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Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes Night

October 23rd| Kevin Rhodes

We have scoured the internet for you to find the best ideas linked to teaching all about Bonfire night and Guy Fawkes night.

Our Topic Calendar is here to save you time and ensure you get the very best out of your topic teaching through cross-curricular links and engaging activities that the children will enjoy.

Ideas and Inspiration

We have put together lots of great activity ideas on our Bonfire / Guy Fawkes Pin board but here are just a few to inspire you…

We LOVE how Learning4Kids has created a firework display activity using just toilet rolls and paper plates. You can purchase the paper plates online from Amazon and toilet rolls could be brought in by the children over the week prior to doing the activity.

A second art piece which we found visually stunning, is the glitter effect firework displays by ActivityVillage. Simple and easy to set up, this would make a fabulous afternoon task for Key Stage 1 pupils.

Sensory Box for EYFS – features various objects for bonfire night senses.

Our Bonfire Pinboard contains so many more ideas just like this one so make sure you head there for more inspiration. Our boards are constantly updated with new ideas too so make sure you keep checking back to see what’s new.

Videos and Websites

We have added a range of videos and web links to our Pinterest Board too but here are 2 that we especially LOVE!

This is Britain – Bonfire Night covers all the basic safety awareness tips surrounding Bonfire Night. We believe this would be a fantastic tool to use within your classroom, as there are some great ‘pause and talk’ moments to discuss the various safety elements involved with using sparklers, fireworks and other various risks.

Who Was Guy Fawkes by Arcus Animation Studios features some attractive animation to gain attention along with humour and a look into the brief history surrounding Guy Fawkes, which could then lead to discussion and greater understanding on the topic.


We have a great range of display printables, activities and teaching aids for the topic of Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes that you can download but here is our favourite…

Fireworks Banner
Perfect for creating a display area in your classroom if you try any of the art suggestions highlighted above.

We are always looking to add to our existing content so if you have any suggestions for Bonfire Night resources that you’d like to see, get in touch or comment below with your ideas and requests.

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