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National Story Telling Week

January 29th 2021| Michael Mountford
January 29th 2021 |

National Story Telling Week

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr Seuss

What is National Storytelling Week?

#NationalStorytellingWeek brings together anyone and everyone who loves to share stories, both adults and children alike. Schools, nurseries, businesses, care homes, prisons, hospitals and many other settings take part each year. If you recognise the importance of storytelling, then this week is for you.

From a school’s stand point, the importance of storytelling, sharing stories and reading aloud to children cannot be underestimated. A whole host of research shows that storytelling and teachers and parents reading aloud to children both have a significant impact on children’s attainment; language development and social-emotional development.

How can you help celebrate?

Wall Displays

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help make learning more fun and engaging for kids in their own time, why not try and a splash of creativity to a spare section of the classroom and make a dedicated display area where the children can pin up their favourite pieces of work that they have made during National Storytelling Week.

Encouraging Storytelling

This parent and frequent blogger has created a very fun and sweet way to encourage her children to read in their own time. See here for her blog on the game and how to create your own.

Storyline Online- Celebrity Book Readings

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation has a free Storyline Online program. They offer an online streaming video program in which famous actors read children’s books aloud.

These are great ways to encourage reading in children and can also help along those who may struggle to focus whilst sitting reading.

Below is a small selection of these videos, and if you would like to look at the entire library of book readings click here. Alongside the book reading, they also have activites to go along with the book.

Me and My Cat read by Elijah Wood

Quackenstein Hatches a Family read by Kristen Bell

The Empty Pot read by Rami Malek


Check out our range of resources for ‘National Story Telling Week‘ – including classroom displays, activities, and lots more story telling resources to download!

Click here to see our extensive Author Packs which come with a whole range of fantastic resources and classroom displays.

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