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Lockdown Activity Ideas

June 22nd 2020| Kelly Sattin

Now that more groups of children are back at school, it may be feeling a bit tricky to find the right balance of ensuring we have a good routine, as well as keeping things calm and relaxed, as well as covering elements of teaching, as well as ensuring social distancing is taking place! Few!

Here are some fun activities that I have done over the last couple of weeks with my class.

How Many Steps?

This challenge would work with all year groups. The children had to count how many steps between different buildings and different areas around the school. They were able to social distance easily and it was outdoors! It was great for the younger children to practise their counting skills.

AreaNumber of Steps
From the classroom to the dining room564
From the toilets to the big tree131

Great activity to keep active in the mornings!

Making a Deck of Cards

I set the children a challenge to make their very own set of cards to keep in their trays at school. They were even able to make a couple of jokers! Some had a theme of Harry Potter whilst others made their deck of cards linked to food. Once all the cards have been designed (it’s taking a lot longer than anticipated to make them), I will teach the children games that they can play, such as patience, around the clock, 4 Kings and pairs. We will also have a go at social distancing snap! 

Design and Imagine

My class love having time to draw, doodle and be creative. I have many arty tasks planned, including designing their own theme park, library, HIIT workout for a future PE lesson and own planet. Last week, I set the children a challenge to design their own school or classroom. Some children even set their school so that social distancing could be followed! We had futuristic classrooms, rooms full of food, a school made entirely out of bread and many of the children made dedicated rooms for myself and my TA (which we greatly appreciated)!

Quietest the Longest

For when you need a moment’s peace, throw in the game ‘Who can stay the quietest the longest?’. Even in Year 6, my group of children love this competition. It’s brilliant for when you need a quiet moment in the classroom and it does encourage them to then focus on their activity rather than turning round trying to chat all the time!

Novelty Sports Day

As the usual sports day won’t be going ahead, why not have a novelty one? Children can be spread 2m apart and complete silly races such as walking backwards, hopping, skipping, dancing, the Lamborghini race (a firm favourite as the children get to pretend to drive a fast car), the bear race, frog race, as well as races in the style of many other animals. I have found that the novelty race idea means there is less pressure on winning or losing and more about being as silly as possible and laughing together. We decided that winners were those who did the best impression and not necessarily coming first. We also had a mission impossible race, chicken race, catwalk race and disco race!

Brain Breaks

Using websites such as GoNoodle or following Just Dance routines have been brilliant for still being active but maintaining social distancing. Children stand behind their desks and have to stay there whilst completing the routines. have even done some party dances, such as Superman, The Macarena, YMCA and Aga Doo!

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