Michael Morpurgo’s Birthday

September 28th 2020| Michael Mountford
September 28th 2020 |

Michael Morpurgo’s Birthday

Classroom ideas:

Create Your War Horse puppet

A fun classroom activity would be to show the kids some of the West End videos as well as the widely available Behind the Scenes videos relating to his famous work – War Horse. Showing them how the horse puppet works, how the actors interact with it. Get them inspired, help them print off some reference pictures of horses from the internet and get them to try and make their own interpretation of Joey using puppets and then re-enact a scene from the book.

Michael Morpurgo Inspired Display Area

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help make learning more fun and engaging for kids whilst in the classroom, why not try and a splash of creativity to a spare section of the classroom and make a dedicated display area where the kids would be able to proudly pin up some of their best work about the topic.

Character Costume Show

A great way to help kids engage with the characters and stories is to hold a class, or even school, wide costume show. Let them dress up and show off their creative side.

Lesson Ideas:

Book Readings

Having the author of the book read out a book from their collection can help children focus and retain more of the story being read and may push them to read more or even listen to audiobooks in their own time.

Book to Film

For some children, sitting and reading a book and then being told to discuss is not an engaging way of learning as they are prone to forget or misinterpret what they have just read. An alternate way of showing the children the works of Michael Morpurgo would be to show them one of the many stage play recreations which may enable them to better understand the context of some of the interactions between characters.


To help teach the topic of Michael Morpurgo we have a Author Pack filled to the brim with useful resources such as:

A display banner
Author poster featuring some of their most famous texts
Author cartoon image for a display
3 writing frames
10 challenges

We hope that these examples have given you some inspiration. Let us know in the comments below how you helped your school celebrate Michael Morpurgo’ Birthday (they might even be added into the topic calendar).

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