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Kid Inventors Day

January 10th| Michael Mountford

Kid Inventors Day

Kid Inventors Day is a day to celebrate the past accomplishments of child and teenage inventors; as well as the opportunity to encourage development and creativity in the STEM areas of learning.

The date for K.I.D is the 17th of January which is also the birthday of world renowned child inventor Benjamin Franklin.

Take a look at some of the young people and their inventions that have lasted to the 21st century.

  • Frank Epperson- Popsicle – Age 11
  • Ben Franklin- Swimming Flipper – Age 11
  • Louis Braille- Braille – Age 15
  • Chester Greenwood- Earmuffs – Age 15
  • George Nissen- Trampoline – Age 16

Ways to celebrate in school

Making sure that creativity and ingenuity is constantly being praised and encouraged during a child’ younger years in school is absolutely paramount as it not only means you might have the next Steve Jobs in your class- but it also means that during STEM lessons, children will feel more confident to take active part during these lessons.

Below I’ve given just a short list of ideas that you could implement throughout K.I.D. All of these can be altered to fit your specific class arrangement.

Research Kid Inventions:

Spend some time with the kids completing research challenges to find out information about famous child inventors throughout history and what it is that they created. This is a nice way to settle into the day and get some of the creative juices flowing for later on in the day.

Invent Together:

Have small group brainstorming sessions. Hold a design competition. Bring in some Meccano pieces and see what they can design.

Some of the best ideas come from the unlikeliest of places and you may be surprised at some of the ideas the children come up with.

There are plenty of competitions based all around the world which are designed specifically around young inventors. Take a look here and here for some sites that I found.

Demonstrate the role of STEM subjects:

Some students may be struggling to grasp some of the ideas introduced in STEM lessons. Having this themed day in school will give you the opportunity to focus in more on those troubling subjects as well as presenting more of an opportunity to show how they can be applied in real life situations.

Plan a trip:

Having a day away from the classroom is always a fun day out and allows for access to facilities that schools don’t typically have access to.

A trip out to your local science centre or science museum can really help children develop ideas of their own.

For those of you who may struggle to organise large trips or if there aren’t any local centres or museums, there are a plethora of virtual tours that can be accessed either through a browser or even more amazing, through a VR headset.

Take a look here to see some of the worlds most renowned virtual tours.

I hope that this blog has helped shed some light on what K.I.D is and have given you some inspiration on how you could help your class celebrate in the classroom.

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