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Autumn Starts

September 23rd 2019| Teacher’s Pet
September 23rd 2019 |

We have scoured the internet for you to find the best ideas linked to teaching all about Autumn.

Our Topic Calendar is here to save you time and ensure you get the very best out of your topic teaching through cross-curricular links and engaging activities that the children will enjoy.

Ideas and Inspiration

We have put together lots of great activity ideas on our Autumn Pinterest Board but here are just a few to inspire you…

The Teacher Traveller – Doubling Acorns

We LOVE how the Teacher Traveller has created a doubling Maths activity using acorns and a mirror. You can purchase the wooden acorns online from Amazon or alternatively, why not use more natural items such as conkers or pine cones?

The Imagination Tree – Counting Objects to 20

This first caught our attention because the class teacher has used our FREE Autumn labels resource to hang from a hoop above the investigation area, which we thought was a lovely touch.
A simple counting and sorting activity for you to recreate. The items in the bowls look like the glass pebbles you would use in a fish tank but you could use more natural items like sticks, stones, conkers or pine cones.

First Discoverers – Art and Craft

A colourful and simple craft area that you could set up in the classroom. What I love about this is that the children would first venture outside to gather the materials they need to create their pictures.

Our Autumn Pinterest Board contains so many more ideas just like this one so make sure you head there for more inspiration. Our boards are constantly updated with new ideas too so make sure you keep checking back to see what’s new.

Videos and Websites

We have added a range of videos and web links to our Pinterest Board too but here are 2 that we especially LOVE!

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert is a fab story, especially if you intend on creating the craft area we showed you above. Leaf Man will inspire the children to use the leaves they find, to create wonderful scenes and animals.

Leaves by David Ezra Stein is a lovely story that not only touches on hibernation but the changes of seasons, specifically focussing on Autumn. We love the video because of the music and simple animation but if you’d rather read it yourself, you can pick it up cheaply on Amazon.


We have a great range of display printables, activities and teaching aids for the topic of Autumn that you can download but here is our favourite…

Yoga Autumn Stories

Yoga Autumn Stories – A set of 8 A4 sized cards showing key events that happen during Autumn and a pose to represent each event. Perfect for mindfulness time and games as well as for role play areas or classroom displays.
Other seasons and topics are added to this collection throughout the year.

To see all our range of Autumn resources, click here.

We are always looking to add to our existing content so if you have any suggestions for Autumn resources that you’d like to see, get in touch or comment below with your ideas and requests.

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