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Has been amazing with providing me with ideas on how to use within my classroom. Provided activities to support learning. Provided resources to enhance small world and role play areas.

Recently it has greatly helped me during home schooling and coming up with ways in which to keep my pupils engaged.

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Margaret BMargaret BHayes, United Kingdom

There are so many wonderful useful resources available; from setting up a welcoming reception classroom with name templates labels for pegs, drawers and other classroom resources to phonics for KS1.

My colleagues delight in tasking me to find something different and of course Teacher's Pet never lets me down. I've subscribed more recently to support my grandson who starts infant school in September. He loves visiting me to find what he can learn about next; he absorbs so much and takes great care of playing and learning. He particularly loves dinosaurs and mini-beasts! I seriously love all the resources you come up with. It helps me in supporting the children I work with in school too, to have a little background knowledge on subjects I possibly haven't looked at for years

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Wendy QWendy QHyde, United Kingdom

It has helped me to plan my literacy lessons with bright and engaging activities for the students to complete. I love searching through and finding new activities and ideas to incorporate a range of modes into my lessons.

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Hannah FHannah FRochester, Australia

Teacher's Pet is keeping me sane and it has been a great source of ideas and resources and I cant wait to get back into the classroom to make better use of them!

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Siobhán MSiobhán MNewery, County Down, Northern Ireland

Life saver with exciting and eye-catching display & work & more importantly ideas on how to make my lessons more exciting with the work sheets being an inspiration to me.

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Jasmin PJasmin PLondon, United Kingdom

I remember starting as a teacher and needing to teach greater than less than and coming across your crocodile display. The children understood straight away thanks to your brilliant ideas. 6 years later I still continue to visit the site for inspiration, resources and ideas. Terrific engaging resources which bring fun and promote engaging learning in the classroom!!

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Catriona SCatriona SCrieff, United Kingdom

It has support me with classroom resources, ideas for termly plans and now home learning activities. It is such a fun website with lovely, high quality resources that the children enjoy and love.

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Saffron CSaffron CBolton, United Kingdom

In previous months I have utilised resources with students whom are in SEN, as of currently I'm using the resources on offer for grandchildren during lockdown. Thank you, they have been very useful

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Jane HJane HUxbridge, United Kingdom

I started following as an NQT when your Facebook page was counting down to launch. Your resources were a breath of fresh air: clear, colourful, practical and engaging. Your site is always a port of call for me when I set up a new classroom, start a new topic. A fantastic site that has gone from strength to strength over the years. I can even still remember meeting you at the education show at the NEC 🙂

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Catherine JCatherine JLeicester, United Kingdom

I have been able to find fun, interactive and exciting activities to use in class, supporting those children with additional needs and those who struggle to stay focused. It has saved me having to create new resources, allowing me to have some sort of home-work life balance, and still send time with my own children. I am a single mother of 3 boys, 14 year old twins with Autism and a 10 year old. Teacher's Pet has allowed me to cross curricular link activities to our book of the week and topics, allow me to explore children's interest fully. It has been a life saver.

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Nicola HNicola HBorehamwood, United Kingdom

I used your resources many years ago , especially for phonics , it was all new to me and I was learning as much as the children back then! Our results have improved year upon year thanks to your resources.

I have been so lucky to work at the same school for over 10 years and still continue to use Teacher's Pet resources in my lessons to this day.
I have just recommended your fantastic home learning packs to parents who are looking for something very child friendly and a little bit different to help them through these difficult times.

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Clare FClare FWest Midlands, United Kingdom

I first started using Teacher's Pet as an NQT and have never been disappointed in the fantastic, colourful resources. Teacher's Pet always keep their resources up to date and relevant to what is changing in the National Curriculum. Now, as English Lead at my school, I find the English resources a great enhancement to teaching on a daily basis and often recommend them to my colleagues.

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Annette BAnnette BGorleston, United Kingdom

Teacher's Pet has helped in so many ways from providing excellent learning resources including interesting hooks to learning and varied independent tasks. With these resources I have been able to engage children and challenge them to achieve to the best of their ability and help them to understand some tricky concepts especially in maths and grammar.

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Mandy MMandy MSunbury on Thames, United Kingdom

Being an NQT has been scary as there are always high expectations, my year partner then introduced me to Teacher's Pet and it has helped me find some incredible resources including all of the #Wellbeingwednesday that has helped children in my class come out of their shell and talk about their feelings more openly. It has also been incredible during Lockdown and has enabled all of my children to carry on learning even when they are at home.

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Nicole ONicole ORedhil, United KIngdom

I absolutely love the illustrations for the resources. Working with KS2 children with ASD it was so important for our room to have the basics displayed but with age appropriate illustrations. Since then the addition of activities and the time telling app have been firm favourites in my classroom. I also love that we can make suggestions and they are available quickly.

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Anne-Marie MAnne-Marie MBelfast, United Kingdom

Teacher's Pet has helped me greatly throughout my NQT to create unique and engaging displays. I love a colourful and creative classroom! As well as this Teacher's Pet has provided me with inspiration and exciting resources to support my teaching. Teacher's Pet has helped me to inspire and support my pupils.

I love your weekly home learning packs and frequently use your resources. I am truly grateful that sites such as Teacher's Pet exist to help myself and other teachers to come up with new ways of supporting children to continue with their learning and progress from home.

I'm excited to see what resources will come next and have already downloaded several display pieces that I plan to incorporate in my classroom next year!

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Katie LKatie LAlness, United Kingdom

I adore the display resources. Most classrooms have a very uniformed look using other resources websites and Teacher's Pet makes my classroom more unique without compromising attractiveness to students. They have especially found the 'criminal words' most helpful within the classroom!

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Raisa ARaisa ANottingham, United Kingdom

I started my NQT year in 2011 and Teacher's Pet was one of the websites that was my 'go to' for display resources and I was always complimented on my classroom. For the next couple of years my new colleagues would be introduced to Teacher's Pet display resources especially your 'Maths' lettering which was a favourite of mine.

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Aishah BAishah BCroydon, United Kingdom

I have only recently started using Teacher's pet and it has been an amazing resource to support home learning both for my own children but also for the children in my class, not only does it have highly engaging curriculum activities it also provided short burst fun, interactive activities easily accessible to all.

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Natalie GNatalie GUpper Beeding, United Kingdom

I love Teacher's Pet - the website has helped me to make interactive, inspiring and educational displays whilst allowing me time to focus on marking and planning.

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Rebbecca LRebbecca LSkipton, United Kingdom

Simple well developed resources that are fun and engaging!!! Fantastic for helping students manage their emotions and self-regulate.

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Alec HAlec HBuderim, Australia

It has provided a wealth of resources over the past few years at various class levels. Since February I was teaching the Wellbeing Wednesday program and I had also used BuddyBots as part of our SPHE programme (re. bullying) and Webwise programme for internet safety. The children absolutely loved it and responded to it more than I've seen other classes respond to other internet safety resources that I have used in the past.
The posters are both colourful and informative and pack a real punch in the classroom!

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Kate LKate LNaas, Ireland

Offers a good range of products and enables me to mix up my displays due to the varied nature of designs without them being too dissimilar or too 'samey'.

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Sarah RSarah RPerth, United Kingdom

The high quality display resources available on the website allowed me to create engaging displays for my pupils. They are encouraged to use them and the information on them actively during lessons which has really helped improve their learning experience.

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Gary DGary DWolverhampton, United Kingdom

The resources provided for remote learning have been wonderful!

I get ideas and inspiration from all of the amazing content provided. I love the Well Being Wednesday posters and have used several of them since our school closed in March. The creative writing prompts are excellent too! I'm about to use the socks printable to teach double numbers. I love the format of the website too. It is so easy to find material.

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Merion JMerion JSloatsburg, United States

Lots of amazing resources available, so much choice and a wide range of subjects. I wish I had known about this sooner!

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Jennifer WJennifer WMargate, United Kingdom

Ideas for my classroom displays and fabulous resources for the displays, specifically the English displays. Having recently helped me with the homeschooling packs, I really liked the Easter packs, I especially liked that you provided something non-academic alongside the normal curriculum based work. Having recently rediscovered Teacher's Pet I had forgot just how lovely your resources are!

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Lauren WLauren WRainham, United KIngdom

Teacher's Pet has helped me to create displays for each of the classrooms that I have taught in. It has also provided me with many resources that the children can utilise both at home and at school to support their learning.

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Jasmine WJasmine WEssex, United Kingdom

I teach at a SEN school, therefore the children in my class have a vast scale of needs, during this time is has been difficult to find work for each individual child's needs. Teacher's Pet has helped cover lot of what I have needed.

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Vikki DVikki DEpsom, United Kingdom

Your resources have always engaged my students, made my room look amazing and welcoming, impressed the boss and saved me hours of time trying to create my own!!
I’ve been a longtime fan and user so I wanted to say,

Thank you

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Nicola TNicola TLennox Head, Australia

I am a trainee teacher and it has really helped me with my subject knowledge. It has also helped me create fun interventions during my time as a teaching assistant. The activities are always fun and interesting and the ideas always work out and keep the children motivated.

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Emily JEmily JEastbourne, United Kingdom

There is a wide range of resources for every area of the curriculum.
I have used the EYFS Maths challenge cards to provide a different Maths activity each week for the children to access and I use the resources to create displays for different topics and activities.

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Katharine YKatharine YCaversham, United Kingdom

Your resources have helped me massively in supporting my two boys with their learning throughout the last year! Some great ideas. I love all of your resources!

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Sophie LSophie LColchester, United Kingdom

Teacher's pet has definitely helped me in more then one way, I’ve been in the pre k industry for around 5 years now, when I began or even now whenever I have challenging days ahead or I need to plan and provide amazing lessons for many reasons I can always count on Teacher's Pet to provide awesome recourses and learning tips.

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Leah PLeah PLiverpool, Australia

I have used Teacher's Pet for many, many great displays especially in Literacy and Phonics - the detectives have helped us to find many sounds! I have used different Maths posters to give the children support in their lesson and just recently found the History materials for the Vikings - the children really enjoyed the tasks saying the Gods and Runes activity were great fun and could I find more like them. The home learning and well-being packs are fab - colourful and just what we need. Thanks for all the endless wonderful high quality resources - I'm a career long fan!! 😉

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Rachel WRachel WNottingham, United Kingdom

I am currently an NQT in Early Years and your website has inspired me so much. If ever I am stuck for an idea or need inspiration for a certain topic, I always come to your website for help. My class particularly loved all of the stick man resources. It has also been an absolute blessing for resources to send to the children during lock down for home learning. I want to thank you for being such a huge support in my first year of teaching and I know I will use Teacher's Pet for many fabulous years to come 🙂

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Kat RKat RNorfolk, United Kingdom

Teacher's Pet have provided the best quality work to send out for my class, they love the work I am setting as they find it so exciting and enjoyable. I love seeing the work they produce due to the work Teacher's Pet is providing for them.

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Sarah HSarah HLancaster, United Kingdom

I started using Teacher's Pet in 2010 and it has been an essential in my classroom. The resources are so well designed and easy for the children to use! My Dining Room is slowly becoming a Teacher's Pet Paradise now that I am an eLearning Lead Practitioner. I always share Teacher's Pet in the schools I work in as a go to essential resource!

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Laura DLaura DGateshead, United Kingdom

I've been part of your Facebook Community for a long time and I have always felt inspired by your resources and I have learnt a lot from your approach to materials and teaching.

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Barbara NBarbara NLas Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

You have consistently provided a range of displays that have been professional looking but at the same time different from anything else on offer.

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Elanor SElanor SAberdeenshire, United Kingdom

It has provided some fantastic display resources for my first class as an NQT as well as helping out with my lesson preparation and resource provision across all subjects.

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Emily REmily RHampshire, United Kingdom

A fantastic range of alternative resources to use in all aspects of my classroom. I work in specialist unit for pupils with SEMH difficulties and they love your resources and find them so engaging.

You computing & online safety resources are fantastic too, I have used this as computing lead on Safer Internet Day and my headteacher loved your resources on my Computing whole school display!

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Clare TClare TBlackpool, United KIngdom

Teacher's Pet resources are some of the best and most engaging that I have seen. Teacher's Pet also helps keep my setting fresh and well presented. I've also used Teacher's Pet in many of my previous jobs from Essex to Cumbria over the last ten years.

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Susan ASusan AWigton, United Kingdom

Amazing resources for the children and classroom. Have used these incredible resources since you first showed⭐️

I loved the icon and have been inspired by the talent and explicit focus of quality with the resources.

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Sharon HSharon HWundowie, Australia

I have always used a range of Teacher's Pet resources to deliver my lessons and they've always been outstanding! Using the good quality resources, I wrote differentiated factsheets for the food types and the activities were all from Teacher's Pet and were very engaging.

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Denise NDenise NLuton, United Kingdom

I use quite a lot of your activities and worksheets in my classroom. The children love the characters. We like the Wednesday Wellbeing. When we did Chinese New Year, your story of Nao was brilliant and the children really took a lot from it.

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Miranda MMiranda MStoke On Trent, United Kingdom

I discovered your website and signed up straight away. I can freely choose the resources and activities to meet my children's differing needs as well as all the other support and advice. It is important that children are excited and motivated by what you are offering otherwise the children become bored and disengaged and that result in negative behaviour and learning is impacted.

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Michelle JMichelle JWallsend, United Kingdom

It has helped provide me with accessible resources to aid differentiation in my classroom. The resources are easy to find and easy to use so I can use them with adult helpers in the classroom.
The range of resource types is amazing. They are fun for the kids and original and interesting for me as a teacher.
Thank you so much for making my job less stressful and more fun.

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Mallory BMallory BVoluntari, Romania

Teacher's pet has helped me create some fantastic displays around my school and classroom- myself and another colleague have a friendly competition to create the best display. You have also been fantastic through this tough time we are all facing at the moment by giving both ourselves and our parents access to your fantastic resources to help teach our children from home. Thank you for your help and support through these challenging times and i look forward to see whats coming next.

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Katrina FKatrina FBirmingham, United Kingdom

Teacher's Pet has saved me so much time by providing high quality and relevant resources. It has also given me inspiration when planning lessons and next steps. Finally, it has also provided super, colourful display resources which have brightened my class up.

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Elaine PElaine PStewarton, United KIngdom
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