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Science – An ignored middle child?

September 17th| Hayley Rogers
September 17th |

Science – An ignored middle child?

Is Science the ignored middle child of education? It seems to be constantly overlooked by many in favour of its more demanding siblings– Maths and English. This is not to say that Maths and English aren’t important, of course they are, but it is time that Science started making some noise and being more demanding, as it too is a core subject. 

Without a doubt I am biased by my love of Science, but in many ways it is the best of the core subjects. It allows application of many skills from other subjects for example I always teach graph work through science where it has real context and purpose. Its practical nature and foundation in the search for answers makes it the perfect subject for children to engage with and love. Any one who has been inundated by a toddler asking why 1000s of times a day will agree that in truth while children are not born mathematicians, readers or writers, we are all born scientists. We want to learn about the world around us and seek answers to our questions. So what happens? 

Too often I sadly hear students who are training to teach tell me they haven’t observed or taught any science as it is either block taught when they are not on placement or it is rarely taught. Sometimes subject knowledge overtakes science lessons at the expense of practical exploration, which can turn off some children and we loose them from a subject they could love.

With a shortage of scientists in the science industry we must inspire and capture children at primary to love this subject, and to do this we must find room in a busy curriculum to treat science like the core subject it is. This may not be easy but it is vital to equip our children first with the passion/love and then the skills and knowledge to become the future cardiologists, physics, ecologists and so much more of the future. The say to teach is to touch the future; in the case of science you can hopefully change it for the better.  

I hope you have enjoyed my first blog, I know that we have some great science champions in our schools and my future blogs will hope to inspire you and support your teaching with advice, links and resources.

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