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National Love Your Pet Day

February 16th 2021| Michael Mountford
February 16th 2021 |

National Love Your Pet Day

Teaching children how to look after pets from a young age is very important. It can teach them about responsibility and patience as well as many other valuable life lessons.

Pets can come in all shapes and sizes and are much more varied than just dogs or cats. In fact, in the UK it is becoming more and more popular to keep domestic fowl, such as chickens, as a pet. Snakes and lizards are also becoming more of a popular choice as a pet.

How to observe

During my research for this topic, I have found some of the best ways to observe Love Your Pet Day.

In order to tie some of these into the classroom you may have to get creative but all of these are points of conversation, which can be built up later on in the day to encompass a full lesson or activity.

  • Favourite Toys or Games

This simple question is a great way to break into the topic for the day- it could be a way to teach about different types of charts in a maths lesson, as each child goes round and collect data on what toys everyone else’s pets like.

  • Which Pet is Most Popular?

Again, this could be used in a data collection lesson. It could also be used as a critical thinking lesson- Why is this pet so popular? Why might some people prefer them over this pet?

  • Pet Hygiene

Teaching about hygiene both for pets as well as for their owners is very important. Talk about key aspects to do with hygiene regarding pets. Why should you wash your hands after you’ve played with your pet? Why do some pets need cleaning when others might not? Why do some pets lick themselves clean?

  • Spending Time With Pets

Teaching children of all ages about how important it is to spend quality time together. This lesson doesn’t have to just be regarding pets, but also friends and family. Talk to them about how it is not just a benefit for the other person, but also for yourself. Even talking to a pet can be a great way to relieve stress and free up your mind. It can also teach mindfulness in young children.


The RSPCA is one of the biggest animal charities in the UK and has a whole plethora of resources to do with keeping your pet fit and healthy. I found a KS1/2 Lesson plan which they created, teaching how to look after pets. Click here to have a look at it.

Vets4Pets also have a website full of information on how to look after certain pets.

We here at Teacher’s Pet have been hard at work to bring you some brand new and amazing resources all to do with teaching about Loving Your Pets. Click here to see all of our brand new National Love Your Pet Resources.

Below I have picked out a handful of resources in order to get started.

Pets Survey What Is Your Favourite Pet?
How To Care For Pets Posters And Questions
Pets Provision Challenge Design And Build A Home For A Pet
Pets Matching Parents To Their Young

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for teaching about National Love Your Pet Day.

If you have any great teaching ideas for this topic, feel free to comment below (they might even get added into the topic calendar!)

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