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Scheme Criteria

Our scheme has been carefully curated to align with DfE guidance and compliance criteria. You can use SPEAK phonics in complete confidence.

Once the entire scheme is available it will be submitted to the DfE for official validation.

A synthetic way for children to read unknown words.

Children are taught the 44 unique sounds and how to apply knowledge of letter-sound relationships to decode words.

A systematic method of teaching and learning phonics.

Phonics sessions are planned and delivered using a consistent approach so that teachers and children feel secure with learning.

Providing children with the best start to their reading journey and the ability to meet all age-related expectations.

Our plans set out clear guidance and expectations for teaching and learning across the Early Years and KS1.

Sequenced daily phonics sessions

Our daily plans can be used by teachers to set the pace of learning and the teaching blocks ensure progression over time.

A strong early foundation set in vital letter-sound learning and blending skills.

Block 1 teaches children to learn single letter sounds, embedding them into their long-term memory through daily recall, and blend these sounds to read words.

Progression of phonics knowledge and skills.

Our scheme builds on previous knowledge whilst children learn new sounds and practise reading for fluency.

Providing children with the skills to blend sounds to read words.

Our daily phonics sessions teach blending strategies so that children recognise individual sounds in words and embeds blending skills.

Teaching children the skills needed to segment sounds for spelling.

Our daily phonics sessions teach children to hear individual sounds and link them to letters, writing them down in the correct order to write words.

Providing opportunities to embed spelling skills by writing words and sentences.

Children learn to spell words using known sounds and write sentences using the correct grammar and punctuation.

Providing children with the skills to read and write tricky words.

Tricky words are introduced in groups and spread across the scheme to enable children to build up their bank of tricky words for reading and spelling.

Resources to learn and practise how to form lower and upper case letters.

Handwriting and letter formations are taught from the very beginning of the scheme and reinforced through daily writing of words and sentences.

Guidance on how to deliver phonics sessions with high levels of child and teacher interaction.

Each sound has a session guide which includes sound and word reading and word writing and guidance on how to deliver reading for comprehension.

Resources to deliver the phonics sessions.

Our scheme provides a massive bank of resources that can be used specifically at different stages in the programme to deliver high quality phonics sessions.

Opportunities for children to practise core phonics skills.

Our scheme is focused primarily on the pure learning of phonics and learning is planned to immerse children in phonics skills and can be adapted for children with additional needs.

Important assessment and tracking to ensure all children meet the expected standard.

Our scheme includes assessments, whole school and class tracking and intervention materials so that the needs of all children are met.

Guidance and support on how to deliver the phonics programme.

Our guides and videos provide specific support and training for teachers and parents in order to give continued professional development.

All Block Sounds

Download the sound packs for all of the sounds for Blocks 1 - 4 below, or use the menu above to navigate to the Block hubs where you will find even more resources including guide, sound cards, word cards, stories and activities!


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