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Welcome to the brand new and improved Teacher’s Pet website!

August 18th| Teacher's Pet

Welcome to the brand new and improved Teacher’s Pet website!

Welcome to the brand new Teacher’s Pet website, we have a lot to discuss so this post is a little lengthy (maybe grab a coffee!) – or if you prefer, here is a short video to give you a quick insight into what we have been working on!

Completely rebuilt!

So, after over 12 months of hard work, late nights and early mornings, it’s finally here! Our brand new website has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, to bring you an all new Teacher’s Pet browsing experience, along with a whole host of exciting new features and a bucket load of new content! Let’s get into it!

Browse Teacher’s Pet from ANYWHERE!

It has been almost 7 years since we released our last major resource website updates. Back then, Adobe Flash was still widely used on the internet and I myself being an Adobe Flash developer, it made sense to build the displays and activities resource sites using Flash, in order to deliver the functionality and design we wanted.

Unfortunately, using Adobe Flash had it’s limitations. Our websites did not work on tablets and mobile devices and over the last 7 years, support for Adobe Flash in web browsers has been phased out, leaving a lot of you being unable to access our content.

As Teacher’s Pet approaches its 10 year anniversary, we wanted to completely address these issues and build a website that looks and functions perfectly on ANY device with a browser! So, you can now look forward to browsing the entire website from the comfort of your phone, tablet, desktop and laptop – without limitation!

Everything under one roof!

At our peak, Teacher’s Pet had 7 (yes SEVEN!) different websites, hosting a range of content including our displays resource website, activities and games website, blog, ideas and more!

From today onwards, all of our websites have been brought together on one domainwww.tpet.co.uk . We have now combined all of our resources together, along with our blog and popular ideas content. Everything a teacher needs, all under one roof! No more bouncing around our different websites to find the content you need!

In partnership with Bostik

We have also teamed up with the lovely people at Bostik to bring you exclusive content that’s perfect for use with their amazing Blu Sticks and Blu Tack®.

As well as our new ‘Create with Bostik‘ Zone, we will be holding regular competitions and giveaways to keep you stocked up on your favourite classroom essentials!

For more info on our new partnership with Bostik: click here.

FREE Content

Our original and most popular website was our completely free ‘Displays‘ website – this, as the name suggests, hosted all of our FREE classroom displays!

Best of all, this content is still completely FREE – the only difference is we now ask you to sign up for a FREE account in order to access the downloads. This is so that we can offer all of our new functionality such as ‘favourites‘ (more on that below) to all of our members.

Premium Content

As well as our FREE membership, we also offer 2 premium memberships, called ‘CLASSIC‘ and ‘ULTIMATE‘. These new membership tiers give you access to additional resources, site features and an increased weekly download limit! You can find out all about our new membership packages by clicking here!

Note: Any members from our old ‘activities’ website can login straight away with their email address and their old password! As an added bonus for being a loyal Teacher’s Pet member, we have automatically upgraded your account to our new ‘ULTIMATE’ package!

Launch Competitions, giveaways and discounts!

We have some awesome giveaways, competitions and a fun ‘Spin & Win‘ discount wheel for you to celebrate the launch! Find out all about the launch week competitions by clicking here.

*NEW* Favourite Resources

Sometimes, downloading a resource might not be possible. Perhaps you struggle to print from your phone and prefer to download on your desktop or school workstation, or you would rather wait until you are on a WIFI connection rather than using up your precious mobile data.

This is where favourites come in. Once you are logged in, simply click the ‘heart‘ icon on any resource to add it into your favourites. Then, when you are ready to download, you can simply visit the resource from your favourites instead of hunting around trying to find it again.

You can access your favourites here: https://tpet.co.uk/favourite-resources

*NEW* Topic Packs

Another new feature on the website is the addition of our ‘Topic Packs‘ section! These packs contain everything you need to teach a wide range of topics. We will be continually adding lots of new Topic Packs to the website, so you may see some ‘coming soon’ images, that means these will be online in the coming days/weeks so check back often.

For more information on our topic packs: click here.


Our ongoing project that is proving incredibly popular – The perfect classroom tool to help you get the most out of your maths teaching. Let us do the hard work for you by providing you with planning, starter activities, teaching aids, games, assessment, reasoning and problem solving, consolidation powerpoints and more.

THINK Maths covers all areas of the Maths National Curriculum for Years 1-6. We also have Reception Packs in the pipeline which will closely follow the Early Learning goals and outcomes.

Broken down into Autumn, Spring and Summer, you can easily find the packs you need for your maths teaching. THINK Maths really is a teachers best friend!

For more information on our THINK maths: click here.

*NEW* Topic Calendar

A calendar of key, teachable dates throughout the year such as Roald Dahl Day, famous author birthdays and of course popular events such as Easter and Christmas.

The calendar is jam packed with content such as links to websites, videos, images, inspiration, and ideas as well as links to awesome Teacher’s Pet resources and topic packs.

For more information on our Topic Calendar: click here.

New blog & guest blogger opportunities

We have combined our ‘blog‘ and ‘ideas‘ websites and brought them together to create a brand new Classroom Ideas area, packed with fun posts, ideas, inspiration and much, much more.

Our blog will be updated very regularly so be sure to bookmark it and check back often. As well as posts directly from Teacher’s Pet we also have some amazing guest bloggers joining us to post about a range of specialist subjects such as SEN, life as an NQT and teaching in another country!

We are still looking for applications for guest bloggers so if you have something you would love to share with the Teacher’s Pet community, or just a unique perspective on life as a teacher – please get in touch for more info!

Visit the blog: click here.

Even more awesome new features

A whole host of new features and improvements have been developed. Our ‘search‘ is more powerful than ever, to allow you to easily find the content you need.

Resource Tags‘ provide you with a super easy way to browse related resources. If you are viewing a resource and would like to see resources from the same topic (such as resources relating to a story/book) then simply click the topic tag in the sidebar to see more great content!

Our new menu system and category structure follows the UK National Curriculum so finding resources appropriate to your year group and subject is easier than ever!

This blog is already becoming a lengthy one, if you’re still reading, then thank you! Before this post rivals the Magna Carta in length I’ll start to wrap it up and leave you to discover all the new features for yourself.

Mr. Wolf is BACK!

Before we go, we would like to welcome back Wilfred, AKA Mr. Wolf! The star of our award winning iPad game is back online. Unfortunately the iPad app is still unavailable due to his age and him no longer being compatible with iOS (but a rebuild is coming).

However, he has been brought back to life on our website, so you can play the game on school computers and interactive whiteboards!

Play Mr. Wolf: click here.

As well as Mr. Wolf, we have also uploaded ‘Balloon Burst‘ 2 great games to help children practise their mouse and typing skills.

Play Balloon Burst: mouse version, keyboard version.

We know how much you love interactive games like these so keep your eyes peeled for lots of new games and interactive resources coming later this year!

Thanks for reading!

We have poured our hearts and souls into our new website and we hope you love it as much as we do. But we aren’t stopping there, expect lots of new updates, new features and of course a whole heap of new resources on a VERY regular basis!

As with all new projects, we are anticipating some small teething problems with the new site, so if you spot a bug or you have any issues at all please contact us via the contact form so we can get it fixed ASAP.

Thank you so much for reading and being one of the Teacher’s Pet family. Now, time for you to start exploring our brand new website!

Jay & Christina
The Teacher’s Pet Team

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