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Programming For Primaries

March 1st 2021| Michael Mountford

Programming For Primaries

In conjunction with British Science Week, UK based company ComputerXplorers have created the Programming For Primaries event; in an effort to shine a spotlight on the support and resources available to children as well as to schools and teachers to help deliver inspirational programming classes in primary school.

Coding Made Fun

Learning to code from a young age can siginifcantly help with problem solving skills later on in life but knowing exactly how to make the lessons engaging for younger children can sometimes be tough to nail down.

During my research I found a handful of websites which are desinged in such a way that it is made more appealing for kids to learn how to code.

CodeCombat – This website is a fun and easy way to learn block based coding through the guise of playing an RPG game.

CodeAcademy – This website is very well designed for long term classroom and home learning. It allows for healthy competition as everyone has access to the same lessons. Its very simple interface also allows teachers to monitor progress of every student in a given class.

The lessons provided can sometimes be challenging but still fits well with KS2 pupils

EduBlocks – Primarily used as a transition platform from block-based coding to fully fledged Object Orientated Programming. The website hosts a whole range of lessons. Some of which make use of the Microbit Board which is a fantastic piece of hardware used for teaching physical coding projects.


Learning to code with my 5-year old – Kano Computer Kit
Kids Learning to Code | How England is pushing to teach coding in school


We here at Teacher’s Pet are working to bring you new and fresh content to help you teach coding in the classroom. Click here to see what we already have to offer and please keep an eye out on our front page for when we release our next set of coding resources.

Below I have picked out a handful of resources in order to help you get started.

STEM Coding Mouse Maze Mat
STEM Coding Mouse Maze Instruction Sheet
STEM Coding Mouse Maze Challenge Cards

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for how to partake in Programming for Primaries.

If you have any great teaching ideas for this topic, feel free to comment them below and they might even get added into the topic calendar!).

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