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Wellbeing Wednesday Superheroes FINALE, FREE Classroom Essentials and lots of brand new resources to download!

July 3rd 2021| Josh Cookson

We’re back with another Resource Roundup blog! This week we’ll be looking at a lot of exciting new projects and saying farewell to our beloved Wellbeing Wednesday Heroes!

  • Has the Wellbeing Academy defeated The Negatron for good? Find out by downloading our Week 12 resources now!
  • 3 Little Pigs and many others are building a new house on the Teacher’s Pet website!
  • Someone’s climbing a very tall beanstalk in order to say hi!
  • Exciting Speak Phonics news!
  • Our Classroom Essentials Campaign is here to help!
  • Phil is here with another book review to help you Fill Your Bookshelf even more!
  • Resources to help support your favourite books!

Wellbeing Wednesday – The Last Battle & Graduation

As the dust settles after 11 weeks of battling The Negatron, and having defeated the last part of it, the mental health heroes get ready to celebrate their victory at the wellbeing academy…

However, proving that negative energy can be persistent and can attack at ANY time, the sky begins to darken as the Negatron returns one more time!

Just like in previous weeks, Week 12 contains ALL of your favourite Wellbeing Wednesday Resources

  • ALL NEW Animation
  • ALL NEW Comic book action to continue the story, could we have conclusive ending?
  • ALL NEW, Fully differentiated resources to download!


We’re so excited for you to see the final animation from our Mental Health Heroes series!! 5 minutes long and packed full of exciting sequences, which we know the children are going to love. A great opportunity for the children to recap everything they have learned over the last 11 weeks and watch as the superheroes come together to defeat THE Negatron once and for all. Take a look at our TWELFTH and FINAL AMAZING animation created by Beck. Remember, ALL of our animations for this term will be available COMPLETELY FREE on YouTube and Vimeo. Don’t miss out on the action!

Digital Comic Flipbook

For those of you that also want to read The Last Battle, our final comic book is ready to help the children recap the last 11 weeks, show the final epic battle and celebrate as the Mental Health Heroes graduate from the Wellbeing Academy. Our online flipbook is a great way to share the book with the whole class on your interactive whiteboard or in a small group or independently using a tablet.
We guarantee that you and your class are going to LOVE the story as we reach its conclusion.

Traditional Tales

Our very talented Graphic Designer, Emily, has been hard at work! Herding these 3 Little Pigs and their trio of questionably stable houses onto some brand new resources!

Expect to see more “Traditional Tales” resources on the site over the coming weeks, namely one “Enormous Turnip” as well as a very trusting “Gingerbread Man!

Our collection of Traditional Tales resources will always be growing, if you have any suggestions of Traditional Tales that you would like to see, let us know.

Giving Your Favourites a Fresh Look

Over the Summer we’ll be busy giving some of your favourite resources a much-needed refresh.
This week we have added new visuals to our super popular ‘Guided Reading Poster Packs‘.
Bold and colourful, they are perfect to print out in A4 or A3 and dot around your reading area or in the school library to help children improve their reading skills. Keep a lookout for even more updated resources in the coming weeks, ready to use in the classroom in the new school year.

Jim and The Beanstalk

Everyone’s favourite twist on a classic – A brand new edition to the site are our fantastic new ‘Jim and the Beanstalk‘ resources planned by our KS1 teacher, Hannah, and illustrated by Emily. They are looking amaaaazing! We will have story sequencing, display resources, and plenty of fun activities for the classroom – including links to science! Available to download this coming week.
If you haven’t come across this story before then go and check it out!

Speak Phonics

Launching this Friday, we thought we would give you a brief overview of how our SPEAK Phonics programme has been carefully organised through our phonics hub, to help you easily find what you are looking for.
Each core area shown above will take you through the resources you need, to successfully deliver a systematic, synthetic phonics scheme in your school.

Our first batch of resources will be hitting our brand new phonics hub on our soft launch date of Friday 9th July! We also have a free Block 1 Taster Pack up for grabs this coming week, so keep an eye on our social media channels or our new resources on the website for links to download.

Classroom Essentials Campaign

Throughout July and August, we will be offering a different Classroom Essential for FREE through our website every single week. If you’ve not tried our resources before, it’s a great opportunity to download and see what all the fuss is about. If you’re already a member, (thank you for supporting us) why not mention it to your colleagues so they can try our resources too.

This week’s FREE resources is our very popular set of Behaviour Prompt Fans. A great way to communicate expectations to your class, a small group or individual, without interrupting the lesson flow or teaching. Simply print off, laminate and attach to a keyring to create a handy behaviour management tool for your classroom.
These are also great for those that may have language barriers and find the visual prompts easier to process. A must have for any classroom and especially great for NQTs.

Fill Your Bookshelf – Phil’s Book Review

For this week’s ‘Fill Your Bookshelf’ Phil has been reading the wonderful ‘Migo and Ali’ written by Zanib Mian and illustrated by Basma Hosom. Phil believes this book would make a fantastic classroom resource. With just short of 300 pages it is a comprehensive encyclopaedia covering a wide range of topics and concepts to do with Islam.

He particularly recommends this book because it is easily accessible for children and also a useful reference for teachers. A wonderful read that comes highly recommended!. Got any recommendations yourself for Phil or anyone to read? Leave a comment below on the blog!

Our ever-growing collection of book resources

If you’re already planning your Key Stage 1 texts for September then why not check out our incredible range of resources to support books such as The Colour Monster, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, How to Wash a Wooly Mammoth, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Commotion in the Ocean, Dear Zoo, Rumble in the Jungle, Stick Man, Handa’s Surprise, Whatever Next and more!
We are always looking to add to the resources we offer to support key texts, so if you want to use a book in your classroom in the new school year but we don’t yet have anything for it, why not get in touch? We’d love to create some bespoke content to help support your teaching.
We have lots of different resources to offer – everything from yoga cards and story sequencing to challenge cards and small world role play packs. Let us know what books you’ll be using in the new school year in the comments below.

End of Year Gifts and Offers

I can’t quite believe that it’s that time of year when we start thinking about end-of-year gifts but here we are!
If you’re:
A teacher looking to thank your TA for all their incredible hard work this year
A parent wanting to thank your child’s teacher for their support during such a strange year
A Headteacher wanting to support the wellbeing of your team in school or just
A teacher that knows you’ve worked blooming hard this year and want to treat yourself then we have lots of fantastic goodies available.
Our best value for money at the moment is our incredibly popular TPET Merch Bundle, as it has been reduced to just £20!!! (use code ILOVETPET at the checkout) as an end-of-year special offer. Head to our shop to purchase or take a look at our other merch items available.

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