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Big Winter Wander

January 14th| Michael Mountford

Big Winter Wander

The Big Winter Wander is a WWF sponsored walk that typically takes places around the end of January. The aim of the sponsored walk is to help raise funds for WWF and all funds raised will go straight into helping WWF with their work all around the world to help protect our planet.

Seek App

To further help the research and monitoring of biodiversity, iNaturalist have teamed up with WWF to create a scanning app for your mobile phone which will help you identify creatures, plants and insects that live right in your back-garden.

By creating an account with iNaturalist in the app, you’ll also have an opportunity to upload what you have scanned to a growing global database of sightings- which will help scientists track global biodiversity.

To learn more about the app, click here.

Big Winter Wander Fundraise Pack

Register now to join The Big Winter Wander for WWF. You’ll receive a free fundraising pack to help organise your magical walk. We’ll also keep you updated on the event and how your support is making a difference. 

This winter, donate before 2 February 2021 and the UK Government will match all public donations to support our Land For Life appeal, up to £2 million. Your donation will support WWF’s vital work around the world, while match funds from the UK Government will go towards our Land for Life appeal.

Fundraising Tips

First steps

The easiest way to raise funds and hit your £100 target is to create a donation page. These can be set up via JustGiving and GoFundMe- both sites offer ways of directing the funds instantly to the charity and/or organisation so it’s secure for anyone to donate. As well, it’s a great tool to update your story and keep track of your progress.


This cannot be said enough: share, share, share! Social media platforms are great starting points. You can also ask your friends and family to share your page with their contacts to maximise your reach.

Match Giving

Ask your employer whether they have a matched giving policy. One quick conversation could help double the money you raise!


A raffle for unwanted gifts or even a charade tournament could help you raise more donations.

All things food

Bake some delicious biscuits or slices of cake to take on your walk and ask friends and family for a small donation to have them when they get peckish.

After your walk, everyone will want a nice tea or hot chocolate. Why not ask for a £1 donation every time the kettle is flicked on?

UK Aid Match

This winter, you can make your donations go even further with the Government’s UK Aid Match programme. Donate before 2 February 2021 and the UK Government will match all public donations to support our Land For Life project, up to £2 million.

Land for Life focuses on securing livelihoods and supporting Maasai communities, while restoring wildlife in critical corridors. Through this project, we’re collaborating with communities in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania to help keep landscapes healthy and develop solutions for people and wildlife to coexist and thrive.

Your donations will support WWF’s vital work around the world, while match funds from the UK Government will go towards our Land for Life appeal.

Learn more here.


Below are a handful of our new resources which are great ways to start getting involved with your very own Big Winter Wander.

Click the link here to see all of our resources that we have created in order to help you learn and partake in Big Winter Wander.

The Countryside Code for Children – Display Poster
The Big Winter Walk – Wildlife Spotter Cards
Making A Difference In Our Local Area – Big Winter Walk Activity
The Big Winter Walk – Scouts Challenge Booklet And Badges

Resources In The Wild

With our brand new Big Winter Wander resources being released, we’ve already received some photos of people making use of them in the wild.

We love to see it! And if you have any photos of our resources being used, please make sure to share them and tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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