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Meet Kevin!

October 21st 2019| Kevin Rhodes
October 21st 2019 |

Meet Kevin!

Hello everybody, I am just writing to say a quick hello to all of the Teacher’s Pet users out there. I have recently joined the family as a creative assistant and I will be taking over the social media platforms, whilst also getting stuck in with creating and uploading new and exciting content for you all to enjoy!

To give you some more insight into my background, I am a recent education graduate with a focus on primary education. I hope to utilise some of the knowledge from these studies and from volunteering within several schools and year groups over the years to bring some exciting and engaging content which I hope you all will find some use for within your day to day teaching.

Some personal insight for you… I am a dog person (I own two dogs and I am sure that they will both be jealous that I’ve been with Kaiser all day). I also have a huge passion for TV and Films (I am currently watching Stranger Things for the second time and I am super excited for Star Wars in December!)

This is my first blog post for the team and I have spent most of the day getting to grips with all the different systems which we use in order to communicate with the most important part of Teacher’s Pet – you! Kaiser has been supplying me with some much needed cuddle and stroking time to give me those much needed screen breaks, but once I have settled in then please do get in touch as I cant wait to start talking to you and working with you to see what content you would like to see in the future on our site.

Thanks for reading!

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