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Chinese New Year

February 3rd 2021| Michael Mountford
February 3rd 2021 |

Chinese New Year

2022 plays host to the second animal in the Zodiac Calendar, the year of The Tiger, following on from 2021’s year of The Ox.

One of the longest-running festivals anywhere in the world with 1,000s of years of history. It holds a lot of cultural significance for many countries all over the world, not just China, and therefore is important that it is represented and taught about in classrooms.

Classroom Ideas

Below I have gathered various ideas for how you can integrate Chinese New Year into your classroom as well as some arts and crafts ideas that you can complete in your lessons to help better engage with your students.

Chinese New Year Decorations


These are some impressive paper dragons!!

Do you think your class could make something even bigger? Have a go and inject your own creativity into the project- don’t forget to tag us on social media with a photo of your own hanging dragon display.

Take a look at this video below that showcases just how ‘All Out’ people will go with their arts and crafts!

-Chinese New Year Display

Take your time and design your own Chinese New Year wall display; all manner of trinkets could be put up on display, some pieces of clothing and anything else that you think could help you deliver informative lessons all to do with Chinese New Year.

-Door Art

The doorway to classrooms is one of the single most underused parts of a classroom. It’s the first thing that your class is going to see before entering so make sure that it sets the tone for the rest of the day. As well as this, it also provides more real estate to display your class’s work for the rest of the school to see.

Arts and Crafts

Who doesn’t love some arts and crafts lessons, these lessons allow kids to really open up and show how creative they can be. Chinese New Year is a perfect time to get out those scissors, coloured paper and glue sticks and see what your class can come up with.

-Chinese Lanterns

In ancient China, they were used to provide light and eventually were used as aspects of Buddhist worship. Today, they are used only for decoration and modern forms of celebration and worship. Lanterns have become a symbol of national pride in China and are used to decorate homes and public places.

Take a look here to get started and find out what you need.

-Chinese Oil Paper Umbrella

A red oil umbrella is supposed to help ward off bad luck. The round nature of an umbrella makes it a symbol of reunion because “round” or “circle” (yuan) in Chinese also carries the meaning of “getting together.”

Take a look here to know how to get started and find out what you need for you and your class in order to make your own Oil Paper Umbrellas.

BBC Newsround- Chinese New Year

BBC Newsround has a fantastic article all to do with Chinese New Year; it includes need to know information, fun quizes and games and videos.

Click here to find out more


We here at Teacher’s Pet have been hard at work to bring you some brand new and amazing resources all to do with Chinese New Year. Click here to see all of our brand new Chinese New Year Resources.

Below I have picked out a handful of resources in order to get started.

Chinese New Year Topic Pack
Chinese New Year Knowledge Organiser
Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs Powerpoint
Chinese New Year Did You Know Cards

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for how to take part in Chinese New Year.

If you have any great teaching ideas for this topic, feel free to comment below and they might even get added to the topic calendar!

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