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Meet Josh!

April 2nd 2020| Josh Cookson

Meet Josh!

A big hello to everyone. I am just taking this time out to introduce myself to all the people who utilise Teacher’s Pet. My name is Josh and I have just joined the team at Teacher’s Pet as a Creative Office Assistant. I’ll be doing my best to help you all with your queries and to get stuck in with some creative work alongside the friendly team I work with.

This is the first blog post I will have created for Teacher’s Pet, so you will have to bear with me as I learn the ropes on the way all our software and tools work.

On a professional background, I come from a role of Office Management and Administration after nearly 5 years of experience. I decided to take a plunge in the deep end slightly and move into a role that shouted out to my professional ambitions of being able to deliver on a more diverse and creative output. I look forward to not only being able to bring in what I have learnt over the years, but also learning new skills.

On a personal note, a bit of information about myself. I am a huge Stoke City fan. I always try to get to as many matches as feasible, but I’m at a loss now the season is postponed! I have started to write blog posts about the club and will resume when the season restarts. I’m also a bit of a music junkie and I’m probably seen listening to anything that’s heavy. Saving the best till last, I have two cats who eat and sleep all day, who I’m sure once I meet Kaiser they will absolutely love me and not get jealous at all…

The mischievous pair doing what they do best

I really look forward to settling down over the next few weeks. The current situation in the UK doesn’t help matters, but it’s a challenge that I will relish. I am looking to be a very approachable member of the team so rest assured I will be there to help you with whatever your issue is once I have got to grips with everything.

Thanks for taking some time out to read, it’s greatly appreciated.

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