ARCADE: PlayCodes – Tutorial

July 7th 2022| Teacher’s Pet

The Teacher’s Pet ARCADE features a range of fun educational games that are perfect to use in the classroom, especially on your interactive whiteboard!

PlayCodes take our ARCADE games even further, they allow you to create a simple 6 digit code that can be given to children allowing them to play any of our ARCADE games independently from any computer.

PlayCodes can be used on classroom computers/laptops or in school computer rooms. Even better, children can use the PlayCodes to access the games you select from home! Perfect for homework activities!

So, how do PlayCodes work? It’s really simple…

1: Make sure you have an ULTIMATE membership.

Our ARCADE games and PlayCodes are an exclusive perk for our ULTIMATE members, so, if you don’t yet have an ULTIMATE membership, head to the memberships page and grab one today. It is only £34.95 for a full year and you will get access to EVERYTHING on Teacher’s Pet, including the ARCADE and much more!


2. Visit the ARCADE and Create Your PlayCode

Click the “Create PlayCode” button on your chosen game, this will generate a unique 6 digit number that will grant access to the game to the children in your class.


Make a note of the 6 digit code, why not print out our ‘PlayCode Poster’, laminate it and use a whiteboard marker to update it with the latest PlayCode you want children to use.

3. Children enter the PlayCode and the game will load!

Bookmark the code-entry page here:

Children should type the 6 digit code into the page and click ‘play’ – the page will load in the game! No need for children to log in, sign up or provide any additional details.

The page is designed for children with zero distractions, no ads, no menus, and no external links. It really is that simple: CREATE, SHARE, PLAY!

Enter a Playcode

4. Manage your PlayCodes

Every ULTIMATE member can create up to 3 different PlayCodes at any 1 time, each code expires 7 days after creation and can be used a maximum of 50 times.

Managing your active PlayCodes is super simple, just head to the “Manage PlayCodes” page where you can view codes already created, delete expired codes and delete codes you no longer need. By deleting codes you free up space in your PlayCode allowance.

Manage Your PlayCodes!

5. Don’t share PlayCodes with other teachers or children in other classrooms.

Remember, just like the rest of our content, PlayCodes are for use by the account holder only, you should not share codes with colleagues or provide them to children in other classes within the school. PlayCode usage is monitored and we will review memberships that are flagged by our monitoring system!

6. Enjoy!

We hope you are enjoying the ARCADE and the games we currently have on offer, we have many, MANY more games on the way so be sure to visit the ARCADE often to see what games are available! If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know in the comments below!

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