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Tuffy Tuesdays

February 19th 2021| Megan Harvey

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen us post about Tuffy Tuesdays! Tuffy Tuesdays is our new Instagram social campaign where we celebrate brilliant tuff trays made within the teaching community.

Every Tuesday we post 3 of our favourite tuff tray ideas to our Instagram page. At the end of each month, we choose our favourite Tuffy Tuesdays entry to win a FREE ultimate membership and merch bundle!

So, why did we start #TuffyTuesdays?

We want to spread tuff tray inspiration across the Teacher’s Pet community. Here at TPetHQ, we love tuff trays! We believe they can be such a beneficial classroom tool inspiring both learning and creativity! They can be used in any setting, indoors or outdoors, link to any topic or theme and develop any skill, if filled with the right objects. Tuffy Tuesdays is here to help you with that, giving you regular ideas to recreate in your classroom.

All of our Tuffy Tuesdays posts have a purpose and an intended learning outcome. To find out more about getting the most learning out of your tuff trays, read Hannah’s latest blog which covers top tips for tuff tray creations!

How can you get involved?

You may be thinking, how can I enter my tuff tray into Tuffy Tuesdays? Well, it’s very easy!

Next time you upload a tuff tray picture to Instagram, add the hashtags #TuffyTuesdays or #ShareMyTuffTray to your caption, and leave the rest to us. Each Tuesday we share our 3 favourite tuff trays we have seen that week. We upload them to our Instagram feed and stories, and our Facebook page, for all our followers to see! At the end of each month, we choose our favourite Tuffy Tuesdays entry to win a FREE ultimate membership and merch bundle!

If you are struggling for tuff tray ideas, do not worry! We have started uploading tuff tray activity packs which include all the planning and resources needed to make engaging, effective tuff trays! You can find these packs here: https://tpet.co.uk/downloads/tag/tuff-tray/. If you have any tuff tray activity pack ideas, please let us know! We would love to hear from you!

You can also visit our Tuffy Tuesdays Hub on our website that showcases the winning tuff trays from that week, tuff tray ideas and links to resources or items that are featured in our tuff trays! https://tpet.co.uk/tuffy-tuesdays/

And, if you don’t have a tuff tray, our friends over at Eduzone offer 10% off theirs! Simply use the code: BETTER10 at checkout to redeem the discount.

We are SO excited to see your tuff tray entries, just don’t forget to add the hashtag #TuffyTuesdays!

Happy TuffyTuesday-ing!

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