resources anyway. You may have spotted within our Jim and the Beanstalk uploads last week, that there were two resources that stood out. We made some Jim and the Beanstalk themed resources all about teeth! As part of the story, Jim helps out the giant with his eyesight and teeth. So we figured what better way to help teach about teeth than to use the story as inspiration!

These resources consist of an Information Text about teeth and an activity to draw the teeth in the child’s mouth and use the words found in the box to fill in the blanks on the text.

Make sure to check these out and don’t forget to check out our Jim and the Beanstalk resources too!

Introducing your next Classroom Essential Resource

Every week until the return of schools in September, we make one of our much loved, ‘Classroom Essentials’ resources FREE to download!

This week it’s the brilliant ‘Wheel of Choice’!

A fantastic poster that shows children different things they can try when facing problems with other children, before coming to the teacher about it.

Volume Resources

We recently added a fantastic selection of resources onto the site and they’re all about Volume (and we even have a handy resource that teaches the difference between those pesky imperial and metric measurements). Included in our volume resources are –

  • Potion Making
  • Imperial Measures Activity
  • Conversion
  • A variety of display posters
  • Comparing volumes
  • And adding and subtracting volumes

*COMING SOON* The Gingerbread Man

The team has been hard at work on some fantastic new resources all to do with The Gingerbread Man, the next in our lineup of traditional tales. The content is coming together brilliantly and we particularly love the drawing of the dog (Emily has created a full imagining of Dexter, the friendly chief who makes up our logo!) The story of The Gingerbread Man involves him escaping from the oven of the lady who baked him! He goes on a journey, encountering different animals along the way and making daring attempts at escape.

Stay tuned to keep up to date on when these resources are released!

It’s time to add another book to your bookshelf as we join Phil for this week’s edition of Fill Your Bookshelf

For this week’s ‘Fill Your Bookshelf’ Phil has been reading the wonderful ‘The secret of Black Rock’ written by Joe Todd Stanton. Phil says – ‘The Secret of Black Rock is a fantastic picture book particularly well suited to Lower Key Stage Two. Full of mystery and adventure, it tells the tale of a young girl called Erin who acts on her desire to explore the sea and see for herself the legendary ‘black rock’. The book teaches us that things aren’t always how they are assumed to be and also carries a gentle message about looking after the sea. Great for exploring the vocabulary of descriptive writing and also learning to build suspense.’

Certainly a glowing recommendation from Phil! Got a book that you think Phil should read or that other’s should put in their classroom bookshelf? Then just leave a comment below and we’ll pass on all your suggestions!

What’s that I hear? You want TPet Merch?

Well then it’s a good job that we’ve got some! Bags, Bottles and Mugs, probably all a teacher’s best friend (next to an ULTIMATE membership anyway)! We can promise you, you do not want to miss out. All merch is made with high quality materials and ALL are classroom safe, leaving your mug and bottle spillproof. All merch is available to purchase separately, but don’t forget that you can also get ALL our merch together in one bundle, saving you money in the process.

Grab a bag, a mug and a bottle for just £27.50 (and a get a FREE pen thrown in too)! But we’re not done just yet, because if you hit the button below, you can grab the merch bundle for just £20! The discount is automatically applied to your purchase on checkout, so don’t miss out on this fantastic offer!

And that’s it from me today, another Resource Roundup chock full of fantastic resources for you to get your hands on! Until next time, take care


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