Tom, Tom, Tom of the Jungle! Teacher’s Pet Gorilla resources in partnership with TeachRex!

November 1st 2021| Michael Mountford

Tom, Tom, Tom of the Jungle! Teacher’s Pet Gorilla resources in partnership with TeachRex!

Our offices have been invaded once again! But this time the perpetrator was a mischievous Gorilla named Thomas.

We love a day at the office where we get to have a sit down with other creatives in the field, and our partnership with TeachRex is something special.

Meet TeachRex

For those who might not know about our partnership with TeachRex.

TeachRex is the brainchild of two primary school teachers – Sam and Joe. Through their amazing dinosaur, dragon and gorilla workshops, they inspire and motivate children to develop a love of learning. At TeachRex they believe that every child deserves spectacular opportunities and memorable experiences and this is at the core of everything that they offer.

TeachRex’ new set of workshops follow Thomas the Gorilla as they immerse the children in a story following Thomas‘ life.

Alongside Thomas the Gorilla, their newest ape-descendent member of the TeachRex family is Tom. Tom has actually worked for TeachRex for a little while now, partaking in some of the Dinosaur workshops. Now, however, he has joined the team fully as the man behind the mask, so to speak, playing Tom the Gorilla during the workshops.

Behind The Scences

Last week, we got to once again meet the minds behind TeachRex! Sam, Joe and Tom joined us at the office for a day filled with fun chats and a chance to meet Thomas the Gorilla.

We had only seen some early photos of the gorilla suit whilst in its development stage, so seeing it in the flesh can only be described as magic. For those of you familiar with films like Mighty Joe Young and Gorillas In The Mist, the amount of work and dedication that goes into these suits for TeachRex is absolutely “movie quality“.

As ever, our design team have been working tirelessly to get these resources altogether and ready for when their Gorilla Workshops go live.

Having designed the initial set of resources for all the Dinosaurs and Dragons Workshops, our team knew what to expect, but this doesn’t mean they settled. They were constantly making tweaks and edits here and there, to make sure that what we delivered was to the absolute best of our ability.

Fact With Phil

Since TeachRex‘ last visit, we have travelled into the realm of TikTok and making pieces of short video content.

Please enjoy this “Approved By Gorillas” TikTok featuring our KS2 Teacher Phil and Tom The Gorilla.


Welcome to this special Facts With Phil and @teach_rex – ##facts ##Gorillas ##collab ##partnership ##gorillafacts ##teachrex ##dinosaurs ##jungle ##school ##fyp

♬ Jungle BGM (with melody) – sounds-banana

New Resources

In partnership with TeachRex, our brand new resources focus on the Gorilla Key Stage 2 workshops. Focusing on topics such as sustainability.

We are so incredibly happy to be finally showing them off to you all in all their glory. You can find all of Gorilla resources available on the Teacher’s Pet website!

The topic of Gorillas has really allowed our design team to think outside of the box in terms of content for our resources, and have made some absolutely amazing activity sheets.

Below is just a tiny fraction of what we have on offer. Don’t forget to head to our TeachRex Hub where you will find all of our awesome resources along with more information about TeachRex and an EXCLUSIVE discount for their amazing workshops.

Alongside all of these fantastic resources, make sure to check out our huge array of Dinosaur resources. Currently, we have EYFS and KS1 resources readily available to download. Our entire team are working tirelessly, so make sure to check the front page of our website often, as well as our social media pages, to see when we publish our KS2 resources.

Below is just a small snippet of what we have to offer from our Dinosaur resources.

Don’t forget, to see all of our amazing TeachRex resources including our Gorilla, Dragon and Dinosaur, click the button below to be taken to awesome TeachRex Hub.

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