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Ramadan Starts

April 9th 2021| Michael Mountford

Ramadan Starts

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. During this month, Muslims across the world fast from sunrise to sunset. Because the Islamic calendar follows the phases of the moon the dates change every year, moving ahead by approximately 11 days.

Muslims mark the holy month by fasting — considered to be one of the five pillars of Islam — during sunlight hours. The predawn meal is called the suhoor, while the fast is broken at dusk with the iftar, starting with a few sips of water and some dates.

This year Ramadan takes place from April 12th till May 12th.

For more information, why not take a look at our Ramadan Powerpoint which can be downloaded from here.


Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan?

Fasting during Ramadan is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam, and Muslims who are old enough and healthy enough to fast do so for the entire month. The fasting period is from dawn to dusk, during which the fasting person is expected to stay away from food and water.

Ramadan is about self-discipline and is supposed to be a time of spiritual recharge. It is also a time for more prayers, introspection, charity and service.

In total then, fasting is just a small part of Ramadan and means a whole lot to those who partake in it.

How do you wish someone a Happy Ramadan?

You can exchange Ramadan greetings by saying “Ramadan Kareem” which translates into “Have a generous Ramadan” or “Ramadan Mubarak,” which roughly translates into “Happy Ramadan.”

On the last day of Ramadan, which is Eid-al-fitr, the greeting changes to “Eid Mubarak”.

What is Eid-ul-Fitr?

The start and end of Ramadan are signalled by the arrival of the new moon. Eid-ul-Fitr is the celebration that occurs on the day after Ramadan ends. ‘Eid’ roughly means festival, and there are two in the Islamic Calendar. This one is Eid-ul-Fitr, or the ‘Festival of the Breaking of the Fast’, and the other is Bakrid or Eid-ul-Adha.

Eid celebrations begin the night before and continue for the next few days! People wear new clothes, offer special prayers, distribute gifts and sweets and visit friends and relatives. In many countries, women apply henna on their hands in intricate designs. Of course, there’s also a grand feast involved!

Part of the Eid celebrations also involves making sure that no one in the area is hungry, and special efforts are made to collect money or food and distribute them in time.

Classroom Crafts

During the month of Ramadan why not try some of these craft ideas in the classroom.

I’m featuring different creative ideas from In The Playroom and other bloggers. These ideas are all so fun and perfect for Ramadan, or all year round.


Pillars of Islam Craft

The pillars are the fundamentals of the faith. The first is “witness” or “testimony” of faith. The second is “salat“, or “prayer“. The third pillar is “zakat“, or “charity“. The fourth pillar is “sawn“, or “fasting” and the fifth pillar is “hajj“, the pilgrimage that Muslims should complete once in their lifetime. 

Not only is Ramadan the month of fasting, but it is also a time when Muslims spend more time in prayer and reflection, read the Quran and do as many good deeds as possible.

This craft activity can be completed quite simply using paper or cardboard tubes and some assorted paints to make it more visually appealing.

Ramadan Calendar

This very innovative idea some from the MuslimLearningGarden Blog, showing off their month-long Ramadan calendar for the children who are partaking in Ramadan for the first time.

The idea is that each door holds in it treats and activities for the children to complete throughout the day.

For a more detailed view of how to make your own, take a look here.

Paper Mache Mosque Craft

The link to the full blog can be found here

Using just some Pringle cans and balloons you and your class could make these Paper Mache Mosques.

  • 1 large box for the Mosque building
  • 4 Cylinder Tubes (must be taller than the main box)
  • 5 Balloons (4 for the top of the cylinders and 1 for the dome shape)
  • Paper Glue for the paper mache
  • Paint & Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stuffing
  • Card or Paper to design the doors, windows and for the Moon to place on top of the dome.


We here at Teacher’s Pet have been hard at work to bring you some brand new and amazing resources to help you teach about Ramadan. Click here to see all of our brand new Ramadan Resources.

Below I have picked out a handful of resources in order to help you get started.

What Is Ramadan? KS1 PowerPoint
The Month Of Ramadan KS2 PowerPoint
Ramadan Moon Diary
Ramadan Design A Prayer Mat KS2

Have a Great Day!

Ramadan Kareem!

Make sure to tag us on social media with any photos from the day 🙂

If you have any great teaching ideas for this topic, feel free to comment them below and they might even get added to the topic calendar!

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