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The Famous Teacher’s Pet Advent is back for 2020!

November 30th| Christina Loftus

Who loves freebies???

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again already but here we are… launching our famous advent calendar once again for you to all enjoy!

Head to the Advent Calendar now if you want to see what’s on offer!

For those of you that haven’t used our advent before, this is your opportunity to download 24 days of exclusive Christmas content that we put together just for you.
By popular demand, we’ve been running our advent for 7 years now, with each year getting bigger and better and this year is no exception!

With a brand new website, we decided to pull out all the stops for you this December with our Advent Calendar and completely change it up.

Get your class involved!

This year, not only is our design themed, but our resources too!
By now, you probably know that we LOVE a theme here at Teacher’s Pet HQ and this year is no different…
We’ve decided to tell a story about Santa – he’s had enough of only seeing the world from his sleigh and decided to take a holiday so that he can explore 24 countries in 24 days and experience how they celebrate Christmas around the world.

There’s also traditional full advent calendar rather than our usual daily one.
Why have we done this? So that this year you can share the Advent Calendar with the whole class. Why not ask the children what country they think Santa has visited each day, based on the clue on the door?

So, how does it work?

One of the reasons our advent is so popular is because it is so easy to use!
Simply head to our advent page every single day, click the door and download the free resources available. It’s really that simple. You will need to be logged in so that you can download, so if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for a free account.

What freebies do we get?

All our Christmas Advent resources this year link to our theme of Santa around the world, so it’s a great project to do every day with your class, exploring the different ways Christmas is celebrated around the globe.
Or, if time is not on your side, why not download the resources every day and explore them all in one afternoon?

Free Members

Our free members can enjoy a fantastic set of ‘Christmas Around the World’ displays (I won’t go into any more detail as we like to keep the resources a surprise)

Classic and Ultimate Members

As a thank you for your support this year we’ve decided to do something special just for you.
You can download the free members ‘Christmas Around the World’ displays and 2 further resources every single day (again, completely exclusive to our advent page… you will not find these anywhere else on our website).

Classic and Ultimate members will enjoy activities to do with the children for every country that Santa visits on his holiday, as well as a fantastic powerpoint resource every day too, which includes a letter from Santa!

Get ready to download!

Our veteran Teacher’s Pet members know how this is done but for those of you that are new – remember to bookmark the advent page…
Members have reported in the past that they even like to set themselves a little reminder alarm on their phone so they don’t forget to download that day’s resource.
Remember, once each day is finished, the resource is gone and there is no going back so it is vital that you visit the page every day!

There will also be a Christmas competition launching on December 3rd via the advent page so make sure you look out for that, as we have some amazing prizes to be won by 1 very lucky teacher this December.

So that’s it from me for another year. We hope you enjoy the advent this year and please continue to support us this Christmas by sharing the advent with your fellow teachers, friends and the parents in your class.

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