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International Literacy Day

September 8th| Michael Mountford
International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

International Literacy day was created by UNESCO in 1967 to bring to attention the fact that at least 750 million individuals all around the world are unable to read or write. And that 250 million children around the world are lacking in basic literacy skills.

UNESCO has decided that this year’s’ theme is “teaching and learning in COVID 19 and beyond as well as focusing on the role of educators and changing the pedagogies”.

In the spirit of this, we here at Teacher’s Pet have put together a short post about how you can encourage reading in your school, as well as how to raise money for various charities.

Book Fair

A book fair is the best place to start in order to get the ball rolling on helping children start their reading journey. Why not take a look at this Scholastic blog on how to run a brilliant book fair.


Check out this video of a local news station covering the day at the school

This principal has taken encouraging her students into her own hands. Each year she has set a reading target for all of her students to achieve, and if it is reached by 90% of students then she does something fun with the students. She’s done everything; from being slimed to kissing a pig. This photo shows one of her stand out encouragement acts: being taped up to the wall and reading to the children.

This particular school is Seoul, South Korea has created this very fun and enjoyable video in order to promote Read A Thon 2020.

Reading Game

This parent and frequent blogger has created a very fun and sweet way to encourage her children to read in their own time. See here for her blog on the game and how to create your own.

Celebrity Read Along

Having a celebrity voice reading out popular books can help children focus and retain more of the story being read and may push them to read more or even listen to audiobooks in their own time.

The Gruffalo read by Michelle Obama

Harry Potter read by various celebrities


Here at Teacher’s Pet we have a wide selection of classroom resources, take a look below at some examples of our reading resources which will help encourage students to take up reading in their own time as well as during school time.

We hope that these examples have given you some inspiration. Let us know in the comments below how you helped your school celebrate International Literacy Day (they might be added into the topic calendar).

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