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World Penguin Day

April 19th 2021| Michael Mountford

World Penguin Day

What is World Penguin Day?

World Penguin Day takes place during the annual northern migration of Adelie penguins, a species of penguin that is native to Antarctica. The holiday was created at McMurdo Station, an American research centre on Ross Island. Researchers noticed that the Adelie penguins began this migration specifically on this day, and they created this holiday as a way to pass the time and give social awareness to these creatures.

Celebrate World Penguin Day

Arctic Immersive Learning

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help make learning more fun and engaging for kids during the school day, why not try and a splash of creativity to a spare section of the classroom and make an immersive learning area.

Teach About Arctic & Polar Regions

Teaching young people about the world in which they live is of the utmost importance- teaching tolerance towards aspects of the Earth that may not directly affect them but affect the lives of other beings that also live on the Earth.

For many, the Arctic and Polar regions are not on their front doorstep and therefore can sometimes forget that the actions they take in their daily lives can still affect the rest of the world.

BBC Teach-Life in the Polar Regions

The BBC Teach website host a whole range of useful resources that can be used during the lesson.

Check some out here and here.

What can you do to help?

Many young people want to get involved in some way to help better protect the environment but are not aware of how they can.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with some ideas for how young people could get involved with helping to save the environment; if you think of any others, make sure to leave a comment below and I’ll add them into the list so that other people can see them.

These ideas could be further expanded upon within a classroom setting to teach how these simple tasks help the environment and enable the children to think critically about how their actions during the day to day could be altered slightly to better help the environment.

  • Reuse and Recycle
  • Paper rather than plastic
  • Switch off electrical items when not using
  • Raise money for charities
  • Look for volunteering opportunities

Getting Involved

While this holiday takes place during the Adelie migration, this holiday celebrates all the penguins in the world and raises awareness for the endangerment of these ice-born creatures.

Many of these penguins are sensitive to the effects of climate change, and as a result, many are having to migrate further to find their food, decreasing the population of these penguins as a result. Out of the total 17 species that live in the world, 11 of them have been classified as endangered or vulnerable, according to the WWF.

Donate to protect charities: Both Emperor and Adélie penguins depend on sea ice for their main food source – krill. But parts of the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean are warming rapidly, which is affecting some of the penguins’ feeding grounds. Adopting a penguin for yourself or as a gift for a loved one is a great way to help out and donate towards a charity.

Tune in to various live events: Many zoos and conservation groups will be live streaming different events all throughout the day.

Learn about penguinsDiscover some facts about emperor penguins.


Below are a handful of our new resources which are great ways to start getting involved with your very own World Penguin Day.

Click the link here to see all of our resources that we have created in order to help you partake during World Penguin Day.

The Hunt Original Story (Year 2 Story and Comprehension)
The Floating Egg Original Story (Year 1 Story and Comprehension)
All About Penguins Information Text and Comprehension
Penguin Fact Cards

Have a Great Day!

I hope you all have a fun filled day celebrating World Penguin Day.

Make sure to tag us on social media with any photos from the day 🙂

If you have any great teaching ideas for this topic, feel free to comment below (they might even get added to the topic calendar!)

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