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New Year’s Eve – Goals and Resolutions

December 23rd 2020| Michael Mountford
December 23rd 2020 |

New Year’s Eve – Goals and Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions, its a tradition that spans back all the way to the Babylonians where, during a 12 day festival called Akitu, they made promises to their gods and repaid any debts that were still owed.

Today, New Year’s follows a more secular practice than its predecessors. Resolutions are promises or goals that we align towards ourselves for some form of personal betterment; whether it be going to the gym more, reading more, connecting with someone. The list is literally infinite! and each and every person will have their own personal goals.

Fun Lesson Ideas

New Years’ is something that should be seen as a fun event, something to look forward to, and this is a great opportunity to discuss things like goal setting with the children. Have a look below to gain some inspiration for creative New Years’ lessons.

Learn about the history of New Year’s Celebrations

Teaching children about the history of New Year’s Eve is something that could span over multiple areas of learning. History, Art and Craft, Literacy. There is a multitude of articles on sites such as history.com that run through its interesting history.

Write New Year’s Resolutions

The age old tradition, writing out new years resolutions. Its something that has been around since the Babylonians where they would make promises to their gods. Try and make it an exciting event in the classroom, get creative by making a board to display them in the classroom.

Happiness Jar

Practicing gratitude is associated with many health benefits including improved mood, better sleep, more positive habits and improved heart health. It’s no secret, though, that savouring the little things that make life sweet is easier said than done. One of my favourite ways that I’ve seen during my research for this is to keep a Happiness Jar. Have a look here at this blog written by mommypotamus about how she went about creating her own ‘Happiness Jar’.

Our Vision for the New Year

For the new year, we have created 2 fantastic new whole class displays for your classroom.
Each child gets their own pair of sunglasses, to write down their vision for 2021. This could be a goal they have or how they want their year to look.
They could also draw their vision or goal if you prefer, as opposed to writing about it.
For each child, you then take a black and white portrait photo of them and add their sunglasses to the photo for your display. A great whole class New Year goals display.
You can download all our brand new New Year resources here

Stepping into the New Year

Our other whole class new year display is all about stepping into the new year. This conveys the message that we all have individual goals but we are also working towards them together as a whole class.
Each child receives a footprint to write down what they are stepping towards in 2021. The pack also contains lots of great motivational prompts and a banner and border, to help you create an eye-catching display.
Download this pack and other New Year resources here.

New Year Traditions Around the World

Michael, Kevin, and Christina have searched high and low to find 50 fascinating New Year Traditions from around the world, that we think the children are going to love.
Discover how different countries bring in the new year with our informative PowerPoint, display cards, and key stage 1 and 2 comprehensions.
Download all our New Year Traditions from Around the World resources and other New Year related resources here.

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