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National Book Lovers Day

August 2nd 2021| Phil Stronge
August 2nd 2021 |

National Book Lovers Day is an unofficial holiday that is observed on the 9th of August every year. It’s the perfect day to ditch the devices and distractions and celebrate the joy of reading and literature.

Whether you’re curling up with a great book, visiting a treasure-filled independent book shop or colour coordinating your bookshelves, ensure you take the time to release your inner bibliophile and make the most of the day.

To mark National Book Lovers Day at TPet HQ, we’re taking the opportunity to revisit some of the great classroom books that we’ve reviewed as part of our Fill Your Bookshelf feature. Check them out below:

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold is a wonderful and moving story which would make a fantastic KS2 class reader. The story is beautifully told and carries a powerful message about our impact on the environment. A great summer holiday read that will no doubt inspire.

The Un-Forgotten Coat by the fantastic Frank Cottrell Boyce is a powerful story about two brothers from Mongolia who one day appear in a school in Liverpool. The sort of book that could easily be overlooked in favour of newer ‘on trend’ publications, but this really is a story that is too good not to share. Great for discussing cultural identity, immigration, but above all friendship.

So You Think You’ve Got It Bad? – A Kid’s Life In Ancient Greece is illustrated in an entertaining and engaging style. It is packed full of information, presented with humour, and is guaranteed to produce lots of laughs, along with a shedload of learning. Perfect for engaging reluctant readers, this book is an excellent addition to the classroom to support teaching about Ancient Greece. Make sure you keep an eye out for our fantastic Ancient Greece topic pack, coming soon!

Migo & Ali – A-Z of Islam is a fantastic classroom resource. With just short of 300 pages it is a comprehensive encyclopaedia covering a wide range of topics and concepts to do with Islam. It is easily accessible, written in child-friendly language and packed full of fun and engaging illustrations. A fantastic resource for teachers and children alike.

When The Sky Falls by Phil Earle is a fantastically moving portrayal of life during World War 2 for the children who weren’t evacuated away from danger. It tells the story of an angry young boy who is sent to live with a woman in the city. She owns a rundown zoo and struggles to feed the few remaining animals in a time when even the human food was strictly rationed. Her pride and joy is the zoo’s silverback gorilla, Adonis. To the backdrop of falling bombs, an incredible story unfolds that will enthral and astound in equal measure. A great book to read for your own pleasure, but also a fantastic class reader for the right Year 6 class.

Window is a stunningly, beautiful picture book which shows the view from the window of a house built on the edge of the Australian rainforest. As you turn the pages, time passes, the occupants grow up and the landscape changes. There is no accompanying text, but through inference a tale of growing up and a stark warning about urban expansion is skilfully told. This book is visually exquisite and comes highly recommended. Great for teaching inference and deduction skills whilst also carrying a strong message about the environment.

You can catch my weekly reviews on our various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and remember if you have any great books to suggest be sure to leave a comment and I will take a look.

Thanks for reading! – Phil

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