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April 27th 2020| Chloe
April 27th 2020 |

How times have changed.

It’s been a long time since I typed my last blog, and oh how the world has changed! I’ve previously written about a work-life balance, anxiety and standing strong … and it seems like in this crazy Covid world I need to go back and read my own words!

Today, I’m blogging from my kitchen table. I’ve been here for 6 weeks and there is no end in sight. Working quietly at a table, spending all day on a laptop with no children around me seems so unnatural. I miss the child around my neck while I’m reading a big book, handing me a damp tissue while I’m playing the piano or the slobbery hand across my face as I help with personal care. This new job is alien to me!

How do we cope?

Today, I’m not going to bombard you with more ideas as to how you could be doing better, or send you more links to the seemingly millions of online sessions your class could be joining in with. My Facebook seems to be an endless stream of links to online activities, but to be honest I just want to be back in my classroom. I’m sure the poor parents feel even more overwhelmed than I do!

My school have been using Facebook, Seesaw and email as a way to keep in touch with our families. For some of them, any resource is a bonus. For others, getting their child off their iPad long enough to eat breakfast is a struggle. So I’ve decided that for many of our pupils with a learning disability, formal teaching can and will wait.

Now is the time to have fun with teaching.

I’ve made it clear to all my parents that activities are only suggestions. Anything I send home is now practical or family orientated. Recipes, singalongs, puzzles, games, scavenger hunts! It is far more important that the child makes cookies, plays football or videos a TikTok with their family. Turn taking, measuring, thinking skills, motor skills, social skills, practical numeracy ….. Surely these skills and memories are more important than anything I can teach remotely from my kitchen table.

Going forward.

So from now on, I’m going easier on myself! I cannot teach my normal curriculum through an unprecedented time. So I’m going to embrace it and encourage my pupils to do the same. We may never have this extended family time together again, lets make the most of it!

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