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Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19th| Michael Mountford
Talk like a Pirate day

Talk Like A Pirate Day

What started out as an inside joke between two friends in Albany, Oregon whilst playing Racquetball has now turned into a worldwide viral sensation that completely takes over the internet for the entirety of the 19th of September every year since 2002.

Classroom Dress Up

Pirates never were ones to keep to social norms so why should their attire. Go crazy and show off your creative side; even if it’s just drawing a logo on an eyepatch or designing a pirate hat. Why not take a look at these inspirational costume designs and have a go at making your own.

Treasure Hunt

Pirates are known for their treasure hunting skills. Using our very own Advanced Co-Ordinates Resource, test your skills and see if you can solve the mystery and find the hidden treasure.

advanced co-ordinates game
Talk Like a Pirate

Arguably the most famous aspect of any pirate has to be their unmistakeable dialect. A good way to involve the entire class and get them engaged is to encourage them to talk in pirate dialect and accent.

Here’s a very good video explaining how to talk like a pirate.

Sea Shanties

A big piece of a pirates legacy is the songs (or shanties as they are more commonly know) which were created during the long voyages that they undertook throughout their entire lives.

Here are just a few selections of some of our personal favourites:

Pirates Movies and TV Shows

The Golden Age of Piracy was in the 17th and 18th century and during this time it is said that there were more than 5000 pirates at sea. The truth behind their history is somewhat scrambled and uncertain however numerous films and TV shows have been made to try and re-create as well as re-imagine what some of their voyages were like.

Have a look below at a list of some of our personal favourites which we’re sure will help kids engage with this topic even more.

As an added twist, why not try and get the kids to re-enact some of their favourite scenes.

It’d help them practice their pirate accent as well.

Arts and Crafts

One of the best ways to get kids to engage with a subject is to add an arts and crafts element to the lesson.

After watching this video or maybe looking at various images of pirate ships, get your kids to design their own pirate ships and even using this video below try and make it a reality using crafting materials.

Also, take a look at this site which houses a bunch of fun easy science experiments which you can perform in the home as well as the classroom.

After all of these great pieces of inspiration; give your parrot a eye patch, go out to your ship, practice your pirate talk and increase your crew size by helping teach young cabin boys and girls about the exciting world of Pirates.

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