New staff and a HUGE new HQ too!

August 26th 2020| Teacher’s Pet

New staff and a HUGE new HQ too!

Thank You!

To start off, from all of us here at Teacher’s Pet we would like to thank everyone for your continued support throughout these past few months. We have undergone some massive changes and right now we would like to share some of these most recent updates to our office life.

New Team

Where better to start off than our ever growing team. Two, yes two, new members have started with us recently. Megan and Beck have joined us to bring their own new and exciting ideas to Teacher’s Pet and have already begun by working on helping us deliver the best resources for our Take Back Your Summer packs as well as some things that have been teased on our social media pages.

To help introduce themselves, each new team member took the time to write out a blog post that tells us a little bit about themselves. Please do have a look at the linked blog posts below.

New Office

Having been in our old office since September, we began to soon outgrow the space; going from just a team of three with Christina, Jason and Kevin to a team of five once Josh and Michael joined the team. This place holds a lot of great memories and is where some of our most popular ideas of 2019 and 2020 were born.

This move to a new office space symbolises to our team a brand new chapter in the Teacher’s Pet saga and brings with it plenty of brand new opportunities and exciting chances for ideas that have been in the back burner for a long time but simply weren’t feasible in the old office.

We again just want to extend a hand a thankfulness to all of our users for being patient with us whilst we moved offices and got ourselves settled down and set up.

Our old office’ main space
Our new main office space
Jason and Josh’s desks and part of our Creative Corner
Chiefo’s Snack Shop
Kaiser posing in our lounge area

Back on Track

Now that we have had some chance to let the new members of the team get settled in and aquatinted, we’re back on in full force and will be pumping out brand new exciting content.

We have a bunch of new ideas already circling and in development so keep an eye on our main front page as well as our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages for brand new content teasers.

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