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Teacher’s Pet Topic Packs

August 6th 2019| Teacher’s Pet

Teacher’s Pet Topic Packs

Hi guys! We hope you are enjoying browsing our website.
We thought it best to put together a little blog post to explain a bit about a brand new concept for Teacher’s Pet – Topic Packs.
Teacher’s Pet veterans will remember the topic area of our old websites, where you could find specific resources to support your topic teaching, well our Topic Packs take this to a whole new level.

Unlike most topic packs out there, ours do not just cover topics like Ancient Greece, Chinese New Year or Africa, we cover all aspects of Maths and English too like 2D shapes, punctuation and story writing.

Our Topic Packs contain everything you need for your topics – Teaching aidsGames and Activities and resources to make fantastic Classroom Displays.
No need to download dozens of resources either, they’re all housed together in one folder, one download, that’s it!

Inside, you will find resources such as:

Teaching Aids

Word Mats, powerpoints, books, glossaries, posters and writing prompts.

Games & Activities

Fact cards, colouring, writing frames, word searches, quiz questions, challenge cards, role-play, crafts and worksheets.

Display Resources

Banners, borders, posters, labels, photo packs, bunting, lettering, cut outs and dangles.

Our Packs

The contents of each pack will vary and as with all of our content, if there’s something you would like us to add to a specific topic pack, all you need to do is send us an email or comment below the topic pack and we will get your request dealt with as swiftly as possible.

Many of the resources in the topic pack are editable so you can add your own information, font style, language etc.

This will be an ongoing project for Teacher’s Pet and we hope to build up a substantial collection of Topic Packs over the months to come.

Rather than spending our time making the content we think you want, we’d rather hear from you and make the resources you actually want. 
If you’re starting a new topic and would like one of our ‘Topic Packs’ to support you but can’t find it on our website then please pop a comment below or feel free to contact us via email.

We also plan to regularly update our packs and you will see list of potential updates attached to each pack’s description so it’s always worth popping back even after you’ve downloaded a pack, to see if there’s anything new.

If you have any questions about our new Topic Packs project or ideas for us then feel free to comment below – we love hearing from our community.

The Teacher’s Pet Team

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Dorothy Clark

I think bringing all the areas into one place is great. Makes life easier when I’m in a rush to find things. This year I’m looking for more French themes ?

Christina Loftus

Hi Dorothy
Thank you for your lovely feedback about the new website. French resources are high on my topic list this year. If there is anything specific you’d like to see for French then let me know.

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