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Roald Dahl’s Birthday

September 13th| Michael Mountford

Roald Dahl’s Birthday

Classroom Ideas:

Revolting Recipes Cooking Show

A fun classroom activity is to let the kids have a go at making some of the foods found in the ‘Completely Revolting Recipes’ book. Or even letting them go wild and make their own interpretations of some of the foods and drinks found in Roald Dahl’s books. To add an extra layer to the lesson, why not attempt to make it into a cooking show; a la ‘Ready Steady Cook’ or ‘Come Dine with Me’.

Roald Dahl Inspired Reading Area

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help make reading more fun and engaging for kids in their own time, why not try and a splash of creativity to a spare section of the classroom and make a dedicated reading area where they would be able to solely focus on their favourite books.

Character Costume Show

A great way to help kids engage with the characters and stories is to hold a class, or even school, wide costume show. Let them dress up and show off their creative side.

Lesson Ideas:

House of Twits App

A different way of engaging with the class is through the two new apps straight from the official Roald Dahl Site – House of Twits; which allows children to explore the house and see Mrs Twit in 3D.

Celebrity Book Reading (Ongoing Series)

Having a celebrity voice reading out popular books can help children focus and retain more of the story being read and may push them to read more or even listen to audiobooks in their own time.

The Marvellous World of Roald Dahl Documentary

Helping the children learn all about Roald Dahl and his marvellous world, this documentary explores everything: from his piloting during the 2nd World War, his run ins with Hollywood and Walt Disney, and how all of his real life escapades find themselves presented within some of his most famous writings.


As well as all of these fantastic examples of creativity from all around the world, showing just how widespread the influence of all of the fantastical worlds that he created.

Here at Teacher’s Pet we have a wide variety of classroom resources to help make learning about the life that Roald Dahl led as engaging to kids as possible.

Click here for our Roald Dahl resources

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