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Initially I signed up as I liked the display materials and thought they were well made, colourful and would appeal to my class. I have recently discovered all your resources for Home schooling and particularly like how you include lots of wellbeing activities within the curriculum work.

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Elaine DElaine DThornbury, United Kingdom

I started my NQT year in 2011 and Teacher's Pet was one of the websites that was my 'go to' for display resources and I was always complimented on my classroom. For the next couple of years my new colleagues would be introduced to Teacher's Pet display resources especially your 'Maths' lettering which was a favourite of mine.

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Aishah BAishah BCroydon, United Kingdom

For years it has provided me with lovely resources that have enhanced my learning environment across a variety of age groups. It has becoming particularly useful throughout these difficult times by uploading accessible activities that are fun looking and engaging to pupils for home use.

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Cheryl MCheryl MTonypandy, United Kingdom

Teacher's pet has been invaluable to me and my two children. The resources are amazing and everything is so well organised and takes the stress out of teaching my children. Thanks to your well structured resources the transition to home schooling has been very smooth.

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Jessica HJessica HChurchdown, United Kingdom

Teacher's Pet has provided great inspiration in the classroom and helped ideas come to life on display. I have enjoyed searching through the resources to find the best fit for my class.

Teacher's Pet has been indispensable for providing resources that are engaging and fun for the kids to learn from. The children are always excited to see what the next back contains.

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Hannah MHannah MSelkirk, United Kingdom

Fantastic display and teaching resources which has saved hours!

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Amy HAmy HNottingham, United Kingdom

There is a wide range of resources for every area of the curriculum.
I have used the EYFS Maths challenge cards to provide a different Maths activity each week for the children to access and I use the resources to create displays for different topics and activities.

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Katharine YKatharine YCaversham, United Kingdom

I have used your displays in my classroom. The visuals on story writing have been the most valuable stimulus for my students to engage in writing. They also absolutely love reading in the reading area which is decorated with Teacher's Pet posters of course. No matter which grade I teach they all adore your resources. I love that they are appropriate for all grades in primary school.

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Tarin VTarin VRegentville, Australia

I adore the display resources. Most classrooms have a very uniformed look using other resources websites and Teacher's Pet makes my classroom more unique without compromising attractiveness to students. They have especially found the 'criminal words' most helpful within the classroom!

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Raisa ARaisa ANottingham, United Kingdom

Teacher's Pet is my go to place for resources when I want to make a new display for my classroom.

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Imogen HImogen HSomerset, United KIngdom

I have been able to find fun, interactive and exciting activities to use in class, supporting those children with additional needs and those who struggle to stay focused. It has saved me having to create new resources, allowing me to have some sort of home-work life balance, and still send time with my own children. I am a single mother of 3 boys, 14 year old twins with Autism and a 10 year old. Teacher's Pet has allowed me to cross curricular link activities to our book of the week and topics, allow me to explore children's interest fully. It has been a life saver.

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Nicola HNicola HBorehamwood, United Kingdom

Amazing resources for the children and classroom. Have used these incredible resources since you first showed⭐️

I loved the icon and have been inspired by the talent and explicit focus of quality with the resources.

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Sharon HSharon HWundowie, Australia

Has been amazing with providing me with ideas on how to use within my classroom. Provided activities to support learning. Provided resources to enhance small world and role play areas.

Recently it has greatly helped me during home schooling and coming up with ways in which to keep my pupils engaged.

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Margaret BMargaret BHayes, United Kingdom

It has been great in preparing my classroom each year! I love the new games which are available for the children to use. The home learning packs have also been amazing!

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Chloe AChloe A

As a teacher, I am always looking for awesome ways to help my class achieve their potential, and I have looked at Teacher's Pet on and off for a while... this year I decided to take the plunge and sign up for a membership... and I'm so glad I did. The resources are splendid, my class has loved using the Phonics Agents and I have seen their progress. I, myself, have really enjoyed using the Wellbeing Wednesday resources and, again, I have seen the change in some of my children. Teacher's Pet has helped to keep my lessons fresh, inviting engaging but most importantly, valuable! There is DEFINITELY something for everyone! Highly Recommended!

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Lauran Cole-FoxleyLauran Cole-FoxleySouth East London, United Kingdom

I home educate my two children, so Teacher's Pet has been vital to help with our learning. I've also found your Wellbeing Wednesday Pack very helpful with my son and his anxiety. We base our work around topics and find you very useful for fun ides.

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Lisa BLisa BHigh Wycombe, United Kingdom

I use quite a lot of your activities and worksheets in my classroom. The children love the characters. We like the Wednesday Wellbeing. When we did Chinese New Year, your story of Nao was brilliant and the children really took a lot from it.

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Miranda MMiranda MStoke On Trent, United Kingdom

The high quality display resources available on the website allowed me to create engaging displays for my pupils. They are encouraged to use them and the information on them actively during lessons which has really helped improve their learning experience.

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Gary DGary DWolverhampton, United Kingdom

It has helped me to plan my literacy lessons with bright and engaging activities for the students to complete. I love searching through and finding new activities and ideas to incorporate a range of modes into my lessons.

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Hannah FHannah FRochester, Australia

It has helped provide me with accessible resources to aid differentiation in my classroom. The resources are easy to find and easy to use so I can use them with adult helpers in the classroom.
The range of resource types is amazing. They are fun for the kids and original and interesting for me as a teacher.
Thank you so much for making my job less stressful and more fun.

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Mallory BMallory BVoluntari, Romania

I discovered your site and signed up right away. I can freely choose the resources and activities to meet my children's different needs, as well as all other support and advice.

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Gessica LuizaGessica LuizaSão Jose Do Sabugi

I have had a Teacher's Pet account for around 5 years now and I really couldn't do without it. I always find great displays that are not typically found in every other classroom, look good and are actually useful for my pupils.
I have just about printed every literacy game on the site for my classes and they pupils always love using them, especially Bossy Bats!
I really love the Boggle resources and have had years of use out of them. I literally play this every day with my pupils to enhance their spelling and dictionary skills.
Thank you to everyone at Teacher's Pet for your hard work and fantastic resources. I know I will remain a loyal subscriber for many years to come.

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Debbie HDebbie HEast Whitburn, United KIngdom

I've been using tpet across a number of years and I wouldn't be without it now. It is so useful for the occasional print for a particular resource. The phonic books which are being produced are going to be so useful and very appropriate for all children. The most important resource to me is the interactive wolf game. I've missed it so much and the children adore Wilfred. I have put links to the app all over my class page.

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Terry LukeTerry LukeTaunton, Somerset

Your resources have always engaged my students, made my room look amazing and welcoming, impressed the boss and saved me hours of time trying to create my own!!
I’ve been a longtime fan and user so I wanted to say,

Thank you

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Nicola TNicola TLennox Head, Australia

Teacher's Pet has helped me throughout my NQT year. I have used worksheets and lesson ideas from Teacher's Pets to help inspire me to create lessons which are enjoyable for the children. As an NQT in Year 5 Teacher's Pet was the first page I subscribed and as I started my job in Year 5 at Christmas, it also helped me throughout my first term as a supply teacher.

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Abigail EAbigail ENottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Teacher's Pet has helped me to create displays for each of the classrooms that I have taught in. It has also provided me with many resources that the children can utilise both at home and at school to support their learning.

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Jasmine WJasmine WEssex, United Kingdom

I am currently an NQT in Early Years and your website has inspired me so much. If ever I am stuck for an idea or need inspiration for a certain topic, I always come to your website for help. My class particularly loved all of the stick man resources. It has also been an absolute blessing for resources to send to the children during lock down for home learning. I want to thank you for being such a huge support in my first year of teaching and I know I will use Teacher's Pet for many fabulous years to come 🙂

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Kat RKat RNorfolk, United Kingdom

Over the last 10 years I have had a Teacher's Pet account! It has never failed me with fun and engaging activities and resources that my classes have enjoyed. What's the Time Mr Wolf has supported countless children learning how to tell the time in a fun and interesting way!

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Nina-Jayne LNina-Jayne LStafford, United Kingdom

I have found loads of very useful resources to enhance my learning and teaching. I don't have a specific class of my own but I instead teach across the school and the resources always go down a treat no matter what class I am in.

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Lindsay GLindsay GDrongan, United Kingdom

I love the phonics resources that you have made and the children in my class have too! The resources and ideas have really helped me plan some really practical lessons for my class which they have thoroughly enjoyed so far - can't wait to see what's to come!!

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Annabella FAnnabella FBushey, United Kingdom

I'm a new member but teachers pet has been an invaluable resource for me over the last few weeks, after having to revert to doing online lessons due to the Coronavirus lockdown here in Italy. Thank you so much!

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Suzy LSuzy LComo, Italy

High quality resources, simple to download and adapt. Saves valuable time for teachers and provides engaging resources for the children.

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Sarah WSarah WIpswich, United Kingdom

Ideas for my classroom displays and fabulous resources for the displays, specifically the English displays. Having recently helped me with the homeschooling packs, I really liked the Easter packs, I especially liked that you provided something non-academic alongside the normal curriculum based work. Having recently rediscovered Teacher's Pet I had forgot just how lovely your resources are!

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Lauren WLauren WRainham, United KIngdom

When I first started teaching in 2015 I was clueless on where to begin, after scanning numerous websites I found Teacher's pet. Your resources are what every class needs, they are attractive, uncluttered and informative. As a new teacher, all the resources and websites can be overwhelming but I found your site to be organised and easy to navigate, 5 years ago I printed your VCOP pyramids and they are still up in my classroom today!

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Jade RJade RDurban, South Africa

Your excellent, vibrant up-to date resources encourage me to offer bright, engaging lessons each and every day. Thank you Teacher's Pet for enabling me to be the best teacher I can possibly be.

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Ian FIan FSkelmersdale, United Kingdom

It has provided some fantastic display resources for my first class as an NQT as well as helping out with my lesson preparation and resource provision across all subjects.

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Emily REmily RHampshire, United Kingdom

I first 'stumbled' across Teacher's Pet nine years ago - you were very young!!! - when I went to teach in a British International school, in Europe. As you can imagine, as an Aussie teacher in a foreign country, in an International School, with over 40 different nationalities, the need to have authentic and relevant resources was important.

You were the site I turned to.

All I can say, is thank you!

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Suzie MSuzie MBatemans Bay, Australia

It has provided a wealth of resources over the past few years at various class levels. Since February I was teaching the Wellbeing Wednesday program and I had also used BuddyBots as part of our SPHE programme (re. bullying) and Webwise programme for internet safety. The children absolutely loved it and responded to it more than I've seen other classes respond to other internet safety resources that I have used in the past.
The posters are both colourful and informative and pack a real punch in the classroom!

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Kate LKate LNaas, Ireland

Over the years, I have used the display resources to decorate my classroom, and the many classroom resources to support my students learning. I have especially loved the 'Buzzed for learning' behaviour management display!

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Attia GAttia GCardiff, United Kingdom

I have only recently discovered Teacher's Pet but I cannot wait to unlock its potential.

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Andrea MAndrea M

Lovely original child friendly illustrations and characters that are inviting and fun.
Saved lots of time. Sparked my own imagination.

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Sally BSally BPreston, United Kingdom

Teacher's Pet has helped me immensely over the Covid-19 crisis as although my daughter' school is setting some work for her to do, she is a classic 'Teachers Pet' who always wants more work to do. Teacher's pet and your resources has meant I always have something new and exciting for my little one to work through.

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Kathryn AKathryn AMargate, United Kingdom

I remember starting as a teacher and needing to teach greater than less than and coming across your crocodile display. The children understood straight away thanks to your brilliant ideas. 6 years later I still continue to visit the site for inspiration, resources and ideas. Terrific engaging resources which bring fun and promote engaging learning in the classroom!!

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Catriona SCatriona SCrieff, United Kingdom

It provides so many useful resources which save hours of time, allowing me to spend time with my family after school and during the holidays. Time which used to be spent making classroom resources....and my homemade ones come nowhere near the high quality that these have consistently been.

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Emma BEmma BCardiff, United Kingdom

I work with a wide range of children across all year groups from Foundation to Year 7 so it's been a God-send to be able to have appropriate work and activities to use.

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Catherine WCatherine WWarrington, United Kingdom

Teacher's Pet has helped me so much by providing bright, colourful and engaging resources that my Foundation children love to learn with and giving me the time and energy to be the best teacher I can.

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Maria GMaria GHull, United Kingdom

The resources have been amazing, ideas on how to support my class, but also giving me ideas for the future. As an NQT any help I get has been invaluable and I will continue to use the support I get from more experienced teachers.

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Stephanie PStephanie PBurnham-On-Sea, United Kingdom

Your resources have helped me massively in supporting my two boys with their learning throughout the last year! Some great ideas. I love all of your resources!

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Sophie LSophie LColchester, United Kingdom

I have found your site really easy to find different activities. With my children I need to jump from one age group to another for each child. Your site makes this so easy. Your worksheets are very autism friendly and my children are really engaged and motivated by them. I have been using your site to help with home learning during COVID-19 and again this has made it really easy for me as a teacher and my students.

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Jane CJane CCornwall, United Kingdom

I have used Teacher's Pet for many, many great displays especially in Literacy and Phonics - the detectives have helped us to find many sounds! I have used different Maths posters to give the children support in their lesson and just recently found the History materials for the Vikings - the children really enjoyed the tasks saying the Gods and Runes activity were great fun and could I find more like them. The home learning and well-being packs are fab - colourful and just what we need. Thanks for all the endless wonderful high quality resources - I'm a career long fan!! 😉

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Rachel WRachel WNottingham, United Kingdom
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